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Best candy & bakeries in NE Wisconsin (GB/Manitowoc/Fox Valley)

by cookingofjoy 5 years ago

I found this article, and I'm hoping to plan a little road trip visiting some great candy or chocolate shops and bake...


cookingofjoy commented 23 days ago

Arbys Venison

by syrup09 1 month ago

This evening I picked up dinner at Arbys. The people behind the counter were talking about "Venison Steaks." It tur...

rainsux commented 24 days ago

Champaign-Urbana dining in the 1970s

by ddfry3 6 years ago

An article about this appeared in the local paper today with a link to this list of places:


Pacosqueen98 commented 1 month ago

Best Kielbasa/Sausage SE Michigan

by sarochka06 2 months ago

I'm looking for really great, old world kielbasa/sausage. Lived in Ukraine, have never had anything like it. I will s...


medlar commented 1 month ago

Cincinnati - Historic Restaurants

by jordanhamons 5 years ago

I'm finishing up my final semester at UC and I'm currently working on a project about the history of Cincinnati resta...


kfkknit commented 1 month ago

Quark Cheese

by MDK 2 months ago

Is it to be found anywhere in the Metro Detroit area? It's the best used in baking in Aruba. I saw the older posts ...

coney with everything commented 2 months ago

Szechuan Restaurants in South-East Michigan

by ooroger 2 months ago

Can you recommend the a szechuan restaurant in the area between Ann Arbor and Detroit? I was recently in Philly and h...


ooroger commented 2 months ago

Popular Food and Drinks in Indianapolis

by jpc8015 2 months ago

I'm a lifelong Seahawks fan. In my house we have a tradition of preparing a game day meal that is traditional for the...

C. Hamster commented 2 months ago

Wisconsin questions (and Dubuque)

by Joanie 3 months ago

Hi all, I booked a trip for a drive around Wisconsin starting in Milwaukee on the 9/15, Sat. nite in Sheboygan, Sun. ...

Joanie commented 2 months ago

Breakfast in Davison Michigan or within 10 miles

by walkoda 2 months ago

Looking for good service and good food for breakfast. My preference is not a coney joint for breakfast...any suggest...


asiansunshine33 commented 2 months ago

Journal-Sentinel's Best 50 Restaurants of 2017

by shaja 2 months ago


shaja commented 2 months ago

West Coast of Michigan Restaurant Recs?

by cajungwailo 3 months ago

Going to meander up west Michigan, St Joe to Ludington. I like places that have been open 40 + years. Diners. Supper ...

rainsux commented 3 months ago

Doner Kebab withdrawls in Detroit

by workinglunches2 8 years ago

After repeatedly traveling through Germany I find that I miss a good greasy Doner Kebab in Tasche or Durum while in t...

ALPOE commented 3 months ago

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Wisconsin Sends 17,000 Pounds of Cheese to Houston

by MplsM ary 3 months ago

"According to WLOX, about two dozen Wisconsin-based cheese companies and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board have team...

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Ann Arbor 36 hour trip report (aka the Zingerman's tour)

by stuartlafonda 3 months ago

Dropped my daughter off for her senior year, where does the time go. On a food note, we stopped at the President's O...

One great dinner in Petoskey/Harbor area

by lormarluc 3 months ago

Any suggestions? We usually go to Douglas Lake in Pellston. Love Leggs Inn for the view but want to change it up.


sammyo commented 3 months ago

Lunch recommendations for Ann Arbor

by asiansunshine33 4 months ago

I will be in Ann Arbor the third week of August. Looking for recommendations for Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Germa...


freddyeats commented 3 months ago

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2017 Cincinnati Food

by graeli 4 months ago

Taking my foodie 20 year old to my hometown for a few days. We'll be staying in Mt. Lookout, but will travel anywher...

Chicken Manor & their noodles- NE OH

by Camana 3 years ago

While growing up in Kent in the 80's, we used to eat frequently at the now-closed (though I think other locations may...


ttonyd commented 4 months ago

Family Power! - New Burmese in Fort Wayne

by Barry Strugatz 4 months ago

Had a great meal at the new Burmese restaurant Family Power at 5205 Decatur Road (260) 744-2720 Closed Mondays. Phot...


Barry Strugatz commented 4 months ago