Grand Rapids

Desperately seeking Carne Asada Burrito in Grand Rapids, MI

by sdbetten 9 years ago

I grew up in San Diego and now live in GR and am on the hunt for a Carne Asada Burrito!!!! Does anyone know of a good...


bravata13 commented 4 months ago

Southwest Michigan Good Eating

by mericat 10 months ago

Looking for chowhounds to recommend good food in the Grand Rapids Area. Also looking for great food in Harbor Countr...


Markcron commented 10 months ago

Michigan S.W. Region Food Updates?

by VTB 2 years ago

Happy Holidays all. I'm going to be in Grand Rapids for a couple days, with the kid. Willing to travel to Holland, S...


VTB commented 2 years ago

Foodie Dinner in Grand Rapids

by ooroger 2 years ago

Staying at the Amway Grand and looking for ideas on restaurants with innovative cuisine or ideas, within walking dist...

Wahooty commented 2 years ago

Family Owned or Diner type Local Restaurants

by BlueMagic 2 years ago

I am going to be in Grand Rapids this coming week and would like some suggestions for local breakfast and dinner plac...

Wahooty commented 2 years ago

Grand Rapids to Lansing

by salesgirl19 2 years ago

Flying into Grand Rapids and driving to Lansing and then returning back the next day. Looking for a place to dine nea...

nsxtasy commented 2 years ago

Grand Rapids

by ronojo 2 years ago

Any suggestions for a good place to go for dinner not to far from Meijer Gardens?

Wahooty commented 2 years ago

Shopping in Grand Rapids

by Wahooty 7 years ago

Apologies if a similar post already exists, but my searches mostly brought up posts about dining out rather than groc...


RyanS commented 3 years ago

Grand Rapids MI: you're getting a Trader Joe's!

by coney with everything 3 years ago this exciting news, or ...

Wahooty commented 3 years ago

Coming back to Detroit from Grand Rapids...

by boagman 3 years ago

...and I'm wondering if there are any must-try places on the way back for lunch and/or dinner. I'm pretty open cui...


goodfoodyum commented 3 years ago

Grand Rapids -- close to Holiday Inn DTWN on Pearl

by Spot 4 years ago

Tag pretty much asks it. My wife and mother are hanging in GR for one night, would like great eats w/in walking dista...

Wahooty commented 4 years ago

Chez Olga - Eastown/Grand Rapids

by rainsux 4 years ago

Chez Olga is a family owned/operated caribbean restaurant located @ 1441 Wealthy. GREAT flavors. A wide variety o...

Wahooty commented 4 years ago

Foodies Visiting Michigan (Grand Rapids, Central MI, Detroit)

by kagi 5 years ago

A friend has a one-year job in Alma, MI this year, so my wife and I are visiting here there this weekend. We're flyi...


VTB commented 4 years ago

Breakfast / Dinner options in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Holland?

by stefzehn 5 years ago

Hi all! My husband and I are driving up from New Mexico for a conference in Michigan this weekend and are looking ...

nsxtasy commented 5 years ago

Grand Rapids Restaurant Question

by libgirl2 5 years ago

We are planning a trip soon to Grand Rapids and saw there is an Ethiopian restaurant in town. We have been dying to t...

jjspw commented 5 years ago

Grove and Marco's Bistro (Grand Rapids, MI)

by keefgr 5 years ago

I was born and raised in GR and have been frequently harsh on the local dining scene. However, over the last six mon...

Wahooty commented 5 years ago

Grand Rapids MI Recommendations

by AShields82 6 years ago

I'm going to be in Grand Rapids for 2 days and was looking for some recommendations for restaurants and bars. High or...

nsxtasy commented 5 years ago

Downtown Grand Rapids

by macaraca 5 years ago

Attending a conference at the Amway Grand this week and looking for chowworthy recs for inexpensive to moderate break...

Kirs commented 5 years ago

Weekday breakfast in Grand Rapids

by SaraPA 5 years ago

Seeing a show at the Meijer Gardens and will spend the night. Looking for a spot for breakfast Mon late morning. We...

tokyo commented 5 years ago

ReLo to Grand Rapids, MI

by MINosher 10 years ago

Hello Fellow Chowhounds, I am going to be relocating from Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids in the next few weeks and wo...

Wahooty commented 6 years ago