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Great Lakes

You can use this tag to discuss food in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio. We also have tags for each of the individual states, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.

Detroit on a Monday Morning

by Donfucious 2 hours ago

Greetings! I'm flying into DTW Monday morning and hanging there until the afternoon. I've been searching for advice o...

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Manistique by Zingerman's Creamery

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 day ago

Manistique is a Jersey cow's milk, bloomy rind soft cheese. Zingerman's wraps it in Savoy cabbage leaves to ripen and...

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Cave-aged Marisa

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

Last month I had tried this cave-aged sheeps milk cheese, Marisa, from Carr Valley in Wisconsin. Quite firm and almos...

Fresh carob pods (looking in IL)

by carole622 10 years ago

Hi, I am looking to buy some carob pods! They are delicious dried and eaten just like that! They taste like candy. ...


josephsherov commented 1 month ago

Dinner in/near Tremont (Cleveland)

by sammyo 2 months ago

Visiting our son and looking for a dinner suggestion. Not fancy but good food, relatively quiet. All cuisines are doa...


kwfoodiewannabe commented 2 months ago

Quark Cheese

by MDK 6 months ago

Is it to be found anywhere in the Metro Detroit area? It's the best used in baking in Aruba. I saw the older posts ...


MDK commented 2 months ago

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French 75 in Ann Arbor?

by JohnnyDeliciously 2 months ago

Any bar/restaurant in Ann Arbor have a French 75 on their menu? Partner wants one for her birthday. Prefers it to be ...

Sir Beef Green Beans from the relish bar? Recipe anyone????

by tallguysmom 8 years ago

There was a Sir Beef restaurant in Evansville Indiana that had a "Help Ye Self" relish bar with Kraut, Pickles, Bee...


sjochim commented 2 months ago

Looking for Shanghai Pork Buns - DTW

by grouper 11 months ago

During a trip to Shanghai in August I think we had Shanghai pork buns at least three times. We loved them, the proces...


gbernwan commented 2 months ago

Asian noodle soup in Detroit area

by mgebs 11 months ago

We had bowls of soup in NYC and really enjoyed it. Is there some place to find same in NW suburbs, or even elsewhere?


gbernwan commented 2 months ago

Hot Pot - DTW

by rainsux 4 months ago

I drove by Indo (Keego Harbor) this morning and noticed hat they offer Hot Pot on Monday’s. Also recall seeing on th...


gbernwan commented 2 months ago

Szechuan Restaurants in South-East Michigan

by ooroger 6 months ago

Can you recommend the a szechuan restaurant in the area between Ann Arbor and Detroit? I was recently in Philly and h...


gbernwan commented 2 months ago

Michigan meat..where to buy farm direct?

by Junebug1975 4 years ago

I live in Michigan and I'm looking to purchase beef, lamb, pork and chicken directly from the farm. Of course I would...


BakerJen10 commented 2 months ago

Boogaloo Sandwich/Sauce @ Chef Greg's Soul -n- The Wall [DTW]

by rainsux 3 years ago

Boagman and I went in search of the seemingly extinct Boogaloo sandwich/sauce ... and I found it at Chef Greg's Soul ...


boagman commented 2 months ago

West Coast of Michigan Restaurant Recs?

by cajungwailo 7 months ago

Going to meander up west Michigan, St Joe to Ludington. I like places that have been open 40 + years. Diners. Supper ...


cajungwailo commented 2 months ago

Where can I find Dromedary Dates?

by Janice Thorne 15 years ago

I live in Cleveland, Ohio and used to love these dates - they were the best in the world! Unfortunately, I haven't se...


GodsGirl1953 commented 2 months ago

Michigan: Spatz bread

by coney with everything 9 years ago

Every time we go Up North, we try to find Spatz bread to bring home as it's not sold around Detroit. If you haven't t...


dagirl922 commented 2 months ago

Mucky Duck-Detroit

by Fritter 9 years ago

Does any one know what happened to Mucky Duck mustard? I can't find the stuff any where. :(


rainsux commented 3 months ago

Dalt's of Worthington, Ohio

by Bobbb 4 months ago

Just reminiscing about a restaurant I worked at in my younger days. Dalt's, a TGIF affiliate, and a very fun place t...


rb614 commented 3 months ago