Help Me Identify

Can you identify these fruit trees?

by Siegal 3 days ago

My new(ish) condo has some fruit trees that I can't identify I think one is a egg fruit/canistal and perhaps an ackee...

sunshine842 commented 2 days ago

Help: Are these Shiitake mushrooms?

by bluesman13 1 month ago

so I'm at my local Asian market and I see these in a bag - "shiitake mushrooms" 10oz for $4.29. great price. I get th...

bluesman13 commented 17 days ago

Help what is this food?

by I_love_food 22 days ago

So I am currently in Japan right now and stopped at a Russian restaurant named Baikal located in Roppongi, tokyo. I h...


I_love_food commented 21 days ago

Sabatier identification

by Velomancer 3 months ago

What do I have? Obviously it's a Sabatier... It belonged to my father and as far I as I know it's at least 40+ years ...


travelerjjm commented 3 months ago

Please Help Me Identify This Kitchen Knife

by briefcandle 5 months ago

Hi all, I would very much appreciate any help in identifying this knife. I found it in a drawer with the blade sever...


obillo commented 3 months ago

What is this kitchen tool?

by ChervilGeorge 3 months ago

Any idea what this little guy is used for? I would guess that it's some kind of coring tool. Both sides are slightl...


ricepad commented 3 months ago

What is this pasta shape?

by laculars 4 months ago

I recently got some southwest mac and cheese, and no one could tell me what shape of pasta it was. The closest I cou...


beevod commented 4 months ago

Help identifying this clay pot

by hairhair 10 months ago

See attached pot. Does anybody have any idea what it is for. Not even sure it is cooking related... Could be a flower...


Banana987Bender commented 4 months ago

Can somebody help me identify this delicious vegetable?

by kitchenprof 8 years ago

I still don't know that what this plant is, but I can't get enough of it! In the last couple years I've gotten in ...


germenns commented 4 months ago

Help identifying vintage cutlery

by Korson 7 months ago

I bought these knives in a set of three about 36 years ago at a surplus auction of recovered train wreck deliveries. ...


DBinNOLA commented 5 months ago

Help identifying Wolf range

by royehill 7 years ago

Hi, I am new to the site and need some help. We bought ahouse that is including a gas range. I am trying to identify ...


Heatman47 commented 5 months ago

"Danish" Lobster Tails

by JugglerDave 12 years ago

Dining in West Palm Beach, I had a dish called "Danish" Lobster Tails. There were 15 or so of these minute tails on ...

MonsieurGhislain commented 5 months ago

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Norwegian bar cookie -- almonds, cherry, meringue

by somervilleoldtimer 5 months ago

At a potluck event, I came upon a bar cookie that I was told was Norwegian. It had a thin bottom crust, a thin layer...

What is this utensil, please?

by donnauni 5 months ago

Does anyone know what this is? It was found in a grab bag of kitchenware at a thrift shop. Thank you.


donnauni commented 5 months ago

What is this dish at Tanoreen?

by Blumie 5 months ago

I was looking at the Tanoreen website tonight, plotting a visit. This photo caught my attention. Can anyone tell me...


Blumie commented 5 months ago

Need help identifying stemware

by alofaiesu 7 months ago

Hi! My aunt bought two crystal stemware from an antique store. She would like more but we don't know who made them. D...

EatFoodGetMoney commented 7 months ago

I need help identifying and aging my Dutch oven

by krnonthego 8 months ago

I acquired my grandmothers dutch oven some 13 years ago. I am just now in the process of restoring this once complete...


krnonthego commented 8 months ago

Help with identifying a cheese

by feedcari 8 months ago

I used to buy this delicious cheese from FreshDirect that had a long name and started with an S. It may have been Ge...

DonShirer commented 8 months ago

Help identify these things in my lentils?

by sweethooch 3 years ago

Do you know what these are? They are about the same size, color, and hardness as my brown lentils, but look sort of ...


boldi commented 8 months ago