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What to do with fresh Hatch Chile sausages?

by attran99 2 years ago

I saw that my local store makes their own Hatch Chile sausages, and decided to pick up about 2.5 lbs of large links. ...


Tonigreen91766 commented 2 months ago

Hatch Green Chile Roasting - any near Truckee?

by Shibi 3 months ago

It's Hatch green chile time and I've started seeing them at our local Safeway. This year, we've moved from SF and I ...


Shibi commented 3 months ago

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Hatch Chile Mollie Stone's Market Roasting Events 2017

by hhc 4 months ago

It's time again to get Hatch Chile's at Mollie Stone's Market roasting events, all times 10am-2pm: Sun 8/13 Castro ...

TJ's Fire Roasted Green Hatch Chile Peppers

by Jim Leff 2 years ago

I've seen countless mentions here of TJ's Fire Roasted Green Hatch chile peppers. But I can't find a single photo of ...

Jim Leff commented 12 months ago

Hatch Chiles 2016

by ML8000 1 year ago

I saw Hatch Chiles at Berkeley Bowl and picked some up, but not a case. Just enough to make some chile verde. Any...

hhc commented 1 year ago

Help roasting green chiles

by dsardo 1 year ago

I've slow roasted my Hatch green chile in the Big Chief smoker, they are nicely roasted but they still have the skin ...


dsardo commented 1 year ago

Hatch Chile Madness?

by bbqboy 4 years ago

Has this thing reached the tipping point? Are peppers in the rest of the country really so bad that people have to st...


chilihead commented 1 year ago

Hatch Chiles

by bear 1 year ago

The Fresh Pond Whole Foods had Hatch chiles yesterday for those who are interested.

outRIAAge commented 1 year ago

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Green Chiles at Hunt Valley Wegmans 8/19-21

by zebcook 1 year ago

The Wegmans in Hunt Valley is holding their Hatch Green Chile weekend this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Medium, Hot ...

Hatch green chiles!

by sparkette 1 year ago

Hi I am going to be traveling cross country from California in a couple of weeks, and will be passing through NM duri...


dirtydishathome commented 1 year ago

Where to find New Mexican green chili on the Peninsula?

by carried3 1 year ago

I moved from Denver to the Peninsula 3 years ago and am still searching for a Mexican restaurant that has New Mexican...


Shibi commented 1 year ago

Need ideas from NM cooks

by sun lover 2 years ago

Live in Canada, used to live in New Mexico. Very experienced in NM cooking, but just, for 1st time, bought a huge bag...

finlero commented 2 years ago

Why peel the skin from roasted Hatch peppers?

by Hiracer 2 years ago

I am new to Hatch peppers. I purposely did not peel them after roasting and made a soup/chili from ingredients found...


Hiracer commented 2 years ago

How to use Hatch chilies?

by Bostonrottie 9 years ago

I've never used/cooked these? Do they have to be roasted first before using? Do you freeze the raw pepper, or roast...

MsMaryMc commented 2 years ago

Hatch Chiles 2015

by Prabhakar Ragde 2 years ago

Mollie Stone's has roastings at their various stores from August 16 to September 20, with preorders of 10/25 lb boxes...


sfchris commented 2 years ago

Hatch Chile Roasting Schedule 2015. Please Add Dates.

by DWB 2 years ago

Seems earlier than ever this year. I have only used 1 pack from last years stash, but I still get excited when I see ...


mover44 commented 2 years ago

Fresh Hatch Chiles

by dock 5 years ago

Has anyone seen these for sale? Whole Foods had them last year for a short time but I haven't seen them around this ...

prunefeet commented 2 years ago