Graduation means parties. Ask Chowhounds about where to celebrate, plus discuss dishes and entertaining tips for throwing graduation parties.

The Best Gifts for Grads Who Love Good Food

While graduation ceremonies have been suspended, cancelled, or moved online for millions of students this year, you'll still want to mark the special occasion. These gifts for grads come in a range...

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Graduation Celebration Dinners for 15 People - Downtown Montreal

by PrometheusOnFire 5 years ago

Usually our two person visits to Montreal include dinners at The Tuck Shop and Joe Beef - that kind of quality is difficult to duplicate in our home town of Ontario...This trip, however, is a two n...

Graduation dinner Nova Southeastern University

by RMM17 5 years ago

Hello, I am looking for a restaurant for dinner after a graduation being held at Nova (high school graduation). Because of traffic I thought of staying north of Nova University instead of going sou...

Post Graduation Lunch

by miltronix 5 years ago

We're looking for a place to celebrate my brother's med school graduation and he said he heard Estia is a good place to go for Sunday lunch around 1 or 2 pm. I haven't seen too many reviews on Esti...

Graduation Open House - How much to make?

by randriunas 5 years ago

I'm having a graduation open house for my daughter and she chose Asian food so I am making Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Orange Chicken and ordering in Lo Mein. I'm trying to figure out how much to make f...

College Commencement Speakers from the food world

by eatingjoy 5 years ago

http://www.graduationwisdom.com/speeches/2014-commencement-speakers-graduation-list-announced.htm Have you experienced a commencement speech or attended a graduation where the speaker was a part...

Newark, NJ restaurants suitable for family dinner with Granny / Prudential graduation

by OhRubyJean 5 years ago

Hi, I know this is a bit late - but can anyone recommend a restaurant where I can take a family of 10 adults for dinner before a graduation ceremony at the Prudential....tonight (5/15/2015). I have...

Need graduation cake?

by mcel215 5 years ago

Near Woburn, Winchester or Stoneham. A friend recommended Costco. I checked Wegman's and they have them too. But, don't know if a bakery around me would be better. Thanks.

Cheap Graduation Dinner?

by kyraboo 5 years ago

My mother has tasked me with finding a "reasonably priced" restaurant for my little brother's Tulane graduation dinner. The problem is that my parents' definition of reasonably priced is entrees un...

post-graduation dinner for 8 in Summit area

by baconbitgirl 5 years ago

Looking for a place in the Summit, Madison, Morristown area that is wheelchair-accessible and has a private room for a celebratory post-graduation dinner at the end of the month (after memorial day...

Restaurant for Luncheon Post Haverford Graduation

by Bill503 5 years ago

We'll be coming down from Boston for the Haverford graduation and are looking for a nice, reasonably priced restaurant for a luncheon after the ceremonies. We'll be a group of 8-10. A friend sugges...

Need rec for lunch near USC

by gbeats 5 years ago

We are planning a trip to LA for my daughters graduation and need a place for a nice graduation lunch that is close to the USC campus. Also if there are any good places to dine near LAX as we will ...

Post-graduation lunch in Shreveport

by mtbwustl 5 years ago

I'd like to plan a post-graduation lunch next Saturday for about 10 people. Open Table is not helpful at all, and I'm struggling to find info about good restaurants in Shreveport. I'd appreciate an...

How do I freeze pulled pork without ruining the texture and/or flavor. Also how do I defrost it correctly?

by katiealu 5 years ago

I am preparing 60 pounds of pulled pork for my son'e graduation party. I only have one oven so I want to start cooking it soon and freeze it until the event. Any tips???

UMD graduation help--restaurant in Brookland?

by cej8 5 years ago

I am graduating from the University of MD in May. I just found out my sibling is not coming to the dinner I planned months ago. I now--at the last minute--have to figure out how to accommodate a...

Graduation cake

by Michelle1201 5 years ago

I live in Minneapolis and am looking for a cake for my son's graduation party. I'm thinking 40-50 people, so probably 1/2 sheet. I've been looking at Wedge Co-op and Byerly's but looking for other ...

Restaurant in Pittsburgh for U of Pitt graduation

by ippchris 5 years ago

I'm looking for a restaurant in Pittsburgh that would be good for a post-graduation party with about 12 to 15 people. It doesn't have to be in Oakland where the University is, but we don't want to ...

Graduation dinner for Syracuse University

by robertalaredo 5 years ago

My son is graduating from Syracuse University this May. We have eaten at a number of restaurants in Syracuse over the past four years haven't not found any "Chow" and celebration worthy food. Can a...

Pepe's New Haven, Yale Graduation Weekend

by DGresh 5 years ago

Kiddo is graduating, and we have restaurant reservations for Saturday and Monday nights, but thought that it might be nice to get take out for Sunday and sit around the room and drink lots of wine ...

Need a place for college graduation lunch

by shesallthat 5 years ago

Daughter is graduating Rowan. We will be about 10. Someone suggested Franklin Ville Inn but it doesn't open till 4:30 and we will have hours to kill doing nothing from ceremony until meal. My ...

Help please - Need restaurant for small high school graduation celebration

by laylag 5 years ago

Westchester ch'er posting for friend. They are are thinking about having a small get together for family and friends to celebrate a high school graduation. Looking for great food but on the health...