Grocery Store Etiquette

How to Safely Shop for Groceries During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Even as coronavirus lockdown restrictions begin to lift, grocery shopping as we know it may never be the same. The fact remains that social distancing is key to helping prevent the spread of coronavirus...

Some form of profiling?!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

I went grocery shopping at Vaughan's, Yummy Market this morning and saw some ' Wild King Salmon Ikura ' for sale at $15.99 per 100 gm. Decided to give them a try and bought 200 gm. The lady serv...

Kroger offers ‘thank you’ bonus after employees protest end of hazard pay

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . The United Food and Commercial Workers union Local 21, which organized Friday’s protests, responded in a statement that 'Kroger’s decision today shows that we can have an impact.' But they ...

LA Health Dept. Shuts Down Restaurant for Selling Items Without a Grocery Permit

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . The issue, it seems, has less to do with the sale of a few rolls of toilet paper and more to do with crowding inside the restaurant’s converted dining area, so Kronfli says ownership is con...

Is Grocery Store Etiquette Dead?

by kelvin_of_ranard 2 years ago

When the butcher asked “who’s next?”, I turned to the man standing next to me and asked him. When the young woman obliviously blocks the aisle with her shopping cart and case of cheap beer, I sa...

Kosher and Halal together?

by cajungwailo 4 years ago

Is it/would it be "legal" to have a kosher and halal market share the same physical space? If there were fresh meat areas, would they have to be separate? Just curious.

Schnorrer selecting eggs

by GH1618 5 years ago

Now I've seen everything in the brazen petty chiseling department! In the U. S., eggs are sold by size based on the average for a carton, so a dozen "large" eggs might have noticeable variation ...

Whole Foods and "donations"

by 512window 7 years ago

Was this an aberration or do they try this on everyone? Went to Whole Foods after the gym. Get to the checker with my basket + reusable bag. I say, "there's a bag at the bottom." He starts to...

Being addressed as "boss" by employees

by ebchower 6 years ago

I recently shopped at a food store and was emailed a survey that asked what could have been done to improve the experience. I thought about it and replied "I don't like when employees call me 'bos...

Please return your shopping carts, you lazy bum

by Chemicalkinetics 6 years ago

This may not apply for citizens of other countries, but in the US, most of us have used shopping carts for grocery shopping especially supermarkets. I don't know why, but apparently, many peopl...

Do you respond when greeted in a shop?

by Midlife 6 years ago

I work in a small shop in a touristy marina along the SoCal coast. Every person who comes through the door is greeted with a friendly "hello' or similar greeting. Maybe I'm getting old and crotchet...

Ever tip the bagger who helps you out to your car?

by emglow101 6 years ago

I always get asked If I need help with my groceries out to the car . I decline . Someday I will need help . I think it's great the baggers ask . When the time comes and I need help out I'm probably...

Who's next ?

by emglow101 6 years ago

My local butcher yelled out . As I started to motion a younger couple stepped up and yelled , " We are " . Who knew I was standing there before them . I bit my lip and just shut up . The butcher di...

Wegman's Faux Pas [Moved from Boston]

by gracenote 6 years ago

Stopped into the Burlington Wegman's tonight waiting out the rush hour traffic. Checked out the strawberries, Driscoll's and Pell Farm. There was a woman at the Pell Farm display opening each box o...

What's your ??????????

by Motosport 6 years ago

Last night I trolled the new Mega Mall. I already wrote about my Aldi experience on "General topics." I needed a Hershey's almond chocolate bar so I went into the "5 Below" store. I guess I am n...

Do bulk bins every get cleaned?

by Bride of the Juggler 12 years ago

Maybe someone in the industry can respond. Do bulk bins every get cleaned? Or do they just keep dumping in new stuff? I've always been hesitant to get things from these, thinking that if it was con...

Rudest grocery checker remark

by sydthekyd 7 years ago

My brother just told me that the checker asked him, "Do you ever buy anything that's not on sale?"

Bring your shopping cart back where it belongs, please!

by gutreactions 6 years ago

It has become a pet peeve of mine. Every time I go shopping I find shopping carts scattered all over the lot blocking roads, sometimes right next to my car. Why don't shoppers have the courtesy of ...

Save-A-Lot and paying for bags

by TuteTibiImperes 10 years ago

Recently the Publix in my neighborhood shopping center moved a couple miles down the road to a larger space, and a Save-A-Lot opened up in the previous Publix building. I was excited to have a g...

Accused of shoplifting!

by racer x 7 years ago

I had the pleasure of being accused of stealing from a local grocery store this weekend. I usually avoid shopping on weekend afternoons because of the crowds. And especially so on the weekend be...

Weight your own vegetables at Wegmans

by ttngo 7 years ago

Just curious, do you always weight your own vegetables at the grocery stores? I was at the check out lane at Wegmans this weekend and the lady behind me got really angry that I didn't weight my ve...

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