It doesn't have to be Easter to enjoy ham's perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors. Whether you prefer it baked, glazed, smoked, or even fried, Chowhound's got the recipe for you.

Ham 101: Tips and Tricks for How to Cook the Perfect Easter Ham

Making the perfect Easter ham is a yearly challenge that’s not for the faint of heart. It’s so difficult to cook perfectly AND ensure a tasty flavor—forget about trying to whip up a unique glaze. Luckily...

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Best ham, roast beef, meatloaf, turkey or roast chicken sandwiches in the Bay Area

by rworange 8 years ago

Sorry, I have never asked the same question in two separate posts, but my first post threw people off. Surely somewhere in the Bay Area there must be good versions of these sandwich...

Is there such a thing as ham gravy?

by jujuthomas 10 years ago

Christmas dinner at my mothers, we had the usual feast of ham, mashed white potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. etc. my BIL wanted to know if she'd made gravy. he tells my sister "next year we bring a j...

Where can I buy a good quality ham for the holidays?

by mayamoo 10 years ago

I'm having a holiday party and would like to serve ham. Where locally can I buy one - good quality, smoked or not, brined, etc. If not locally, where online can I order one? Thanks!

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