18 Seafood Recipes for the BBQ to Help You Conquer Your Fish Grilling Fears

It's high time to learn how to grill fish and seafood—and our best recipes for grilled fish, shrimp, and more will get you where you need to go. Grilling season is synonymous with summer, but really...

How to cook halibut so it comes out tender?

by pindert 1 year ago

I once had halibut in a restaurant that I've never forgotten, and would love to know how to make it at home. It was incredibly tender, and not dry at all. The texture was almost custard-like. It me...

Fresh caught now frozen halibut

by EllenCooks 1 year ago

My SIL’s uncle gave them some fresh caught halibut which they brought me a few days later. I froze it in vacuum sealed bags. I’m not a big fish person. Looking for ideas on cooking it. Some of ...

A Deep Dive into the San Diego Fishing Industry

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

A long read but a fascinating one that covers the history of San Diego's fish industry, the tensions of development, and promising work to revitalize a fishing community that makes local, sustainab...

Get Hooked Santa Cruz Restaurant Week, 7/29 to 8/4/2019

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

JULY 29 - AUGUST 4, 2019 Dine out in Santa Cruz next week for Get Hooked restaurant week! “Get Hooked is a celebration of Monterey Bay’s sustainably caught seafood. Our local seafood story is a...

What does halibut taste like?

by fldhkybnva 9 years ago

I am quite the fish fanatic but have never had halibut. I eat fish so frequently that my interest in my old favorites is nearly saturated. I eat quite a variety including tuna, salmon, cod, and s...

Need a substitute for halibut

by Clarissa 15 years ago

The fish will be dredged in flour and fried. I've been told to avoid halibut. What is a similarly sweet, non-fishy fish that'll work as well? I imagine that cod will fall apart, we can't have mo...

Yukon Gold Scaled Halibut Recipe & Fish Alternatives

by HikerGal 5 years ago

On the June 15, 2016, MasterChef, Gordon Ramsay made a delicious looking dish with halibut and Yukon Gold potatoes made to look like scales on the fish. It was a dish from one of his restaurants. T...

What goes with Coconut-Crusted Halibut?

by chezron 5 years ago

I am serving Coconut-Crusted Halibut with Mango Salsa, Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Vinaigrette, and I need someting else. Do you have any suggestions?

I ate raw halibut and am now scared

by FineSugar 6 years ago

A friend gave me a freshly caught Pacific halibut. This thing was beautiful. We cut some up and had it raw, crudo-style. We were so excited that I completely forgot that this fish really isn't a go...

Where to find the best wild Salmon/Halibut/Seafood?

by figueroa579 6 years ago

Any suggestions on where to ship/order frozen wild salmon/halibut/seafood? I recently ordered the seafood sampler from Northwest Wild Foods and the wild Alaskan king salmon was delicious. We're hav...

Halibut Cheeks?

by lindainwi 6 years ago

I was in Alaska earlier this summer and had the pleasure of trying fresh halibut cheeks. In one word... delightful. I enjoy halibut, but the cheeks were even better than the filet. So my hope is...

ISO Halibut - either retail or restaurant

by MABMAQ 6 years ago

Is it too early in the season to find halibut ? Ideally would like to cook at home, but eating out is OK too.

Halibut Cheek Crudo

by snowbordinglife 6 years ago

Dear Chowhounders, I picked up some great looking halibut cheeks and was looking for a unique preparation and thought of crudo, has anybody tried this or have a great unique suggestion? ...

Halibut Scraps

by sydthekyd 7 years ago

My kids just gave me the scraps/trimmings from the first halibut (30 inches) catch of the season. Any ideas on what to do with these bits? Any chowder, soup, stew or ... recipes?

Alaska Halibut 2015

by gourmanda 7 years ago

I have yet to see it at the fish monger's or grocery store. Does anyone know when the season opens this year?

Price of halibut nationwide?

by breadchick 7 years ago

A poster inquired about scallop pricing around the country, and it prompted me to ask about halibut per pound. My local fishmonger (upstate NY) hasn't carried it for about a month, and she said ...

Where would you recommend me to buy fish (best prices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Bronx)?

by Eric_Cartman 10 years ago

Not exactly looking for best quality but looking more along the lines of prices as Im a student who still depends on his mom for money. Im training for a bodybuilding competition in 3 months so my ...

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