Hidden Gem

Chowhounds love uncovering hidden gems and sharing them with the community. Get tips on under-the-radar restaurants in your part of the world.


Marin/Mill Valley - Takeout Gems?

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 1 year ago

Hi hounds! If there are any of you left out there, I'm looking for recs for hound worthy takeout in Marin county. I love Avatar's but don't know if there are any other must-haves in Marin that are...

Vintage Garden Dining Room - Authentic Chiu Chow Cuisine

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

Talk about hidden gem! This authentic Chiu Chow cuisine dining establishment, located at Steeles and McNicoll, is tugged inside the ground floor of a senior retirement home....of all places! Run...

Hidden Gems Or Cheap Eats In Paris?

by SDFoodieExtreme 6 years ago

Hi My wife and I are going to Paris for 5 days for our honeymoon. What are some restaurants that are hidden gems (could be more expensive) or some really cool cheap eats that we should make sure...

Cheesesteak at Jimmy's NY Pizza in Sterling

by Steve 4 years ago

Some places just look like they are not going to produce anythting Chow-worthy. Even after all these years of having success at holes-in-the-wall, sometimes there is no promise of a hidden gem. ...

Best Kept Secrets on the Eastside

by kgreig 12 years ago

Given that the Eastside is being populated with the PF Changs and Spazzo's of the world (not to knock them, they have their time and place), I would love some rec's for any hidden gems to try over ...

Tampa Bay Rec

by haygar 5 years ago

I will be in Tampa for 3 days looking for the hidden gems. Not so hidden is one night at Berns but the rest of the time I am open looking for Tampa Clearwater no going to St Pete

Discovering new places

by PolarBear 14 years ago

I posted the following "Finding Hidden Gems" on the Media and News board http://www.chowhound.com/topics/434711 It's about a website: http://www.myzip.com/ I initially used it to check on tw...

Echo & Rig

by sockster 5 years ago

We were out in Summerlin for a convention and close to our hotel was the gem of a restaurant! Came here for a late dinner on a Sunday night and truly didn't expect much. We were warmly greete...

Fantastic Find: Echo and Rig Summerlin

by sockster 5 years ago

We were out in Summerlin for a convention and close to our hotel was the gem of a restaurant! Came here for a late dinner on a Sunday night and truly didn't expect much. We were warmly greete...

Favorite hidden gems in Lower East Side, Mid-town

by oldwinger78 5 years ago

Hi. This community is so cool and has really helped me find some great places when I travel. I'd really appreciate some suggestions. I'm staying at 125 Canal Street and am looking for hidden ge...

The Food's Great, So Why Is the Place Empty?

by MGZ 7 years ago

We all know the kinda places I'm thinking about. The chow's always delicious, usually better than the prices would suggest, but they don't seem to have much of a following. You eat, smile at your...

Smalltown Gems

by romeschica 5 years ago

What are your best kept secret spots for dining - either casual or fine in the small towns (1-2hr drive from Toronto either direction), preferably with a view (i.e. lakeside, rooftop, etc)? Than...

King of Prussia - any hidden gems?

by JunieB 6 years ago

I have a friend who will be attending a gathering in KOP later this week and she needs some restaurant recommendations. I've mostly heard about chain restaurants up there. Are there any hidden gems...

Hidden gems

by bert123 8 years ago

I've been in Houston almost two years now, having arrived from New York. While I was initially excited by the thought of moving to a city that was increasingly being noted for its food, especially...

Olive Lounge (Secret Tavern in Takoma Park)

by Foodgeek 6 years ago

I know some of you will know about this since it has been open 7 years, but Olive Lounge is BEHIND Middle East. You enter through Middle East when it is open, or through parking lot (people who own...

New Gem Alert in Hialeah: La Fresa Francesa

by yogieats 6 years ago

Miami! Just joined Chowhound and searched "La Fresa Francesa" on this board and did not find it. I'm hoping to share a beautiful little hidden gem which recently opened in Hialeah with some of you,...

Philadelphia Kitchen (Orangeville)

by Lefty 6 years ago

While driving through the Orangeville area yesterday we were looking for a sandwich place and found this hidden gem. Had the Canadian Philadelphia Sandwich which has added mushrooms and peppers and...

Pre Concert Dinner

by piaazman99 6 years ago

Need some options for pre concert dinner near The Fabulous Forum, and I do want Options.

Good but hidden places to eat in scarborough or toronto east

by DerekWoo 6 years ago

What are some spots that not many people know about but are good to eat at in the scarborough and east York area? here is a few: puff samosa @ 30 Bertrand (between birchmount and warden, just...

Hidden gems or must eats in Hakone?

by Deidre7 6 years ago

Hello again fellow food lovers. My boyfriend and I are staying 2 nights in Hakone, and one of the ryokans only servers breakfast. Anything recommended in this area? Please note my boyfriend is Japa...