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Weekday breakfast in Grand Rapids

by SaraPA 9 years ago

Seeing a show at the Meijer Gardens and will spend the night. Looking for a spot for breakfast Mon late morning. We are staying near the airport and will spend the afternoon at the zoo. Already ...

ReLo to Grand Rapids, MI

by MINosher 14 years ago

Hello Fellow Chowhounds, I am going to be relocating from Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids in the next few weeks and would like to hit the ground running with regard to restaurants. I will be living...

Mexican food in Grand Rapids

by pjgoetz 10 years ago

Has anyone checked out the many little very authentic Mexican places around town? I love the tacos at Tacos El Cunado at 1342 Grandville. They have beef, chicken, tongue and head tacos (haven't t...

Anyone know of spots in Downtown Grand Rapids

by ray73 10 years ago

I have to be there for a few days next week and was wondering if anyone knew of some kid friendly eating spots that I shouldn't miss while I am there? Thanks!

Grand Rapids dining

by Chip415 14 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm going to be heading to Grand Rapids in early October for a weekend. What are some of the cant-miss restaurants in town? Thanks!

Grand Rapids Brunch for Sunday

by Rosedale 10 years ago

Anybody have a last minute suggestion for brunch for a large group in downtown Grand Rapids for this Sunday? It's ArtPrize and parking is supposed to be hard to come by, so we're looking for w...

Review of six.one.six (Grand Rapids, MI)

by IndyGirl 10 years ago

We tried this place on a Wednesday night after reading reviews here (mostly very positive, one or two ho-hum). Given the above, I really hope I don't get flamed for this review. I wish I could ...

Review of Hopcat (bar/brewery), Grand Rapids, MI

by IndyGirl 10 years ago

This place was outstanding. As usual, the 'hounds didn't let me down! We went twice in one day, actually. The atmosphere was perfect. They also had these addictive fries fittingly labeled "cra...

Raw Dairy Farm near Ann Arbor or Grand Rapids

by pkafka 10 years ago

Hello, I am driving from Chicago ----> Grand Rapids ------> Ann Arbor tomorrow (Friday), and would like to stop somewhere and pick-up some raw milk! Anyone know of some farms that have a little ...

Northern Indiana (Amish Country) to Ann Arbor via Grand Rapids area- where to eat lunch on a Sunday? [correction--"via Battle Creek area"]

by miabruch 10 years ago

We'll be completing a bike tour near Howe, IN next Sunday in the late morning or early afternoon and then we'll be heading back to Ann Arbor and we'll want to eat lunch on the road. In the small t...

Lansing, Grand Rapids, Royal Oak, & Frankfort area - looking for great chow

by stak 10 years ago

Hound visiting from Montreal in late July...I've tried searching the boards but don't know the area at all so am not finding a whole lot. We'll be staying one night in Lansing so will need dinner &...

Japanese (non-sushi) in Grand Rapids?

by wild onion 11 years ago

Greetings Great Lakes 'hounds! My home board right now is the Southwest, but I grew up in the Lansing area and am back visiting family. My mother will be taking the oath of U.S. citizenship in Gr...

Grand Rapids Restaurant Week Chowmeet

by Wahooty 11 years ago

Hey Western Michigan 'Hounds! This is rather last-minute, but a couple of us are getting together for dinner Saturday night, Nov. 6, at San Chez Bistro to see how the new GR restaurant week is wor...

pizza in Grand Rapids

by feeline 11 years ago

Am looking for a great pizza place near downtown Grand Rapids; don't know the city at all!

Fresh seafood in the Lansing/Grand Rapids/Detroit area?

by LawnWin 11 years ago

I love to cook, but I haven't had any luck finding fresh seafood at any of the local stores. Does anybody know of a place to buy fresh (living) crab? How about fresh fish?

Looking for Real Philly Cheesesteak sandwich in Grand Rapids

by willhike4food 14 years ago

Went to school in Philly back in the 80's and have an incredible craving for a real philly cheesesteak sandwich, but have yet to find anything really good in Grand Rapids, MI. Any recommendations??

Grand Rapids, MI: Italian Bakery and/or Fresh Pierogi?

by tokyo 11 years ago

Hi West Michigan hounds - I'm looking for an Italian bakery, the kind that would have cannoli, Italian cakes, and those crunchy Italian breadsticks. Anywhere in Grand Rapids would be fine. Also, ...

Any good eats between South Bend IN and Grand Rapids MI?

by napolean 11 years ago

Need a place for dinner in the Southwestern part of Michigan. I'm familiar with New Buffalo and the Warren Dunes but is there anything interesting in the area for a nice, casual dinner? Thanks f...

AYCE Sushi in Grand Rapids, MI (?)

by dmbphan041 12 years ago

Anyone have some good recommendations for good, inexpensive sushi in GR? I just said AYCE cause im particularly hungry right now as I type this annnnnnnnnnnnnd GO!!!

El Granjero Grand Rapids

by Mestralle 11 years ago

I happened on this place because of a rather random Google search for something not entirely about food, but after a little research, I sent my husband for takeout, and I have to say we were both i...