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Feedback on plan for family returning to Maui but based on the West side for 1st time

by smiles33 4 months ago

Aloha, Maui chowhounds! My family of 4 is returning to Maui in February, one of our favorite vacation sites, but staying on the west side this year instead of in Wailea. Our favorite condo in Waile...

Healthy in Waikiki

by royalmilktea 9 months ago

Hi, could anyone recommend some healthy options in Waikiki, or Honolulu, close enough that I can get there by bike? Organic, local, farm-to-table, low carb options... Last time I went to Banan, Who...

8 and a half desserts

by indelibledotink 1 month ago

moved from kaimuki to windward mall, replacing ben and jerrys. white peach w/tabasco and mango w/shoyu were outstanding.

Brief, Late Oahu / Kauai Report

by Barry Strugatz 2 months ago

Better late than never. Short report of September trip to Oahu and Kauai. Ethel’s Grill (Honolulu): Great Hawaiian/ Okinawan food. Featured on Bourdain but we were the only non-locals there. ...

Restaurants/Food Trucks/Food Stands Hana Area of Maui?

by cobpdx 2 months ago

Not much here on Hana - especially recently. We will be staying for a few nights in Hana and are looking for recommendations around Hana (and PAST Hana). Mostly interested in food stand or food t...

Honolulu food options - K-Man's list update

by macaraca 1 year ago

I've missed Kaimuki Man on this board and thought it was time to update his iconic list he last posted in 2013: https://www.chowhound.com/post/eat-honolulu-923524?commentId=9046131 I've put an X...

Maui Trip Report (October 2017)

by Andrea_ 1 year ago

I visited Maui with my fiancé for a few days last month. We stayed in a vacation condo in Ekolu Village in Kihei/Wailea, across the parkway from Monkeypod Kitchen. Thanks to u/Kathryn and u/Smil...

2 malasada spots closed, Wailana Coffee next

by indelibledotink 6 months ago

Agnes Bakery and Champion Malasada have closed. Wailana Coffee House says goodbye in early October.

Big Island food recommendations (and places to avoid)

by asd12 1 year ago

I will be there on a week-long family vacation this summer on the Big Island and would love some recommendations (and foods to try) as well as places to avoid. I noticed that there was a thread ab...

Waikiki Cheap Eats?

by TipsyMcStagger 8 years ago

I'm looking for some (non chain) cheap eats in Waikiki. We stay at the Outrigger Reef and the guys I'm usually with are (1) cheap (2) lazy and (3) not adventurous. We're talking about guys in...

Restaurant suggestions in Kauai - Poipu area

by lizberg310 9 months ago

HI - Looking for tasty restaurants. Definitely not in hotels and not super touristy. Prefer where the locals eat. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Hawaiian rice...What kind is it?

by Dinermite 3 years ago

I just came back from a fabulous trip in Maui and Honolulu! The food there was amazing! Reading some of the Maui reports on this page make me want to go right back! I had a good number of mi...

Honolulu Farmers Market

by fayewolf 11 months ago

Unfortunately, my flight lands at 11am, so I will miss the Saturday KCC farmers market, I'm really wanting to try the grilled abalone and much more! I am also leaving Thurs morning, so will al...

Maui Here's our homemade guide to places we like

by DriverPhil 5 years ago

Wailuku A Saigon Cafe - 1792 Main St. – Hours: Daily 10:00am-8:00pm - excellent Vietnamese, quirky wait staff. Moderate prices. Main Street Bistro - 2051 Main St. – Hours: Monday-Friday 11:00...

Made in Hawaii closed :(

by mmlyip 12 months ago

I loved the strawberry chocolate mochi from Made in hawaii. Can anyone recommend a close substitute now that they are closed?

Looking for a Maui Recommendation

by rog2867 1 year ago

I have read a lot of the info here but none really answers my question. I need the Best Maui Restaurant with Great View preferable outside seating and has many non fish entrees. Looking to have o...

February 2018 Maui Report

by upstatefoodie 1 year ago

Thank you for all the helpful suggestions we received from Chowhounders to plan our trip to Hawaii. Our two favorite Maui restaurants were Lahaina Grill and Merriman's, followed by the restaurant ...

Looking for Restaurant Recommendations in Maui

by foodieto123 1 year ago

Hello fellow foodies, we are very excited to be visiting Hawaii in March. Staying in Wailea area but ok to drive for about 30 min for an experience meal. Ideally looking for outdoor seating and ama...

Big Island Restaurants

by SuziHB 3 years ago

Greetings! I am looking for your recommendations for delicious, fresh, memorable food on the Big Island. Most of the posts I see are years old, and I am sure some things have changed. Who are the ...