Graduation means parties. Ask Chowhounds about where to celebrate, plus discuss dishes and entertaining tips for throwing graduation parties.

12 Millennial Pink Recipes That Will Be the Star of Every Party

If you've (or someone you know) has held up a camera to take a photo of their food, chances are likely that you've also rocked one of the most basic trends to come from our enviably bold and too-proud...

Outdoor Dining for Group of 20

by pollam20 6 months ago

We are looking to host a graduation party for a group of twenty Saturday or Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend and are having a hard time finding a venue that suits our needs. We are looking to ...

French or Italian upscale restaurants near University of Pittsburgh

by meshfoodlvr 2 years ago

Looking for suggestions for upscale restaurants to take my college grad to dinner with family (total of 10) after Pitt graduation at end of April 2020. Must rely on uber/lyft for transportation....

Graduation Dinner - Providence, Rhode Island

by northxnortheast 1 year ago

Help ! (Please). Need to find a nice venue that can accommodate 20 people or so for a nice graduation dinner. Needs to be wheelchair-friendly. We have tried a few places and they either have a lot ...

Graduation lunch in Long Beach

by Udagirl12 2 years ago

Good Morning, My son will be graduating from CSULB in a few weeks, and I would like to get suggestions for a restaurant in Long Beach or near by cities for lunch after the ceremony. I do not live ...

Graduation Party Menu and Quantities

by sandyinmd 4 years ago

Hi Everyone, I am planning my daughter's graduation party menu. Right now it looks like there will be about 30 people with a few extra kids that don't eat much. Here is the menu so far: Buf...

Graduation Party - please help with menu planning!

by jerseyjanice 4 years ago

We are having a high school graduation party for our son. It will be on a Sunday from 3pm - 8pm. We expect most people will drop in and stay for an hour or two. Our close friends will stay longe...

Peninsula recs for Graduation Dinner

by foodgirl 4 years ago

A group of us are going to take a mentee out for a special graduation (from university) dinner and I'd love recommendations in the San Mateo - Burlingame area. There will be 7 of us, food quality ...

Stereotypic Texan/Austin Menu for Graduation party

by Epchan 4 years ago

Planning my son's HS graduation party. He is going to UT Austin (from Chicago, IL) and I'd like to serve some "typical" Texan/Austin food at his party (at the pool/grill). Expecting about 100 peo...

Special Graduation dinner--not frou frou

by SueFH 5 years ago

Yes, it's early. But my daughter heard The Top of the Hub is "the" place for graduations and I'm guessing it's a typical "nice view meh food tourist trap" like the 95th Floor in Chicago. She book...

Graduation Lunch in Boston

by allimeon 5 years ago

I'm graduating on a Friday morning in May and looking to plan a late lunch afterwards around 2:00 pm. Our party with be around 8 (maybe 10) people. I know there are a few existing posts about gra...

Former Empire Szechuan delivery boy living the dream

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

"Proud father of newly graduated Jacqueline Xu '16 reflects on his past and celebrates his daughter's accomplishments. #barnard2016 #classof2016 #barnard" Watch the video and get out your hanky.

Hip Graduation Dinner?

by emiliewasmyeve 5 years ago

Chicago foodies coming to Nashville to take our SIL and fam out to dinner for college graduation. Wanna do something that will appeal to our hip 20-something SIL, who has eaten a lot of great meals...

Tulane graduation lunch (superdome area)

by rkaene 9 years ago

Any suggestions for a great lunch? There will be a delay between ceremonies ( 11-2). To allow for a lunch break. Note this is on a Sat in May.

DC Graduation Lunch/Brunch

by smaibor01 5 years ago

My daughter graduates AU on 5/7 at 7pm. So dinner is out. Need a place for 8 people around 2pm to give us time to have a nice meal but doesn't have to be fine dinning and get to the school for ...

Graduation dinner - Eagle Rock and surrounding area

by hsiaoj 5 years ago

Our family is attending graduation in mid May and would love recs for restaurants suitable for a festive graduation dinner. We've already sampled the classics in Eagle Rock - Senor Fish, Cafe Bea...

Boston Graduation Dinner

by jsl_nyc 5 years ago

Looking for a restaurant that can absorb 14 people for a May graduation dinner - but is quiet enough that the grandparents can hear the conversation. Somerville area ideal, but we'd go into Boston...

Stereotypical Atlanta Foods for party

by Epchan 6 years ago

Planning my daughter's graduation. She will be going to Emory University Oxford College, from Chicago. I'd like to serve some "typical" Atlanta/souther food at her graduation party (at the pool/g...

May Graduation Dinner with elderly grandparents

by Denise E 6 years ago

Any suggestions for a quiet but delicious graduation dinner anywhere from Cambridge to Boston?? Thinking steak or seafood - somewhere celebratory but with a room you can hear in (is that possible ...

Sunday Lunch Recommendation in Oakland/Berkeley

by boghollow7 6 years ago

We are looking for a great restaurant for lunch after HS graduation. We will be a party of six. We want something comfortable with good food. If Chez Panisse were open on Sunday it would be our ...

Nice early Sunday dinner in Palo Alto, plus transportation help

by Glencora 6 years ago

This is really a two part question. I need help coming up with a nice place in Palo Alto for a graduation dinner for 7 or 8 people (possibly 9) on Sunday June 14th on the early side, 5PM, though we...