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Chowhound's 13 Most Popular BBQ Recipes

With 4th of July weekend on the horizon and a whole lot of summer on its heels, we've collected our most popular BBQ recipes for you to make the most of grilling season. You've got the grill. You've...

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Directions for Cast Iron Grilling Pan, Please

by Kim Shook 18 years ago

I received a cast iron grilling pan (the kind with the ridges) for Xmas. I love cast iron and cook with it alot, so I'm ok with seasoning and cleaning, but I don't know exactly how to USE this pan...

Need BBQ (not Grilling) Cookbook Ideas

by Tom Hall 18 years ago

I pulled my bro-in-law's name for the Xmas drawing. He grills OK but has a new offset cooking device designed for slow cooking and has yet to get the hang of it. I thought one or more books on th...

Grilling Turkey

by Vital Information 18 years ago

I apologize in advance if this has been covered on the board, but I'm being lazy... Very (very), nervously, Ms. VI is allowing me to cook the turkey this year on the grill. I am pretty confident...

Grilling Hot Dogs

by John 19 years ago

I am a hot dog fanatic from New Jersey who has tried most of the places in N.Y. and N.J. I like both all beef and German style pork and beef hot dogs with natural casings cooked on a griddle. I rec...

The Be All And End All of Barbecue/Grilling Books

by John Tracey 19 years ago

That's what I'm looking for. Does it exist? Can you direct me to it? Or at least some suggestions? I know nothing about grilling and even less about barbecue. But I'm getting a grill this year, and...

The Joys of Grilling

by andy huse 19 years ago

does anyone else out there really love grilling? I love slow-cooking anything for anybody in my smoker. There is nothing more festive than smelling that smoke for hours before digging in...

Rooftop/Terrace Grilling

by Tom Steele 20 years ago

What are the laws governing the use of charcoal or gas grills, hibachis, etc. to grill food on your (or your rented) apartment's terrace? Building rooftop? Specifically, what are the "smoke" laws c...


by billy 20 years ago

Has anyone had any experience using the newer "flavor bars" in a gas grill that are replacing the use of briquettes?

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