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A Lot of White Grapes - Homemade Verjus & Grappa?

by ciaogina 15 years ago

Anyone have any ideas or online resources on making your own homemade grappa? I've read that its dangerous and deadly (bacteria?) but don't know why. Also what about making verjus at home. I've ...

GRAPPA - who has a good selection?

by ipse dixit 15 years ago

Any recs for a restaurant with a wide selection of grappas? I know Tre Venezie has a pretty good list, but it's so overpriced it's ridiculous. Valentino and Zucca come to mind. Any others? ...

PS Grappa

by frittoman 15 years ago

Does anyone know of a liquor store in Park Slope preferably, that has a large selection of Grappa? Thanks, F

Portugese Aguardiente - Grappa at 1/4 the Price

by StriperGuy 16 years ago

I recently had the pleasure of sampling some Portugese Aguardiente at a local restaurant and was impressed by how tasty it was, and what a dead ringer it was for fine Italian Grappa. I suppose Ma...

serving grappa

by gc 17 years ago

received a bottle of grappa from friends who just came back from Italy. I've never had the stuff before. I'm trying to decipher the label with my rusty Italian...should this be drunk slightly chill...

Sambucca and/or Grappa

by Stu Noss 17 years ago

Is it permitted by Florida ordinance to bring after dinner drinks, in a small flask, to restaurants that only have wine and beer licences-if it's OK with the owner ? Can you cite a specific ordinan...

Where can I find Jacopo Poli grappa?

by wlw18 18 years ago

My boyfriend has recently discovered a love of Jacopo Poli grappa (along with other fine examples of the stuff--I can't drink it). I'd like to get hima bottle for the upcoming holidays, but have ha...

Grappa in L.A.

by l.g.i. 18 years ago

Which wine shop has the best Grappa selection in L.A. ? Thanks for the help !

Grappa R.I.P.

by David 18 years ago

I haven't seen mention of this on the board but Grappa Cafe on Court St. has closed and reopened as Parma Jon's-really just a take out fast food place. Probably well done-run by the old owners of ...


by Jakaway 18 years ago

Has anyone heard of Grappa? I'm a waiter in a Dupont restaurant and many of my customers have complained about local latin clubs not serving it. I had thought that Grappa was typically found in M...

Grappa Shop(pa) in East Bay?

by Mr. Eli 18 years ago

My fine bottle of grappa that I've been enjoying by the capful since it went half empty (I guess I'm a pessimist) is about to run out. Wondering who might have a good selection of grappe and/or ea...

Grappa at Babbo

by Pat Hammond 18 years ago

Has anyone tried the grappa tasting menu at Babbo? Were you able to walk out under your own steam afterwards. I really like grappa.


by erica 19 years ago

Will be traveling to Verona/Venice in January (is this a huge mistake, weather-wise???) and am considering a visit to this "charming" hometown of grappa. Has anyone been there and if so, what's t...


by Annespan 20 years ago

Finally made it to two Cobble spots I've had "on my list" for I don't know how long and I really want to put Grappa Cafe back on this board. DELICIOUS and beautifully presented food -- grilled veg...

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