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Grill Pans

Grill marks, no problem. Get advice on buying grill pans, how to care for them, recipes to utilize them, and more.

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Should I season my new Le Creuset cast iron skillet and grill pan?

by sagestrat 10 years ago

I know I've always seasoned my regular cast iron pans, but should I also season my new Le Creuset cast iron skillet a...


ColmCasserly commented 26 days ago

Your preferred type pan for braising/frying meat?

by CHSeifert 1 month ago

I wonder what type of pan you guys prefer for braising/frying meat? Non-stick Aluminum Copper Cast iron Carbon ...

kaleokahu commented 1 month ago

Help Me Love My Le Creuset Grill Pan

by Jennalynn 9 years ago

I have many pieces of LC that I adore. As the saying goes: You'll have to pry my 7qt dutch oven out of my cold d...


Kamalokitty commented 3 months ago

Please help me shop for cookware

by Rienne 6 months ago

I'm new to the site and have read so many discussions over the last few days about cookware. It's been helpful and th...

Cam14 commented 6 months ago

cast iron grill pan ok on flat-top stove?

by zomigi 9 years ago

I desperately want to get a good grill pan to make burgers and chicken on without having to use my outdoor grill (cha...


kroil commented 8 months ago

I take back ( almost) every negative thing I said about my grill pan

by rasputina 1 year ago

It will never make food smoky flavored like on the charcoal grill. But I've been using my grill pan a lot more recent...

PutSomethingTogether commented 12 months ago

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Are nonstick stove top grills worth it?

by Seitan 1 year ago

I've been looking at getting a grill pan or perhaps a grill plate that covers two stove top electric burners, but can...

Grill pan: is it worth it?

by arielleeve 1 year ago

My husband and I are moving into a new apartment and, sadly, losing our backyard, which means giving up our BBQ. I wa...


travelerjjm commented 1 year ago

Final day tomorrow. Need to decide pots and pans

by sanman99 1 year ago

Hey, everyone. I'm stocking an empty kitchen. One of the things I'm hung up on while I plan is pots and pans. I'm fin...

kaleokahu commented 1 year ago

Le Creuset Grill Pan - Is this rust?

by pfranco 2 years ago

Hey guys, I've got a Le Creuset Square Grill pan. It has only been used once and after I washed it, there seemed to ...


Ozhit commented 2 years ago

Stovetop grill pan - what's best?

by josephnl 8 years ago

I want to get a rectangular (or square) grill pan to fit over one or two burners on my gas range. I rarely cook for ...


cstefan206 commented 2 years ago

Stove top grill pan-Calgary

by KitchenBella 2 years ago

I'm just looking for a cast iron stove top grill pan that won't break the bank. In Calgary, thanks for the help.


tklow commented 2 years ago

Le Creuset grill pan - anyone use theirs?

by sobriquet 9 years ago

I've had one for a few years that just sits there. It works really well, but i've found the black satin finish insid...

JTPhilly commented 2 years ago

HELP! Burnt or Not cooked through on cast iron grill pan

by leeau 4 years ago

Hi all, I am a home cook who still feels fairly new to the whole thing after ~5 yrs of intermittent experience. F...


brlattim commented 2 years ago

grill pan and plate or electric griddle

by Fritz 2 years ago

we've had a Forman type copy for years that is ready to go. The base is splitting. Thinking about getting a replace...


Sirrith commented 2 years ago

Best grill pan or other solution

by dainish 2 years ago

Hi all! I do not like to use my broiler (it doesn't work well and things tend to catch fire, plus we get lots of smo...

kaleokahu commented 2 years ago

reversible grill pan issue

by zakappel 2 years ago

Here's my question: if you season it properly, wouldn't the seasoning on whatever side you have facing down strip off...

Becca Porter commented 2 years ago

Grill pan for a Weber Q2200 gas grill

by The Librarian 2 years ago

Just bought the Weber and really like it so far. Any recommendations for a grill pan to use with it it to cook vegeta...


zackly commented 2 years ago

Sauce for grilled veggies on grill pan (not balsamic)

by arugala 2 years ago

Just bought a stove top grill pan and excited to get some vegetables on there. Fennel, Onions, Aspargus, peppers are...

LaLa commented 2 years ago