A Guide to Sage, Our Favorite Fall Herb

Here's everything you need to know about sage, our favorite fall herb. When it comes to the savory end of the warm and cozy fall flavor spectrum, sage is perhaps the quintessential taste of the season...

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Cilantro Flakes

by DoctorChow 4 years ago

Does anyone know where I might be able to find or order dehydrated cilantro (flakes) that actually tastes something like fresh cilantro? I know this is similar to the problem with dried parsley, a...

ISO Italian Tomato and Pepper Plants

by itryalot 4 years ago

Want to continue my own farm to table experience. Are there any nurseries or special places where I can purchase plants - special Italian or Spanish (costoluto fiorentino or others, friggerello (SP...

Non-alcoholic alternative to Cynar

by BrassyNova 4 years ago

Now that I've found a way to make a zero-alcohol equivalent to the Aviation, I'm moving on to my next favorite drink: Cynar & soda. This one's stumped me, as Cynar has an elusive and unique aroma ...

Homegrown fresh herbs in winter

by AmySowder 4 years ago

I miss homegrown fresh herbs in winter. We have this balcony where we grew hot and sweet peppers, large and small tomatoes, basil, cilantro, rosemary, mint, thyme, bay leaves, and dill. I especi...

Culantro (Costa Rican Coyote Cilantro) in the US?

by nevra 4 years ago

Anyone know if it's possible to find this wonderfully aromatic and cilantro-like herb in the US (preferably in the DC metro area)? I discovered it in Costa Rica and really want some for cooking.

Kentucky Fried Chicken's 11 Herbs and Spices Reverse Engineered

by scrumptiouschef 10 years ago

Ron Douglas shares the ingredients for his version of KFC's 11 herbs and spices recipe — 1 teaspoon ground oregano — 1 teaspoon chili powder — 1 teaspoon ground sage — 1 teaspoon dried basil —...

Herbs & Spices - Where to Buy?

by VillagingEastly 4 years ago

So these things can add up pretty quickly, who have you found usually offers them for cheapest? Also, if you have a spice/herb that isn't commonly found, can you share where you found it. Tha...

Importing dried loose herbs from South Korea

by rathehouse 4 years ago

Are there any listings of herbs enter-able or not enter-able to the US for dried loose herbs?

afghani soup needs dried mint

by rmarisco 4 years ago

Making Aush (Afghani noodle soup) today. The dried mint specified in the recipe - is it spearmint? Peppermint? Can anyone tell me the name of the herb in Afghan Persian so that I might look for it ...

Supermarket insanity

by kseiverd 4 years ago

I really don't use a lot of fresh herbs. Have been a bit successful in not killing rosemary, thyme, but very little else. Have found that some of the things in tubes are worth the extra expense, ...

Winter savory

by dtrainor 4 years ago

Can anyone help? I just got a huge bunch of fresh winter savory in my CSA box. The only idea I've heard so far is to roast chicken with it. What else can I use it for? Also, if I don't use all of i...

Help ID'ing “Sour Leaf”

by omasciarotte 7 years ago

Hey Chowhounds, Stopped by a little farmer’s market in St. Paul yesterday, I think it was at the corner of N. Marion & St. Anthony. Not sure as I'm new here. Anyway, purchased some english pea-s...

Sending dried herbs via fedex

by artfulsoul 4 years ago

Hi My friend wants to send me a variety of dried herbs via FEDEX from USA to UK, is that permitted?

Non-alcoholic mixology

by debbiel 4 years ago

I decided to start a new post mostly so I could see what it would be like to do so in the beta site. But I do actually want some ideas here. I'm off alcohol for a couple months due to some new m...

Has anyone heard of the herbs/spices asafetida or epazote?

by Joyce Goldstein 16 years ago

Do you know if either of them has a different (English) name? I live in Brooklyn, New York. Any suggestions of where I could find these? Thanks!

Mystery (Asian?) herb

by juster 4 years ago

My husband was supposed to buy mint at the Asian market, but brought home this instead. It smells subtly lemony. I thought maybe lemon balm, but the leaves seem more pointy than pictures online. Wh...

A Philosophy of Herbs

by MGZ 4 years ago

While the nation continues to struggle with the debate over "Traditional Guacamole", the Gray Lady published another interesting read related to the relevance of tradition in how we think of and pr...

What to do with papalo/pipicha?

by AndrewK512 10 years ago

I brought back what seems to be papalo or pipicha (sites seem to differ on what it's called) from Mexico and I'm looking for some suggestions on how to use it. I've never used or ate it before so I...

Please Help - Fresh Ideas for Someone with Herb/Spice Allergies

by cecropia 5 years ago

A family member has had allergic reactions for years without being able to pinpoint the cause... and it's a complicated back story... but it turns out that when he avoids anything in the mint famil...