Create a Halloween menu with the help of fellow 'Hounds--get ideas for festive cocktails and mains, plus weigh in on the best Halloween candy (and get recipes to make your own at home!).

ALDI’s Top October Finds: Halloween Sweets & Pumpkin-Infused Everything

Fall has finally blown down the doors, and with the arrival of the season means a whole collection of new products to look forward to at ALDI, the German grocery store. For the month of October, we...

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Haunted restaurant for Halloween b'day?

by ratbin 15 years ago

O.K., this is slightly weird, but does anyone have any recommendations for a place with great food AND a ghost for my husband's Halloween birthday? We live in Orange Co., wouldn't be adverse to tra...

Restaurants Decorated for Halloween?

by Just Cid 16 years ago

Looking for someplace interesting to go Saturday night.... Anyone know of eateries decorated for Halloween? Now, I'm not talking about the "put up the cardboard witch we've used for the past 19...


by Foodwriter 16 years ago

anyone seen any interesting specials or menu items planned for halloween?

Halloween weekend in Salem, Ma.

by Rre. 16 years ago

I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned, I couldn't find it. My friend has her heart set on this visit. I've barely spent 3 hours there a few years ago. Any ideas where to chowhound (break...

New Orleans Halloween weekend

by Tom 16 years ago

Making trip to New Orleans and wanted some feedback on the following: Flying in Friday and leaving on mid day Tuesday. Uglesich’s lunch;Casamentos lunch;Rio Mar lunch and Commanders Brunch...

Halloween Pizza Lunch - Report - Kinda Long

by LesThePress 17 years ago

For those of you who gave me suggestions last week on where to get pizza for our lunch today, thank you. I finally decided on Abbot's. I liked Frankie & Johnny's but it was very greasy. Also Abb...

Pre-Halloween bash eats near North Avenue and the river

by magpie 17 years ago

A happy Halloween to all! Here's my question- at the last minute,a friend and I decided to go to the Halloween bash at Golan Productions (this year's theme- Pirates of the Chicago River, he he). ...

Going to GONZO for halloween pizza...is it still good?

by Nyufoodie 17 years ago

What to order? Recommendations for salads, appts and desserts highly appreciated too. Going to check them out for the first time before heading to the Halloween parade.

Halloween Dishes?

by Kevin 17 years ago

Not looking for 30-ingredient masterpieces or anything, just some relatively simple and gross/scary/spooky dishes. Any suggestions? To give you an idea of what I'm interested in... One thing I'v...

Not just the same old Halloween candy

by Chris VR 17 years ago

I'm picking up some of the more offbeat offerings from this catalog (linked below) this year, including cherry filled eyeball gum. Yummmmm. So what are you giving out to the little moochers? Li...

Castro restaurant for Halloween?

by epicureangirl 17 years ago

I'll be in SF during Halloween and would like to have dinner somewhere close to the festivities (Castro & Market). Can anyone recommend something good (all ethnic okay too) that would have entrees...

Halloween Party Results

by M. Allen 18 years ago

Thanks to everyone for all the ideas. Had the children's party last night. Served Dragons Blood Punch- with ice hands & face, Chex Mix-with candy corn and roasted pumpkin seeds, Strained Eyeballs, ...

Just in time for Halloween- Frightening Food Science

by joel 18 years ago

From today's Salon, there is an article on the sandwiches being designed by the military to be edible for up to 3 years. Just to whet your appetite, a few quotes: Darsch said his sandwiches are...


by HomeChef 18 years ago

I'm looking for something fun to do on Halloween, hopefully surrounded by good food. I heard about Josie's event, does anyone know of any others?

Halloween in NOLA

by carrie 18 years ago

Can anyone recommend some fun things for 4 adults to do over halloween weekend in New Orleans other than a cemetary or ghost tour? Also - we are planning to eat at Peristyle and NOLA but need one m...

Rush Street At Halloween

by Leper 18 years ago

I am planning a fall vacation trip to Chicago. It seemed to me that Halloween would be a good time to also visit Rush Street. Am I correct in my assumption? Also, any fall food or music festivals i...

Halloween Parade viewing spots?

by Heath-ah 19 years ago

Does anyone have any suggestions on a nice place to sit and watch the Halloween parade? I'm looking for anything on Sixth Ave from Spring to 23, bonus points for sidewalk cafes and/or big open wind...

Halloween Candy

by Leslie T. 19 years ago

What do kids (2 1/2 to 8 yrs old) like best in the way of trick or treat candy/treats? We don't get many trick or treaters, but I want to see that they get what they like. My thoughts are the lar...

Pomegranates as Halloween treats

by Heather 20 years ago

I remember as a kid that a neighbor of ours would give away pomegranates as treats on Halloween. These were a big hit because we could spend hour after messy hour trying to get every sweet drop of...

Halloween Dinners

by KevinD 20 years ago

Happy Halloween everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of restaurants that are doing something special for Halloween, especially in the menu. I read of a couple in the LA Times, like Typhoon a...

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