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The Most Comprehensive Guide to Yogurt You'll Find on the Internet

Wondering how to choose the best yogurt to buy at the store? This yogurt guide will help break it down by nutrition, cost, and flavor factors. If you’re like me, you’re in an on-again, off-again relationship...

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seeking healthy peach cobbler recipe!

by emiloo 16 years ago

i have been blessed with soooo many peaches from my CSA, that i want to make a really good peach cobbler. i used to have a really good recipe from the Beyond the Moon cookbook, but somehow lost the...

best healthy recipe site

by linyfood 16 years ago

What is the best site to get good low calorie/healthy food recipes?

Light Healthy Food in NYC

by tovey 16 years ago

Where can I go for light and healthy food in Manhattan? I love fried foods and chinese but I'm looking for some healthy options. Suggestions?

Is there such a thing as healthy potato salad that tastes good?

by Sunshine Girl 16 years ago

Not so much into the dill/German potato salad....I love the old school, old style, laden with mayo and sour cream potato salad. 50,000 calories later, I'm in search of some kind of "healthier" vers...

Suggestions for a healthy beginners cookbook

by mili 16 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a cookbook(s) for a beginner cook, and the recipient also needs to watch his diet (diabetic and weight control) it needs to be healthy. I wo...

Healthy KD?!

by matzohrella 16 years ago

Performed a major experiment the other night by ordering in something healthy from Kosher Delight. Got the steamed vegetables with beef and chicken. Happy to report that I'm alive today to tell abo...

everybodies super quick-simple healthy diet recipes/combos

by dietergirl 16 years ago

I am looking for simple recipes - 3 or four ingredients that make one or two servings- dinner or lunch - especially warmer weather meals salmon burger tuna salad on rice cakes with low cal tomat...

anyone have a good healthy oatmeal cookie recipe?

by Chowpatty 16 years ago

My kids have been making the classic oatmeal cookie recipe from the new Joy of Cooking. They love them, but they're a little too sweet for me. We use white whole wheat flour, so I figure they're a ...

Help me turn "Healthy Scoop" into edible cookies.

by eel 16 years ago

I bought a bag of “Healthy Scoop” cereal. The ingredients are flax, oats, soy flour, brown rice syrup, and maple syrup. Tons of healthy isoflavones, omega-3, protein, and fiber. But it’s a littl...

Need Ideas for Healthy Football Snacks

by DeeDee 16 years ago

The playoffs are here and my favorite team (NY Jets) is playing my husband's favorite team (Pittsburgh Steelers) on Saturday afternoon. Trying to think of some healthy football snacks (any idease t...

Healthy in 05!

by chowfreak 16 years ago

Well, I guess I'll be the first sucker to post the classic "i'm looking to improve my eating" question of the new year. Seriously though, I need some innovative ideas on how to best moderate and i...

Heart healthy food 2 or 3 days worth

by tomh 17 years ago

I'm looking for recipes that are healthy, low fat, high fiber, that can be made on Sunday and will last for a few meals. Any thoughts ?

Mothers' Day Tea or Healthy Between Museums & Chelsea

by epicure-us 17 years ago

My mom and I will be bopping around town next Sunday. She said "no" to reservations anywhere. Since we will probably be winding up in Chelsea in the evening I thought that going to T-Salon (near ...

Healthy Pleasures Closed Uptown -- No More Kosher Store Downstairs

by amy t. 18 years ago

Not sure what happened but Healthy Pleasures has closed on the Upper West Side. Not sure if Yossie the owner of the Kosher concession downstairs(known as "Kosher Broadway") is going to relocate. I ...

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