Discuss halal food: Where to find it, how to make it, and what you like about it.

What is the Difference Between Kosher and Halal?

Centuries before Michael Pollan came up with his Food Rules, two of the world's most significant religions laid down the laws for preparing and eating our sustenance. We see the halal and kosher seals...

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Looking for a Halal market or butcher shop in LA

by David 15 years ago

I need a sheep or lamb's stomach for Haggis. Can anyone recommend or point me in the right direction of a Halal/Arabic/Muslim grocery or butcher shop (preferably in LA County) or a Chinese butc...

Halal butcher

by Thraz 15 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find merguez, the spicy North African sausage? I'm looking for a shop, not a restaurant - preferably in CC or South Philly, or perhaps South Jersey. Thanks.

Amina Thai in Rockville (Halal Thai food)

by dinwiddie 15 years ago

My wife and I had dinner last night at Amina Thai Restaurant. (5065 Nicholson Lane). This is the DC area's first Halal (Muslim) Thai resturant. Since they are observant, there is no pork or alcohol...

looking for Halal friendly resto near Bathurst/College

by Viola 15 years ago

Going out with the girls and would like to go to a resto near Bathurst/College that serves Halal meat. Does anyone know of a place other than Pomegranate? We may go there if there are no other su...

new halal kitchen

by gastronaut 15 years ago

On the busy 21st street in LIC, a block north of the F at the projects by the ramp to the bridge, is this seemingly insipid and grimy food shop, plain glass front, Pakistani green awning, with word...

Halal Cart in LA?

by eatslowly 15 years ago

Anyone know of a place in LA to get similar food like the halal carts in Manhattan? While I doubt such a cart exists in LA, maybe a hole-in-the-wall restaurant? For comparison, I'm specifically ...

the halal cart in front of 1 penn plaza on 33rd st

by Kal 15 years ago

while rushing back to work from an appointment at 1 penn plaza, i noticed a great looking halal cart in front with a line about 5 or 6 deep. can anyone tell me more about it? is it always there?...

Searching for halal meat East Bay region

by pooie 15 years ago

Hello, Are there any markets that sell halal meat in these cities? Walnut Creek Concord Pleasant Hill Martinez Antioch Pittsburg Brentwood Thanks

[PDX] Middle Eastern/Halal Market Survey...

by extramsg 15 years ago

Finally took the time to finish my report on Middle Eastern/Halal markets in Portland. I don't think there are any others, but if there are please speak up. As always, linked below is the full re...

Assignment editor: Hawaiian BBQ and halal-ish Mexican cart

by Bulgarian 15 years ago

Me gots no time to investage, you see, NO TIME, but there's that newer Hawaiian barbecue place on 8th Ave a few blocks up from 34th on the left. Me's also seen a Mexican food cart on 29th (I think)...

Good halal food in Jackson Heights-Not take out/cabbie place

by grandzu 15 years ago

Hey, Looking to get a good halal dinner with my family in Jackson Heights tomorrow and want to avoid the usual taxi cab driver places and also someplace other than Kabab King and Shaheen. A nice s...

A Strange Request: Halal Turducken

by Cyrus Farivar 16 years ago

So I'm making a turducken for Thanksgiving at my aunt's house in Hartford. And I want to make it halal if it's not going to be ridiculously difficult/expensive. Does anyone know where I can get ...

Best Halal Street Food, 6th Avenue, between 48th and 52nd

by bigjeff 18 years ago

Well, I had the displeasure of temping for two weeks in this area, and managed to sample all different carts of street meat, various sandwiches and platters, and other junk food, all under $5. wow,...

Halal Food

by Cody 16 years ago

Does anyone know of any good middle eastern places that serve halal food? Location not an issue. Thanks

Apna Bazaar, CotatiĀ– Halal butcher and Pak/Indian grocer

by Melanie Wong 16 years ago

Detouring to get away from the back-up on 101 today, I spotted the sign for a Pakistani and Indian grocery store along the frontage road on the northside of Cotati and made a U-turn to check it out...

Halal restaurant advice sought

by Dorothy 16 years ago

I'm planning to visit a Halal restaurant in So. Cal. soon. I'm looking for tips and pointers lest I commit some horrible faux pas. I posted on NOT ABOUT FOOD and someone suggested I might ask here ...

Also...Chinese halal cuisine in OC? Could it be?

by jen2 16 years ago

I remember reading about a Chinese Islamic restaurant in OC on this board some time ago, but I couldn't find anything when I searched. Does anyone know what the name/location is, and whether or not...

Looking for Halal food in Atlanta

by Chris 16 years ago

Well, as it says, I am going to Atlanta in June for a tradeshow, and one of my co-workers who is flying in from Singapore is Islamic. DOes anybody know of places near the convention centre that se...

Halal cart in Astoria -- B'way and 30th?

by Dan 16 years ago

Has anyone had food from this halal cart, right outside the supermarket (across from the japanese place, Family Market)? I had a chicken wrap there this weekend was it was amazing. Probably the bes...

SEA - Halal Chinese Food?

by Rocky 16 years ago

Does anyone know if there are any halal(muslim) chinese restaurants in Seattle? I used to live in CA where there were a few, I really loved all of the emphasis on lamb, mutton, and goat. In fact...

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