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These Regional Chains Need to Expand Nationwide

Despite some progress, “chain” is still considered a dirty word in the food world—and for good reason. From to sea to shining sea, our country is littered with restaurant franchises that specialize...

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The Big Island

by nyfoodjoe 12 years ago

I have never been to Hawaii before and am going to be on the Big Island for 4 days. I would love suggestions on local and fine dining establishments. Cost is not an issue, but sightseeing and findi...

hawaiian honeymoon for foodies? (not oahu)

by kinipela 12 years ago

howzit! so i still owe a review.. 'cause we went to i love country cafe, and i wanted to put a review up for there... i digress...=) soooo.. as my lovely friends here on CH know, i'll be g...

Maui trip restaurants review

by notmartha 12 years ago

Went to Maui for a week. I thought some of these info can help the next CH going to the island paradise. Mama's Fish House is our first stop as our flight arrived at lunchtime. I still think lu...

A week + in Maui

by lardo 12 years ago

I'm headed to Maui on Wed., Feb. 20 for a week plus. My wife and I will be going with my in-laws and celebrating my mother-in-law's 65th. We're staying at Napili Kai. I've scoured parts of thi...

Malasadas in Maui?

by Askia Suruma 14 years ago

Is there a good bakery in Maui to get good malasadas? Thanks!

Maui Report (long)

by Cookiefiend 12 years ago

Back from Maui! Thank you to everyone for all the information on CH! It was invaluable and much appreciated. We stayed at the Fairmont Kea Lani. We were in a villa – and oh my – are those ni...

Big Island (Kona Region) Eats?

by maylamtx 12 years ago

I'm going to visit Hawaii for the very first time in a couple of weeks and want to know about great food in the Kona region. I'm staying at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa and I'm looking fo...

Hawaiian Malasadas: whats in them?

by leetmom7 12 years ago

We keep pseudo kosher - no pork or shellfish - and we'll be in Oahu soon. (THAT will make the Luaus interesting, LOL) Can anyone tell me whats in the malasadas - are they fried in lard or veggie...

Maui Wedding

by Ciaohound 18 years ago

I have a niece that wants me to scout out possible wedding/reception sites on Maui. We'll be there in September, so I want to get some ideas first. My wife has a co-worker that had her wedding a...

Getting Maui-ed

by lulu19 12 years ago

As of lately, my fiance and I are really considering of moving our destination wedding from Palm Springs to Maui, Hawaii. Thank you everyone who have been so great at responding my earlier post. ...

Maui Eats

by alfaris 12 years ago

I am going to Maui with my mother, husband and one-year old daughter. Anyone have good restaurant recs for the four of us? We are staying in Kaanapali but are willing to make an outing for some goo...

Honolulu for One Day, where to eat?

by Vancity Vic 13 years ago

I'm looking for good cheap eats / under $20, local fare or sushi, that will fit into this itinerary: Fly in at 9:45am on a Wednesday (after 4 days in Maui) and pickup a rental car, drive to Iola...

Jacques in Maui?

by Angelina 13 years ago

Is this place any good? Any recommendations. I was also curious about the Greek restaurant in Kihei as well? All your comments are sincerely appreciated!

Maui Food

by P Macias 13 years ago

I'm going back to Maui in a couple of months and need to know about this place. We were in Maui a couple of years ago and drove inland, to Paia, to eat at a well-known restaurant which happened ...

maui dining

by stephen aye 20 years ago

good am- I've got good friends honeymooning in maui 3/2000. any touts?? thx in adv.

Capische in Maui

by Bigfoot 14 years ago

Has anyone been to this Italian restaurant. I am going to Maui in November and someone recommended it. Is it worth it? Thanks.

Maui Dining

by sf foodie 13 years ago

As with many touristy places, Maui is mediocre when it comes to dining. We found a couple of decent, but overpriced places. David Paul - overall 8/10. The portions were decent, the food was ...

Maui Scotch ??

by Chateau Thunder 13 years ago

Will be on the island in a few weeks & would like to have some single malt scotchs to warm up me and my palate - where would I head in paradise ?????????

Maui Report

by johne 13 years ago

thanks to you Chowhounds, tried several spots. for Lunch Plates ... FORGET Aloha Lunch Plate in Lahania, it's a tourist trap for gringos like us. crappy food. Instead, for VERY down home, ...

Groceries In Maui

by Beks 13 years ago

I'm a personal chef for a family who are going to be vacationing in Maui. Where can I go to find great ingredients? I've seen mention of a Safeway in Lahaina, but there must be some great little ...

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