Hampton Roads

Metropolitan region in Virginia encompassing the cities of Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach.

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Restaurants that cater in Hampton Roads?

by elacklen 9 years ago

We are having a backyard party for about 15-20 people and looking to have it catered by a local restaurant. Well, not truly catered, more along the lines of some family-style dishes and such from ...

Great barbecue catering in Hampton Roads

by gastronaut1990 9 years ago

I had a bbq in May for my fraternity in Williamsburg catered by John Graf, known as foodjack on Chowhound. The cue was terrific, smoked pork butts with baked beans and apples. Jack doesn't smoke pr...

Hampton Roads, VA: Where should we eat next?

by Faraway11 12 years ago

I just moved here in October and need to try some new restaurants. Some places we've been so far: Cora: for brunch. Loved it. But, why don’t they serve booze anymore? 723 W 21st St, Norf...

Red Chilis anywhere in Hampton Roads?

by bbilderb 9 years ago

I love Jamie Oliver and practically all of his recipes include a "red chilli" pepper, which I'm sure is perfectly clear to British cooks but around here I don't know what to use and where to find i...

Kosher in Hampton Roads?

by VAfoodie 9 years ago

Google lists the deli on 22nd St. and 2 ice cream places. Dh will be entertaining a client who keeps strict kosher. Where do they eat?

Finding Tasso ham and other Cajun/Creole Products in Hampton Roads

by tmd3vt 9 years ago

I am on a mission to find some Tasso Ham in the Hampton Roads area. Seems a few good recipes require it, and I can not find it anywhere. In particular, shrimp and grits with Tasso gravy. I have f...

Relatively Cheap Hole-in-the-Walls in Hampton Roads

by jenarita 9 years ago

Howdy! My husband and I are new to area and are looking for a place to go to where we can enjoy a beer in an outdoor area and some tasty food... We are young(er) and not into the whole hipster scen...

Chicago style pizza in or around Norfolk, Hampton Roads Tidewater area

by bythebayov 9 years ago

I have always wanted to try Chicago style pizza but don't know where to go locally to get it (except for Uno's and would rather have an authentic experience vs. a chain restaurant experience.) Is t...

I hit Hampton Roads restaurant paydirt this weekend!

by VAfoodie 9 years ago

This never happens, but all three of the restaurants I went to this weekend were winners. Two were repeat visits, and the newbie will definitely be a repeater. Razzo's in Ocean View--East Ocean...

Restaurant week in Hampton Roads--reviews?

by VAfoodie 9 years ago

Couldn't get a reservation at Terrapins but made it to Zoe's. We live in Yorktown, so don't get to the beach as much as we should, but then again, if Zoe's is one of the best at the beach, perhaps...

Where to buy sushi-grade tuna in Hampton Roads Area

by SharkB8 10 years ago

Anyone know where to buy sushi-grade tuna in Newport News/Yorktown/Hampton/Williamsburg, VA area?

Hampton Roads Sushi Happy hour Virginia beach

by bythebayov 10 years ago

Looking for a sushi happy hour in hampton roads (discounts on food and or drink) that has good sushi, am having no luck finding one using the internet. Thanks for your help!

Farmers' Markets Near Hampton Roads

by ItinerantKitchenElf 12 years ago

Just moved to Norfolk, VA -- any tips on good farmers' markets in the Hampton Roads area I can hit before the season ends. Would be willing to drive an hour or two for good heirloom tomatoes...

Hampton Roads Casual Seafood

by krisrishere 11 years ago

Any of you who live in Virginia Beach might know of D & M Seafood, fish market/casual take-out eat-in restaurant. Well, as of last week it closed, so I'm searching for something similar. A place ...

Korean in Hampton Roads

by E. N-B 14 years ago

Just moved to the Hampton Roads area and am looking for a Korean restaurant, preferably in Va. Beach. Does such a thing exist? Thanks!

Hampton Roads sushi quest

by patrickevanshylton 11 years ago

Hey guys, What are some of your favorite places in Hampton Roads (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, etc.) for sushi? Also, do you have a favorite sushi roll at any...

Suggestions near Hampton Roads, VA?

by BrynVA 10 years ago

Staying at The Founders Inn over Labor Day for the half marathon and would love some suggestions. Need to carb-load on Saturday night, big brunch on Sunday, open for anything Sunday night and will...

Looking for sweetbreads in Hampton Roads

by flightsurg 11 years ago

This may be a complete pipe dream, but I was hoping someone would know of a restaurant in the Hampton Roads area that has sweetbreads on the menu. I recently had them at 1789 in Wash D.C. and have ...

New to Hampton Roads

by fiscuspv 11 years ago

Where to get the best.....in Hampton Roads and the 7 cities. Burger Sushi Chinese mexican wine up scale french comfort Fresh out'd water seafood oysters ..... Any and all suggestions ...