Hatch Chile Pepper

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Seeding chili de arbol

tim irvine
by tim irvine 5 months ago

This morning is harissa making time, and it starts with seeding whatever dried peppers are on hand. Today it is anchos, cascavels, and arbols. The large anchos and cascavels are pliable, quick, a...

Dried Hatch Chilis?

by zackly 10 months ago

Chili novice here. I bought a bag of dried New Mexico Hatch Chilis. I dry roasted them in a pan then soaked them in boiling water for about a half hour. The skin is still slightly brittle. Am I sup...

Zacatlán Restaurant | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Opened in July, Zacatlán Restaurant in Santa Fe earned a thumbs-up from my friend today based on her outdoor brunch there. It bills itself as Southwestern and Mexican with a chef/owner from Zacatec...

Hatch Green Chile Roasting - any near Truckee?

by Shibi 4 years ago

It's Hatch green chile time and I've started seeing them at our local Safeway. This year, we've moved from SF and I am missing the Mollie Stone's parking lot roasting that used to supply our annua...

Hatch Chile Roasting Events @ Mollie Stone's - 2019

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Mollie Stone's has announced its roasting schedule for Hatch Chiles from New Mexico in partnership with Melissa's Produce. Saturdays and Sundays, August 17 to Sept 15, 10am to 2pm Greenbrae -...

Hatch Chiles

by bear 5 years ago

The Fresh Pond Whole Foods had Hatch chiles yesterday for those who are interested.

Hatch Chiles Found in Philly

by Amishchow 3 years ago

Just bought a bunch of Mild and Hot Hatch Chiles at the Fresh Market at 925 Baltimore Pike Glen Mills, PA (https://www.thefreshmarket.com/my-market/store/925baltimore-glenn-mills). You can also b...

Frontier Restaurant Green Chile Sauce Recipe?

by brindledog 5 years ago

I need this recipe! Someone else posted this same topic 3 years ago and there was not response. Please, someone, give us a recipe! Last time I visited ABQ I purchased an extra suitcase just s...

Duke City Foodies, Where Are You?

by jmcooler 4 years ago

Consider this a call to action. I know Albuquerque is filled with Foodies like me. I'm Elite '17 on the Yelp Elite Squad for the city and Ive really enjoyed reading a lot of your reviews there. But...

What to do with fresh Hatch Chile sausages?

by attran99 6 years ago

I saw that my local store makes their own Hatch Chile sausages, and decided to pick up about 2.5 lbs of large links. Now the conundrum is how to cook it. Outside of grilling and serving with vegg...

Hatch Chile Mollie Stone's Market Roasting Events 2017

by hhc 4 years ago

It's time again to get Hatch Chile's at Mollie Stone's Market roasting events, all times 10am-2pm: Sun 8/13 Castro Sat 8/19 Greenbrae Sun 8/20 SF Pac Heights Sat 8/26 San Bruno Sun 8/27 Tower ...

TJ's Fire Roasted Green Hatch Chile Peppers

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 6 years ago

I've seen countless mentions here of TJ's Fire Roasted Green Hatch chile peppers. But I can't find a single photo of the can online (just the Hatch salsa). Which means the name must be off. Can...

Hatch Chiles 2016

by ML8000 5 years ago

I saw Hatch Chiles at Berkeley Bowl and picked some up, but not a case. Just enough to make some chile verde. Any reports, from the usual suspects: Raley's, Mollie Stone's, etc.?

Help roasting green chiles

by dsardo 5 years ago

I've slow roasted my Hatch green chile in the Big Chief smoker, they are nicely roasted but they still have the skin on. Is it too late to torch the chile in order to remove the skins in plastic?

Hatch Chile Madness?

by bbqboy 8 years ago

Has this thing reached the tipping point? Are peppers in the rest of the country really so bad that people have to stand in line in faraway places to get their imported from NM peppers? Seems to...

Green Chiles at Hunt Valley Wegmans 8/19-21

by zebcook 5 years ago

The Wegmans in Hunt Valley is holding their Hatch Green Chile weekend this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Medium, Hot and Super Hot chiles available fresh or roasted by the lb or case.

Hatch green chiles!

by sparkette 5 years ago

Hi I am going to be traveling cross country from California in a couple of weeks, and will be passing through NM during chile roasting season, yay!! My question is, I will be on the road for 4 or 5...

Where to find New Mexican green chili on the Peninsula?

by carried3 5 years ago

I moved from Denver to the Peninsula 3 years ago and am still searching for a Mexican restaurant that has New Mexican hatch green chili. Where should I be looking?