Hershey, PA

by tomatoe 5 years ago

We will be in Hershey, PA for 4 days. Where are the good places to eat/get food? Will drive to other towns too if its delicious.

Hershey Park-where to eat

by jellybell 5 years ago

This isn't a joke. I'm going to Hershey with the family to celebrate my Dad's 90th. It was his choice. What is the best food in the park? Thank you!

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Hershey ISO not chocolate

by loreeLB 6 years ago

I'll be in Hershey for work 4 days in October. Anywhere good to eat for a foodie who appreciates farm to table etc. Plus a nice cocktail or glass of wine????? Any assistance is appreciated. Mostly ...

Group of 16 vegetarians in Hershey

by sherrib 6 years ago

Hi, We will be a group of 16 in Hershey for an upcoming weekend. We will be staying at the Hershey Lodge. The youngest of the bunch is 10 years old. Aside from the restaurants in our hotel, d...

Lunch cafe outside Hershey

by kim2310 6 years ago

Several years ago I requested a lunch recommendation on our trip from Baltimore to Hershey. Someone suggested a wonderful charming restaurant whose name I have forgotten. It was a quaint spot ser...

The Mill, Hershey

by centralpadiner 7 years ago

Let's just start off by saying this place is visually stunning. Gigantic original beams, exposed stone walls, high ceilings, and decor just simple enough to balance the rustic nature of the space....

Hershey, PA family-friendly eats

by jroach 7 years ago

In June, we are planning a family vacation that takes us through Hershey. Our 20-month old and 5 yr old will be traveling with us, so we need places with a casual atmosphere and reasonably varied m...

Hershey/Grantville Suggestions?

by Sdenred 7 years ago

I will be going to the Springsteen concert in Hershey next week, staying in Grantville. Are there any local places close by that have good food for lunch & dinner? I'd hate to get swept into a chai...

Mangia, Mangia, Italian Grill -Hershey

by centralpadiner 7 years ago

When my brother's family is in Lebanon visiting my father, we always struggle to find a convenient place to have dinner that is a reasonable distance for them and for us in Northwestern Lanc. Co. ...

Trevi -Hershey Hotel

by Bacchus101 8 years ago

Wonderful day for al fresco dining on the terrace above the Hershey gardens. The service was very good, the food was just great. We had just had dinner with friends on Tuesday at a highly rated Ita...

Family-friendly dinner - Harrisburg/Hershey

by dmel 8 years ago

A group of seven families (13 adults, 7 four-year-olds, 2 two-year-olds, 3 one-year-olds) are going to Hershey this summer. We're staying in Harrisburg. Lunch will be at the park each day, but we'l...

Best place for dinner near Hershey, PA

by kmesquita 9 years ago

Because of Huricane Sandy, we postponed our trip to the Carribean this week and instead are at the Hotel Hershey (beautiful) for a few days. We haven't had great luck with our meals. Can you recom...

Hershey: places near Hershey Lodge

by PattiCakes 9 years ago

I will be going to a 5 day quilt show in Hershey this week, and will be staying at Hershey Lodge. Are there any places close by that have good food but not touristy prices? I really don't want to...

Options for York/Hershey/Lancaster

by Raisins 9 years ago

I'll be traveling alone in these three areas for one day and was hoping for some suggestions for places to find (if possible): Scrapple Shoofly Pie A decent cheesesteak (is that even possible ...

pizza & pastry in Hershey

by jroach 9 years ago

I've done searches on here for Hershey area restaurants and plenty of sandwich places and standard menu restaurants come up. Nobody has suggested any good pizza places yet. Does such a thing exist ...

Hershey PA

by Golf Nut 12 years ago

Heading to Harrisburg / Hershey PA the weekend of 3/20 for a hockey tournament. Looking for a few recommendations as follows: 1) Place where I might take fifteen 7 and 8 year old hockey player...

Hershey/Hummelstown/Harrisburg - Looking for a place to get a decent Chicken Steak Sandwich

by frankinpa 9 years ago

We used to go to Rock's to get awesome Chicken Steak Sandwich's. He would have it piled up on a large Grill. I only go for something like this a couple times of year. But if I am going to waste cal...

lunch between baltimore and hershey, pa

by kim2310 9 years ago

We are driving from Baltimore to Hershey on Thursday morning and would love to have a nice lunch just outside Hershey. We like casual, fun food. Any suggestions for lunch near Hershey?

Need Good grocery for produce near Harrisburg-Hershey, PA

by Rella 10 years ago

I like Wegman's in Mechanicsville, PA for organic and conventional produce. I am looking for a similar market for once a week shopping west and south of Harrisburg. I see there are no Whole Foods ...