Group Friendly

Finding restaurants to accommodate a group can be a headache. But Chowhounds are up to the challenge, with great ideas in your area for birthdays, celebration dinners, work parties, and more.


Central Boston Brunch Space

by poohstix12 10 days ago

I am starting to plan a mid May (quite possibly all of Boston's graduation weekend) baby shower. Since I'm not a local, I'm looking for suggestions! The goal is a low key brunch for about 40. Id...

Key West Dinner for a crowd - 12 people

by rubylewct 2 months ago

I am coming to Key West for work and need to plan two dinners, with 10-12 people. Good food, not fancy -fun and casual is also good - outdoor seating is event better if possible. Want to make a r...

Good Place for a San Diego Group Dinner around $25 per person

by pvanhalsema 2 months ago

I'm from the Bay Area but will be leading a group 2- day training meeting downtown San Diego in February. We are on a non profit budget so I'm looking for a good place to book a Monday night dinner...

80th Bday Venue Needed - Sarasota

by stevenrj 3 months ago

Hi...looking for unique venue for 80th bday for father in law. Approx. 20-25 people. Nothing stuffy. Full bar would be ideal, with relatively affordable menu for a sibling split! Never done thi...

Chinese food for a crowd, near MIT

by JRL56 4 months ago

We're looking for a fun, yummy place to share Chinese food for 20+ w/in walking distance of MIT

Grandma's 90th Birthday - Dessert Tasting Menu? Bakeries?

by elwang 3 months ago

Grandma's 90th birthday is coming up and she has a TINY appetite but loves desserts so want to find some good options for her. I know previously there had been dessert tasting menus at Atelier Cren...

Calgary: The Guild

by HaveSpoonWillCook 3 months ago

Nov 2017: We visited The Guild on the urging of staff (Nicolas?) at the now closed highly recommended fish restaurant whose name I forget; it was located very close to the Marriott Downtown. I ...

Party of 20 for 40th birthday

by bkbk1969 4 months ago

Looking for a restaurant that can accommodate about 20 people for a birthday dinner, not necessarily private dining. I’ve been looking into private room arrangements and it seems to be too expensiv...

Looking for NYC Italian restaurant good for a group of 12

by pslopeyumyum 5 months ago

Looking for an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn (Park Slope preferred) or in Manhattan (downtown preferred) for a group of 12 for a 75th birthday celebration. Private room a plus.

Looking for suggestions...

by daveadoff 5 months ago

I am looking for a spot downtown for a banquet style dinner for around 20 guests. Looking for someplace nice that won't break the bank. Trying to keep it below $40/person. Has anyone ever been to D...

50th Birthday Dinner - Group of 12 on or near strip?

by busterfood 5 months ago

A group of us are heading to Las Vegas for my husband's 50th birthday. We are looking for good food and fun. Group can be somewhat loud (not obnoxious but loud). No food preference and no $$ restri...

Looking for a recommendation for a group dinner in September

by Lefty 9 months ago

A group of 35 guys from Canada on a baseball weekend in NY looking for a place that isn't fancy but with great NY atmosphere and good food, that will accommodate us for dinner. Willing to travel fr...

Casual dinners for 10

by debbie421 6 months ago

Hello! I've been doing some research, both on Chowhound on possibly less trusted sites, and need your help. I need to book 2 dinners in Barcelona, on Saturday 10/20 and Sunday 10/21. Both dinner...

Lulu's Eating and Drinking Establishment | Redding

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Lulu's Eating and Drinking Establishment promotes on that prime rib is available seven days a week. Order it at your risk. . . mine was quite poor. I suspect that this spot was chosen for our di...

Dinner for 60 in Camberville?

by Weiszguy 7 months ago

We are looking to host a reasonable family dinner post-Bat Mitzvah in Somerville or Cambridge. We used Catalyst last time and they were fabulous all around - any other suggestions for restaurants ...

Maxwell's Eatery | Redding

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Our large group gathered in the back room at Maxwell's Eatery for some social time. I had a chance to try the light and refreshing Kolsch from Secret Trail, a new brewer in Chico. One of the lo...

Favorite NYC BBQ?

by chefdekoven 8 months ago

Hey was just curious if anyone had a favorite NYC BBQ restaurant for a large group. I am considering Hometown, which I have been to and really enjoy, and John Brown's Smokehouse in LIC where I have...

7/25, "Feed Your People" Community Dinner & Panel Discussion with Local Chefs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

"Sharing a meal is one of life’s greatest pleasures and a powerful and intimate way to create community. My book "Feed Your People" offers big-batch recipes from big-hearted chefs and cooks for the...

Visiting Again

by mrsphud 9 months ago

We haven't been in Vancouver in some years, but will be back again late July. We remember a place in walking distance from the convention center hotels. I think it was Alsatian. Relatively small...

Spicy & Tasty Group Dinner 2017

by chefdekoven 1 year ago

I had a group dinner with fifteen people at Spicy & Tasty last week in Flushing. They gave us a nice table on the top floor with a lovely view overlooking Prince Street and Roosevelt Avenue. Then w...