Matjes Herring Recipe?

by olen1009 12 years ago

When I was a kid, my parents often bought herring from the food market. In those days (when lox was sliced off the whole side and "packed in oil" was frowned upon), there would be 4 types of herrin...

Expired Spicy Herring Souskay

by kpjf 1 year ago

Hi, There’s a local supermarket near me that usually sells expired / near-expired food for cheap prices. Anyway, I came across this spicy herring in a jar that looked quite interesting and not ...

Substitute pickled herring or sardines for tuna?

by oclock 2 years ago

I can't seem to find anyone who can give me a straight answer to this question: Can I substitute pickled herring or sardines instead of tuna? What are the consequences? Also what is a good use for...

Life cycle of pickled herring

by Danybear 2 years ago

I continually purchase jars of pickled herring from the refrigerated case in grocery stores, then the jar get lost in the back of my fridge until the best before date rolls around. The herring is p...

Herring: How do you eat it?

by Passadumkeg 13 years ago

I grew up on herring. It was a ritual for my dad to tale some fresh herring to my grandmothers on Thurs. and pick it up pickled on Sat. Mixed with sour cream and sliced onions, heaped on great co...

How Do *You* Serve Smoked Herring?

by Gio 12 years ago

I bought a package of smoked herring - USA wild caught - a two days ago and now I'd like to know how to serve them. Are there any special preparations? Should they be boned and the skin removed f...

What to do with prepared herring in cream sauce

by Ellyn 4 years ago

Hey all. I bought a small jar of herring in cream sauce to try it out. I put it on some rye bread and found it to be way too sweet for my liking. Any ideas of what to do with it? I hate throwing ou...

Salted Herring

by skeeterj 4 years ago

I am looking to buy some salted herring in a bucket or larger tin. Here in central New Hampshire there is none.

Matjes herring

by mdb0610 7 years ago

For many years a treat on Sundays and certain holidays was "matjes" herring. I'm using quotation marks because I dont think that "matjes" is the correct term. It was a herring in a reddish wine ...

Marinated Herring, Brands, Sources and Favorites.

by Passadumkeg 11 years ago

I grew up eating herring marinated weekly by my grandmother; mixed w/ sour cream and raw onion, and eaten on corn rye bread. In the ten years I lived in Norway and Finland I ate many types of mari...

Good herring

by soccermom13 5 years ago

I'd like to start eating more fish, so I'm going to try herring for breakfast occasionally. Can anyone recommend a good brand of herring and also let me know where in Mpls.-St. Paul to purchase it...

Sill och Potatis - A simple Swedish(?) food

by companyofhouseelves 5 years ago

Hello, I found out recently about the Swedish (or at least Nordic) Herring and Potatoes. Basically it is a fish & chips with a twist: the fish, in this case the herring isn't fried, but pickled....

Herring Festival GCT 2016

by jcmods 5 years ago

The sign by the Oyster Bar says June 15. Of course that can change but it means Russ & Daughters will also be getting them around then. Definitely something to look forward to.

What should I do with Smoked Herring

by JMF 15 years ago

I have a pound of very salty, dense and firm, dried, smoked herring fillets. The classic fully preserved, tan and red herring. Any suggestions on how to use these? Should I soak them first to softe...

Zabar's advice needed

by Blumie 5 years ago

Driving to Cape Cod on Wednesday morning, and would like to bring a Zabar's care package: lox, sable, herring, bagels, etc. I have a cooler and ice pack ready for the trip. How important do folks...

Pickled Herring

by sberasi 13 years ago

Does anyone know of a market or deli in the boston area that has pickled herring? I am going through a little withdrawl.


by Doctormhl1 6 years ago

There are many different kinds of herring... pickled, schmaltz, in wine sauce etc. And they are all delicious. As far as I'm concerned there is no style of herring that is "bad", Heaven forbid. M...

Seeking Seattle-area source for herring

by dimsumfan 6 years ago

Yes, looking for herring for a recipe. Not smoked, and preferring salted over pickled. One source is PFI, though what I've gotten there is a little too salty.

New catch herring at R&D

by howdini 6 years ago

l was lucky enough to catch[!] the last four filets today; they'll have another shipment in sometime next week. What's this? A selfish! How was l able to take it? With a herring aid! All photos ...