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Now Closed Grand Rapids Restaurant

by elizjean 13 years ago

I have a brain teaser for Chowhound readers... what was the restaurant that used to be next door to The Sierra Room? I went there 7-8 years ago, and it's driving me crazy not remembering the name.....

Grand Rapids, MI Best Mediterranean

by garrysanders 13 years ago

I jumped on Chow Hound looking for dim sum in Grand Rapids and I think I have found a place to try. However, I wanted to put out some information on by far the best mediterranean restaurant in Gra...

Indiana Roadtrip Advice! Cincinnati to Grand Rapids: I-74, IN-9, I-69

by rotary11 13 years ago

Hounds! I'm writing because I've spent some time surfing the midwest boards and while I've found some interesting suggestions, I can't quite find the kind of help I'm looking for. Last year, I ...

Grand Rapids--Did Bay WIndow Bakery go out of business?

by nissenpa 14 years ago

I got my wedding cake here 6 years ago and was hoping to order another when I come back into town this summer. Can't find them on the web any more and the number is disconnected. Does anyone know...

sports bar for boxing in Grand Rapids?

by nfowle 13 years ago

I'm going to be in Grand Rapids, Michigan this weekend and wanted to watch some boxing matches that will be shown on regular (free) HBO. Any bars that might reserve at least one TV for the fights, ...

Lunch in Grand Rapids, MI

by SuperSam30 13 years ago

I am from the other side of the state, but will be in Grand Rapids next weekend for a short time and want to have lunch in the area. It will be my husband and I and our very well behaved 4 year ol...

Yesterdog: Grand Rapids Nostalgia

by WineAboutIt 13 years ago

I lived at Yesterdog as a kid and throughout high school. I was recently reading it was the inspiration for the hog dog join in American Pie (although I've never seen the movie), and it's no wonde...

Grand Rapids, MI Saturday Breakfast/Brunch

by WineAboutIt 13 years ago

Coming to GR this weekend, and I'll be meeting friends for breakfast/brunch on Saturday. Anyone have any good recommendations? Prefer somewhere where we can get a good bloody mary and a full bar...

Recommendations For Grand Rapids

by nielubow 13 years ago

Going to GR this weekend. We've been to San Chez Bistro numerous times and love it but want to try something new. Looking for something in the same pricerange ($80-100) with the similar atmospher...

Restaurant Bloom - Grand Rapids, MI

by G Mo 14 years ago

A friend and I ate at Restaurant Bloom this week. New restaurant on Cherry Street near Diamond. We had a great meal. The tasting menu included such items as salmon belly with tuscan oil and fenn...

Grand Rapids MI, Anything new worth checking out?

porky pine
by porky pine 13 years ago

I haven't been for a couple years and I'm going to be there in a week. I'm wondering if anything new has opened up in the past couple years that I shouldn't miss. My current favorites are San Che...

Sunday dining near GRAM (Grand Rapids, MI)

by mi2ca2mi 13 years ago

I am traveling to the GRAM on Sunday to view the Andy Warhol exhibit and am looking for someplace to eat either prior to or after my visit. Is the GRAM Cafe worthwhile or am I better off dining so...

Grand Rapids Michigan restaurant suggestions

foie gras girl
by foie gras girl 14 years ago

Looking for a great restaurant for lunch. Any suggestions? I am open to any cuisine. We have had lunch at Tre Cugini, Louis Benton, Graydon's Crossing, San Chez, Marie Catrib's, Bombay cuisine. ...

Grand Rapids, MI. Dim Sum

by Mattio67 14 years ago

I was wondering if there were any other options other than the Wei Wei palace. Thanks Matt

Grand Rapids, MI - any new and chow-worthy?

by f_diva 14 years ago

Howdy. I'm making a trip to my old stomping grounds this weekend and am wondering what's new in Grand Rapids. I searched the board and read good things about Bloom, which seems enticing. Any other ...

Onion Rings in Grand Rapids MI (A Lengthy Lament)

by G-Mo 18 years ago

I was inspired the other day by the chowhound post about the "World's Greatest Onion Rings" at some place in Iowa. The author of that brief post communicated a passion for food that many of us sha...

The Sierra Room - Grand Rapids MI

by Matt in Grand Haven 16 years ago

Just wanted to report that I had a great meal at the Sierra Room in downtowm Grand Rapids Saturday night. Started with the seared tuna app. Very good, but not a very big serving. We also had th...

Grand Rapids Michigan

by Tracy 17 years ago

Hey all. I'm looking for a great, elegant but most importantly GREAT restaurant to take my mother in law for a surprise for her 60th birthday. (I'm from Los Angeles and don't have a clue). Thank you.

Need chowish recs for Grand Rapids/Rockford

by tsusan 14 years ago

Our family's headed out for a week visiting inlaws in the GR area. We're looking for inexpensive/moderate places with outstanding fare of any kind: ethnic, diner, BBQ, anything an adventurous omni...

Grand Rapids

by jgoblu 15 years ago

Are there any really great restaurants in GR...food, wine, service?