Does anyone like Grappa?

by StriperGuy 19 years ago

I love the stuff. But lots of folks hate it. I understand when they say "pencil leads soaked in grain alcohol," but I just like the taste. Who likes Grappa who hates it? I would love to hear ...

Grappa made from figs?

by baygelldawg 19 years ago

I just heard that in Sicily they make a special grappa from Indian figs. Has anyone heard of such a thing? Does it have a special name? Is it good? Does it taste like figs? I would love to try...


by sidcundiff 7 years ago

What is y'all's favorite brand of grappa? Fred Plotkin says Nonino from Friuli is among the best, and I plan to try it next month.

Grappa - can it be used in baking recipes

by subrosa39 8 years ago

Received a bottle of Grappa which no one here will drink and would like to use it up in baking. I just made a bourbon pecan fruitcake with 2 cups of bourbon. Was tempted to try the Grappa but didn'...

liquore con grappa e mirtillo?

by knalbandian 8 years ago

We were just gifted a wonderful bottle of grappa from an Italian friend and I wanted to learn more about it. I found the following link that translate the little paragraph that is on the front of t...

Grappa '72 (Albany)

by financialdistrictresident 11 years ago

We finally found our way to Grappa '72 (in the former Carmine's location). After recent meals at The Ripe Tomato (popular, family restaurant) and Pennell's (Italian, family restaurant) I appreci...


by Flocante 11 years ago

Anybody know how to get hold of Uruguayan grappamiel(e) short of flying to Uruguay?

Mazzetti grappa

by aventinus 11 years ago

I don't know a whole lot about grappa. I've had it before and it's always seen interesting and distinctive, but harsh. Recently I bought Mazzetti grappas made from arneis and barolo grapes. I fi...


by rindinella_k 13 years ago

Seeing as grappa doesn't have a D.O.P. attached to it, I was wondering are there any grappa producers outside of Italy? What I am ultimately wondering is, are there any grappa producers in the ...

What are the best North American artisanal fruit spirits? Brandy, grappa, and eau de vie?

by JMF 13 years ago

What are the best North American artisanal fruit spirits? Brandy, grappa, and eau de vie? I'm looking for as much info on artisanal North American fruit spirits as I can find. Thanks

Buying and tasting grappa or a good eau de vie in NYC

by corgette 13 years ago

Hi all. I'm looking for somewhere in the city (Manhattan or the boroughs) where I can talk to someone knowledgeable about grappas or some really cool eau de vie. It could either be a bar that had ...

Grappa in Minnesota?

by lotfegirl 13 years ago

Help! I want to send some good Italian grappa to two friends. But I live in California and found out I cannot order it and have it shipped to Minnesota. Can anyone tell me where I can buy Italia...

Wine Shops that sell Grappa in Twin Cities?

by msuspar10 13 years ago

I'm looking for a wine shop in the Twin Cities area that has a good selection of grappa. Any suggestions?

Grappa - ABC store?

by meimei 13 years ago

making a gubana that asks for Grappa, can I find that at any ABC stores? What can I replace it with if I am not able to locae grappa?

Recommendation Request: Friendly Liquor Dealer with Grappa Knowledge!

by akalish 13 years ago

So I've searched the boards and haven't been able to find quite what I'm looking for so I turn to you, dear acolytes. I figured I'd post on the Manhattan board, but if I'd be better served on the ...

great grappa list in SF?

by saradeseran 14 years ago

Can anyone recommend the best place to get a good selection of grappa in SF?


by drewames03 14 years ago

I am going to Italy for my honeymoon. A friend who recently went there suggested I try Grappa. What is it? What do people think?

grappa in Marcella Hazen recipe

by gsElsbeth 14 years ago

I'm making a recipe from one of her cookbooks called "drunken pork" which in addition to one and a half cups of red wine calls for a couple of tablespoons of grappa. Does it matter what kind of br...

Need Grappa Recommendations

by ambrose 14 years ago

I've never been much of a grappa drinker (never found any as good as a couple I had in Venice years ago). Now I need some help in buying a grappa. I belong to a dinner group that is going to a ...