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Chowhound Christmas Gift Guide 2020: The Best Gourmet Food & Drink Gifts

Fall is still fairly young, and you have plenty of time left to do your Christmas shopping, right? Well, maybe. But if you're shopping online this year, you can probably expect longer shipping times...

Where to find Chile mije/mixe aka the Oaxacan pastilla in Mexico City?

by shescheeky 2 years ago

Hi, New husband and I are traveling to Mexico City in a few weeks. I'm an avid home cook and was hoping you kind and knowledgable folks would know where to find the elusive Chile mije/mixe aka th...

Where to find Gourmet Salts?

by ldubosky 3 years ago

First post here! My sister is starting a gourmet salt collection, and I’m soon traveling to London— so I was wondering if there are any interesting places to pick up some cool/unique sea salt or ...

Where to buy high quality caviar?

by Buzzy2 4 years ago

I have had the opportunity to eat many types of Russian caviar over the years, primarily Beluga, Sevruga and Ossetra. I've had a lot of caviar in NYC at Petrossian, Caviar Russe and Caviarteria in...

Duck Confit in Denver?

by Cowprintrabbit 4 years ago

Hi, I will be in Denver the first week of January and would like to cook for the family I am staying with. Is there a good butcher that does their own duck confit?

Gourmet Walnut Gift Tin Help!

by aw1338 4 years ago

Hi! I'm trying to find these walnuts that my boyfriend was gifted once and loved. It was an assortment of different types of walnuts, some covered in chocolate, sugar, etc., in a gift tin and the o...

A belated hello from Cornwall, England

by Newlyn_Tinning 4 years ago

Hi all. As you may of seen, this is not my first post, but after trawling the site for the last few days & not finding a specific section to say hello, I thought I would do it here. Hope this is ...

Primer for David Brooks' Gourmet Sandwich

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Didn't have to wait long for the internet to respond to this paragraph in David Brooks' recent column: "Recently I took a friend with only a high school degree to lunch. Insensitively, I led her...

Calgary....Any Good Gourmet Food Stores

by Sunny 18 years ago

Hi! Does anyone know of any gourmet food stores in Calgary? I heard that Debajis was good but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Any idea why?

Good quality fresh pasta in GTA (N of TO, in TO)

by itryalot 5 years ago

Looking where to buy some good fresh pasta (stuffed noodles and papparedelle, etc.) in the GTA. Will be not in the downtown area this time, but wouldn't mind having a list from which to choose depe...

Goodbye Epicure Imports, Hello Epicurus Gourmet. Or is it...

by nikkib99 5 years ago

After making plans to visit Epicure Imports last year, I was heartbroken to learn they had closed down. Well, the smile is back on after receiving an email that the former employees have started a ...

Eataly location in Toronto confirmed for 2017 (partnership with Weston Family)

by ylsf 5 years ago

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/weston-family-bringing-italys-eataly-to-canada-joining-upscale-food-trend/article29690167/ No location announced yet but rumours in Yorkville ar...

Gourmet and More (SF) Open or Closed?

by TerriL 6 years ago

There have been a few threads mentioning that Gourmet and More has closed/not closed. Can anyone confirm the status? I've tried calling and gotten an answering machine. I'm hoping they were just cl...

Millwood A&P finally gets a replacement

Tasting a delicious sandwich during my lunch time at La Fromagerie !

by ophelie 5 years ago

As a young student doing an internship in the Dog Patch, I was looking for eating something which was not hamburgers, mexican food or chinese food... I was so complicated. But after a 5min walk, ...

How do you define "gourmet"?

by ipsedixit 9 years ago

When someone says this is a "gourmet meal" or this is "gourmet food" what exactly is the criteria? Is it just about expensive ingredients? Or does the technique or process in preparation play a...

Conte's Deli, Delray Beach

by LifeisGood58 6 years ago

Excellent new deli/gourmet market on 2nd Ave. in Pineapple Grove. Fabulous prepared foods, sandwiches, cheeses, homemade soups, pasta, etc., etc. Finally a place where you can pick up yummy foo...

Ft. Meyers

by zook 6 years ago

Heading to Ft. Meyers for Labor Day weekend. Looking for recommendations for lunch and dinner spots ranging from hole in the wall to white linen so long as the food is good. Open to any type of c...

A Southern Season - Raleigh location

by meatn3 6 years ago

This location opened in June. I had been curious how the original would translate to a much smaller foot print and finally had a chance to check it out. I was especially hopeful they would carry a ...

Mystic Market - Mystic CT Gourmet Foods

by DonShirer 6 years ago

The "East" incarnation of a well-established Mystic purveyor recently opened in the old Pat's Kountry Kitchen site. They have a clean mid-sized eating area, a butcher/deli counter and a line of re...