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Ground Up Burgers - Half Moon Bay

by CarrieWas218 8 years ago

On Main Street in Half Moon Bay is an oddly innocuous building with a sign out front that says, LOCAL FATT (Food Awareness Through Teaching). During the week, the commercial kitchen co-ops itsel...

Best Fish & Chips, Smelts in Half Moon Bay?

by Argent3 8 years ago

Me and the SO are planning to visit HMB for the first time in a few years, intend to hit some of our old favorite spots like Flying Fish Grill, and San Benito House for sandwiches. I remember havin...

Ritz Half Moon Bay Christmas Brunch

by debbie421 9 years ago

Hi all! Has anyone tried the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Christmas Brunch before? My husband and I are staying home Christmas and are looking for some place fun to go. Although I'm a foodie, he d...

Restaurants in or near Half Moon Bay

by MizEvie 10 years ago

Any ideas for good restaurants in or near Half Moon Bay - or fun things to do? We are renting a beach house for a week at Moss Beach. Thanks!

Best Place to get a good Dessert In Half Moon Bay?

by nickgluck 9 years ago

What is the Best Place to get good Dessert In Half Moon Bay after eating at one of the Many Great Restaurants on the Coast which appear to be jam packed every weekend, but there seems to be few des...

One dinner in Half Moon Bay

by tafttiger 9 years ago

Daughter, two grandsons 7 and 4 and I are spending one night in Half Moon Bay in a couple of weeks just to walk the beach and smell the ocean. Which means one dinner. Obviously the place needs t...

Need Carmel & Half Moon Bay Restaurant Suggestions

by CharlotteGirl 10 years ago

Headed to CA later this week. Any suggestions for seafood or great local places, not too pricey or too fancy. Thanks!

Barbara's fishtrap in Half Moon Bay..

by angie2210 13 years ago

Oh man, I ate there last weekend and it was unbelievable. We ordered the fish and chips, which were the best I've ever had, and the clam chowder bread bowl. I have never liked clam chowder, but t...

Half moon bay take out/catering??

by Mel 10 years ago

I am trying to find someplace in/near Half Moon Bay that will deliver food for about 50 people to a site in Half Moon Bay. I know we had tres amigos do delivery service one year, but I am looking ...

Half Moon Bay Restaurant & Day Trips Recomendations

by ssavar 10 years ago

Planning on staying in Half Moon Bay area for 3 nights. My wife and I are looking for some restaurant and day trip recommendations. We're staying at Seal Cove Inn, any insights regarding the hotel...

Restaurant to take Iowan in Half Moon Bay?

by Discerning1 10 years ago

I'll be meeting a friend visiting from Iowa for a weekday lunch in Half Moon Bay. A restaurant with good, moderately priced food and an ocean view would be ideal. Pasta Moon will be my backup pl...

Easter brunch at Navio - Ritz Carlton half moon bay

by SerenaE 10 years ago

We just had brunch at Navio at Ritz half moon bay on Easter Sunday. It was beautiful there and the food was great. I did not check the price before hand, so I was surprised when the check came in a...

Navio and Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay

by syrahgirl 11 years ago

This past Sun. and Mon. we celebrated our 29th anniversary in Half Moon Bay. Our lunch at Pasta Moon in downtown HMB was incredible. The dining room is intimate with a formal-elegance feel to i...

Half Moon Bay - Monday group dinner for work

by selectiveomnivore 11 years ago

I've been tasked with finding a restaurant for dinner on a Monday night in Half Moon Bay. My coworkers and I will be a group of 8 on a short business retreat. I think we're meant to have a "nice"...

Half Moon Bay/Pescadero Breakfast choices

by myst 11 years ago

Aside from the Ritz any other recommended breakfast spots. Mom and Pop type is fine too....

Carmelized pineapple and alligator salad at Half Moon Bay Brewing this weekend

by rworange 11 years ago

Though I personally can't give it a try, for any of you alligator aficianodos, that's what the Half Moon Bay Brewing newletter listed for the menu this weekend. Sure, why not? Pineapple and ali...

ISO restaurants in the bay area that will cook up fresh crab (& other fresh seafood) purchased directly at half moon bay

by oohlala 11 years ago

It's common in asia to buy fresh seafood from a port and take it to your favourite restaurant to have it prepared. I'll be traveling to half moon bay to buy some fresh caught crabs but not too sure...

Half Moon Bay and Honeymoon Plans

by memco 11 years ago

A friend of mine recommended Half Moon Bay as a potential honeymoon spot. I haven't found much on the boards to talk about it so I wanted to ask is there good eats to be had around there? I was l...