Looking for quality produce in Henderson/Las Vegas area

by zook 1 year ago

The title says it all. Where can I buy good quality produce in the Henderson/las Vegas area?

Please Help Pick a Henderson Restaurant

by sigil 3 years ago

I have a buddy in town and we are going to meet for dinner tonight. He is willing to go anywhere so long as it meets these criteria. 1. It should be in the Henderson/Green Valleyish area, and 2....

A World Class Breakfast Spot in Henderson at Kitchen Table

by uhockey 6 years ago

A meeting of the minds from two Strip Veterans in Antonio Nunez and Victor Chavez, two visits in consecutive weeks shows Kitchen Table's small kitchen and extensive menu to be less a limitation tha...

CRAFTkitchen Henderson - New and Excellent in the old Bread & Butter Space,

by uhockey 6 years ago

Like DTLV's Glutton and the bakers at Mothership, CRAFTkitchen is a passion project from a Chef who finally decided to leave the 'safety' of a casino job to follow his dream and much like the other...

Layers Bakery in Henderson has closed.....

by jackattack 6 years ago

The winner of many "Best of Las Vegas" kudos over the 8 years that they were in business, Layers closed this week. So long, farewell to the world's best Buttermilk Chocolate Cake, and the Toffee B...

With Mothership Coffee Roasters, Sin City now has an Artisan Coffee House and Bakery to call its own

by uhockey 6 years ago

Not technically in Las Vegas, but rather in Henderson, these folks are a paradigm shift in the local coffee community.

Live Seafood Near Henderson?

by TerriDawn 6 years ago

Can one of you Vegas Hounds please advise me of where I can purchase live seafood near Henderson? Are there any Asian markets that sell live crabs, shrimp, and lobster? Many thanks, T-D. from ...

David Clawson Restaurant - easily the best restaurant in Henderson...and not far from the best in Nevada.

by uhockey 7 years ago

Originally thinking 'who does this guy think he is charging $195 for omakase in Henderson?' my meal last night confirmed that David Clawson not only knows who he is, but also that anyone visiting L...

Henderson, NV Suggestions

by DJ Mark 7 16 years ago

Ok people so here's the deal: I just moved to Las Vegas/Henderson this week from the Bay Area....I live on South Eastern Avenue and there's a PLETHORA of places near by! I'm a single guy and I d...

A good ave sushi in Henderson

by pooh6369 7 years ago

Have family here for the holidays any good ayce in henderson.....thanks

Las Vegas and Henderson, decidedly off the strip, 11/2/13 Dining report

by uhockey 8 years ago

Now living and dining frequently in Las Vegas I figure I should begin to provide some feedback on the places I've been, on strip and off, pricey and cheap. As always, verbiage will be transcribed d...

Casual Lunch in Henderson?

by That Don Guy 8 years ago

I'm planning on being in Henderson around noon on a weekday. Are there any "casual" (as opposed to something more "foodie" like, say, Todd's) places that anybody can recommend?

Best Chinese also dim sum in Henderson NV

by pooh6369 9 years ago

In-laws in town quite elderly, not wanting to go to the strip. Any good recommended places in Henderson? They love Chinese food, also Hawaiian style food also....thx

A day in Henderson

by sigil 9 years ago

I may be relocating to Henderson for work. I have a related trip there in a few weeks. I think my time will be booked with "obligatory" events for most of the time, but i will have a free Saturda...

Penn's Thai House in Henderson

by Dave Feldman 9 years ago

Max Jacobson raves about it in his latest review: http://unicaworld.com/foodwinekitchen/out-and-about/local-las-vegas-dining/10603/a-local-thai-great-penns-thai-house-henderson-nevada/ Any Chow...

Dining Options in Henderson

by sagetom 10 years ago

I'm staying at a casino hotel in Henderson and need breakfast, lunch, buffet and dinner options. Will have a car and am familiar with Vegas region so long drives will not faze me. Thank you for yo...

Henderson recs?

by Michelle 10 years ago

Hi, Looking for some chow-worthy recs in Henderson. Already know about Todd's Unique, but they are closed for the month of August due to vacation. Any kind of food except Indian, we don't drin...

Henderson Italian

by StuCazzo 10 years ago

Going to be staying in Henderson for the weekend. Any good mom/pop Italian places?

Medium places near Henderson

by LesThePress 11 years ago

We will be visiting friends that live in Henderson in a couple of weeks and we're looking for a nice but not super expensive place nearby for a Friday dinner. Since I'm the acknowledged 'foodie' t...