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Green Bay - El Sarape?

by mike_d 12 years ago

Saw a "review" (more of a human interest article) in the Press Gazette today. Has anyone been? If so, how was the food? A good Mexican place would make the frequent visits to my wife's home to...

Any suggestions for Green Bay eats?

by Max Angell 22 years ago

I'm looking for somewhere eclectic/original to eat, either American or ethnic in Green Bay

Green Bay Restaurants

by TheMagicMan 13 years ago

I will be staying in Green Bay for the Vikings/Packers opening weekend in September. Does anyone have any recs on where to eat? Also, how hard is it to get a reservation during big game weekends?...

Green Bay This weekend

by bmohen 14 years ago

I am driving to Green Bay from chicago for the Game Sunday. Does anyone have recomendations for lunch/dinner/snacks worth a stop along the route from chicago? Do you have any recomendations for a p...

Good eats on Drive from Detroit to Green Bay?

by jay.radcliffe 14 years ago

A group of us are taking a trip to green bay to see the lions play. Anyone have suggested goodeats/roadhouse locations for us to stop and eat?

Just moved to Green Bay. What's good?

by shadowfax 15 years ago

I've already discovered Titletown Brewery. Where else should I go, and perhaps more importantly, what should I avoid?

Family friendly in Green Bay

by tyra_in_frisco 14 years ago

My husband and I and our two children (2 and 6) will be driving from the Milwaukee airport to Calumet, Michigan, in the UP in late June. We'll hit Green Bay around lunchtime, and I'm looking for su...

Breakfast in Green Bay, WI

by Nikkie1t 14 years ago

We are driving to Door County this weekend, and plan to spend a night in Green Bay before heading up the Door peninsula. Can anyone recommend a good place for breakfast in Green Bay? It can be a ...

Best Brats and ???? in Green Bay

by Ram 15 years ago

I'm coming to watch the Pack play this weekend. This is a pilgrimage and a dream fulfilled. I want the quintessential Green Bay experience. Where can I get (and I hope a debate ensues) the best ...

visiting green bay and looking to eat and drink

by Ram 15 years ago

Me and three buddies are coming to Green Bay for the game this weekend. What are the best places to eat, grub to grab, local specialties, good bars, etc. We're open to anything but we really want...

Green Bay recommendations?

by Phred 15 years ago

Going to be in Green Bay the week of 11/27. Any places I should be sure to dine at. Would not want to miss a good opportunity. Thanks

Steak-Green Bay

by JBinstl 17 years ago

Goin' to the Rams/Packers game Monday night and had to book two nights at the hotel. So, we're looking for a GREAT steak on Sunday night in Green Bay. Any ideas??? tia

DC Chowhound looking for good places to stop between Madison and Green Bay

by tigerjohn 15 years ago

Going to be in Madison this weekend and heading up to Green Bay to tour the stadium. Wanted to know of any good places to stop on drive back to Madison.

Ohare to Green Bay, maybe lunch in Milwaukee

by turbodee 15 years ago

Looking for inexpensive good local eats for road trip in a couple of weeks. Nothing fancy, like all types of foods, but really appreciate local neighborhood recs. I will be staying at Ohare, Sherat...

good local places in Green Bay, WI

by mcfly 15 years ago

Visiting Green Bay for a 3 day weekend next week... any recommendations?

Green Bay Best Fish Fry?

by Michelle 15 years ago

Ok Cheeseheads, where is the best Friday night fish fry in the Green Bay area? Thanks!

Green Bay - Marathon Meals

by Lance Martin 15 years ago

Headed to Green Bay for the marathon next month, and am looking for no-frills, carbo-loading Italian for pre-race, and good food, local color post-race. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks. Link: ht...

Good Eats In Green Bay

by flatbottom 16 years ago

I am a Canadian and my husband travels to the US a lot and is getting a bit frustrated in his attempts to eat healthy while on the road. He will be in Green Bay next week and I have been doing som...

Laotian in Green Bay?

by Miss Tenacity 16 years ago

I haven't been to GB since I became a foodie but I know there is a huge Hmong/Laotian population there, so there has got to be a few restaurants....? I hope someone has the scoop! thank you!

Anything good in Green BAY?

by becinmahtomedi 16 years ago

We're leaving mpls/st.paul for a Packer game in Green Bay this weekend. Anybody familiar with decent restaurants in the area? We're up for anything - pub,ethnic, whatever - but no chains please!!