Greek Yogurt

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Wondering how to choose the best yogurt to buy at the store? This yogurt guide will help break it down by nutrition, cost, and flavor factors. If you’re like me, you’re in an on-again, off-again relationship...

Fage Greek yogurt too thick?

by rungj 7 years ago

OK, so I know Greek yogurt is thicker than regular. That's the point, right? But I had a big bowl of Fage 2% this morning and it seemed really, really thick. Like I had a hard time getting it down....

Do you buy Chobani's flavored yogurt cups? **beware of the new "simply 100" line**

by Ttrockwood 8 years ago

Chobani has reformulated their yogurt and is marketing a new line under the "simply 100" label. The same flavored yogurt cups as previously sold are still on shelves. The vanilla cup label on t...

Easy and Healthy Snacks?

by bookconquistador 6 years ago

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows any easy and healthy snacks. Without any hard to get ingredients, quick and easy to make and that can survive in tupperware for up to 8hs. Thank you! ...

Can regular yogurt be substituted for Greek yogurt in baking?

by MmeFleiss 5 years ago

I want to make this cake from last month's COTM. http://www.houseandgarden.co.uk/recipes/desserts-cakes/lemon-and-lavender-cake I only have regular yogurt and the recipe calls for Greek. Is ther...

Spicy Greek Yogurt and Mint Dip

by mikidep 5 years ago

I needed to use some leftover fresh mint, so I drew some inspiration from the Internet and came up with this: - 150g (about 1/2 cup) whole greek yogurt - 1/4 cup finely minced fresh mint leaves...

Yogurt Fillers?

by Veggigal 5 years ago

I don't know if it's just me, but lately I find the yogurt companies are using more fillers in their Greek Yogurt. Just recently I picked up a carton of Vanilla President's Choice and an Astro yo...

Kirkland Greek Yogurt?

by RGC1982 10 years ago

I noticed that Costco stopped carrying Fage a couple of months ago, and suddenly now sells a double container (smaller containers) of their own "Greek no-fat Yogurt". The label says it contains on...

Canadian Greek Yogurt similar to Fage

by LNahid2000 7 years ago

Hey guys, For the last year or so I've been going to the U.S. frequently enough to stock up on Fage yogurt. In the last couple of months I haven't had a chance to go so I had to buy some Canad...

Electronic Greek Yogurt Maker

by eenie1 5 years ago

Hi all! Does a greek yogurt maker exist that does not require pre-heating and then cooling the milk? In other words, I dump the milk and starter into the machine, turn it on, go on my way, and wh...

Straining yogurt: why not just squeeze the bag?

by glify 5 years ago

I notice most greek yogurt straining instructions say to let the yogurt sit for 2 hours up to 48 hours. Is there any downside to just squeezing the bag to get the liquid whey out? I'm thinking of u...

How do I properly use extracts with yogurt?

by glify 5 years ago

Hi, I'm a newbie to cooking in general. I'm calorie restricting now and have found basic success making my own greek yogurt from skim milk, and adding flavor with Slimma sweeteners. I'm try...

Cinnamon vs Vanilla for a frozen Greek Yogurt

by glify 5 years ago

If you had to choose between these two for a frozen Greek Yogurt, which one would you go with? Do they also tend to work well together? Or are they best used alone?

Prices for Fage Yogurt

by PommeDeGuerre 14 years ago

I was just wondering what prices other people are paying for the 500 g size of Fage unflavored yogurt, at any fat percentage. I currently pay about $7.50, for the 2%, at Bristol Farms in L.A., but...

Goodbye, good old Greek yogurt

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

"...Today, Greek Yogurt accounts for roughly half of all yogurt sales in the United States, which is remarkable considering that it was essentially irrelevant less than a decade ago. But popular...

Greek Gods yogurt: they ought to be ashamed!

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 15 years ago

I bought some Greek Gods yogurt this weekend, hoping for a less expensive substitute for my Fage Total addiction. I did read the label -- the moment I saw the word "pectin" I should have put it ...

Whole foods's organic 2% plain Greek Yogurt

by Monica 6 years ago

I am not sure if this is a new product but this is my favorite Greek yogurt now. It's not as tart and heavy as other Greek yogurt. It's rich, velvety and smooth but still thick.

How do you flavor home-made yogurt?

by Rivilian 6 years ago

I've recently dived head-long into home made yogurt, with great initial success. I now routinely produce a heavy Greek yogurt stiff enough to hold up a spoon. I've been culturing about a half-gallo...

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