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Sabatier identification

by Velomancer 1 month ago

What do I have? Obviously it's a Sabatier... It belonged to my father and as far I as I know it's at least 40+ years ...


travelerjjm commented 19 days ago

Please Help Me Identify This Kitchen Knife

by briefcandle 3 months ago

Hi all, I would very much appreciate any help in identifying this knife. I found it in a drawer with the blade sever...


obillo commented 19 days ago

What is this kitchen tool?

by ChervilGeorge 1 month ago

Any idea what this little guy is used for? I would guess that it's some kind of coring tool. Both sides are slightl...


ricepad commented 1 month ago

What is this pasta shape?

by laculars 2 months ago

I recently got some southwest mac and cheese, and no one could tell me what shape of pasta it was. The closest I cou...


beevod commented 2 months ago

Help identifying this clay pot

by hairhair 8 months ago

See attached pot. Does anybody have any idea what it is for. Not even sure it is cooking related... Could be a flower...


Banana987Bender commented 3 months ago

Can somebody help me identify this delicious vegetable?

by kitchenprof 8 years ago

I still don't know that what this plant is, but I can't get enough of it! In the last couple years I've gotten in ...


germenns commented 3 months ago

Help identifying vintage cutlery

by Korson 5 months ago

I bought these knives in a set of three about 36 years ago at a surplus auction of recovered train wreck deliveries. ...


DBinNOLA commented 3 months ago

Help identifying Wolf range

by royehill 7 years ago

Hi, I am new to the site and need some help. We bought ahouse that is including a gas range. I am trying to identify ...


Heatman47 commented 3 months ago

"Danish" Lobster Tails

by JugglerDave 12 years ago

Dining in West Palm Beach, I had a dish called "Danish" Lobster Tails. There were 15 or so of these minute tails on ...

MonsieurGhislain commented 3 months ago

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Norwegian bar cookie -- almonds, cherry, meringue

by somervilleoldtimer 3 months ago

At a potluck event, I came upon a bar cookie that I was told was Norwegian. It had a thin bottom crust, a thin layer...

What is this utensil, please?

by donnauni 3 months ago

Does anyone know what this is? It was found in a grab bag of kitchenware at a thrift shop. Thank you.


donnauni commented 3 months ago

What is this dish at Tanoreen?

by Blumie 4 months ago

I was looking at the Tanoreen website tonight, plotting a visit. This photo caught my attention. Can anyone tell me...


Blumie commented 3 months ago

Need help identifying stemware

by alofaiesu 5 months ago

Hi! My aunt bought two crystal stemware from an antique store. She would like more but we don't know who made them. D...

EatFoodGetMoney commented 5 months ago

I need help identifying and aging my Dutch oven

by krnonthego 6 months ago

I acquired my grandmothers dutch oven some 13 years ago. I am just now in the process of restoring this once complete...


krnonthego commented 6 months ago

Help with identifying a cheese

by feedcari 6 months ago

I used to buy this delicious cheese from FreshDirect that had a long name and started with an S. It may have been Ge...

DonShirer commented 6 months ago

Help identify these things in my lentils?

by sweethooch 3 years ago

Do you know what these are? They are about the same size, color, and hardness as my brown lentils, but look sort of ...


boldi commented 6 months ago

Help identifying/cooking American beef recipe?

by cgxy96 6 months ago

Hi, last year I spent thanksgiving/ christmas in the US and we went to this fancy hotel near monterey CA for their ho...


medlar commented 6 months ago

Help Identifying Copper Cookware Brand

by copper_pots 5 years ago

I'm a long-time lurker and have read and learned much about cookware from this board. While I was on vacation in Swe...


princessctc commented 7 months ago

What is this?

by juliejulez 2 years ago

Ok so this may/may not be food/cookware related but since it's located in a dining room, I think it might be. So...


plant1965 commented 8 months ago