Chowhound Gift Guide 2019: Best Gifts for Your Cheesy Friend

We all have that friend—the turophile who raves about the nutty, creamy nuances of the latest Manchego or Bucheron. Maybe it's you. Or it could be your work-wife. Your boss. Your bestie from college...

Why is my Gouda blue?

by AmySowder 3 years ago

I have this Smurf-blue colored lavender-infused Gouda cheese I got at a farmer's cheese shop in the city of Gouda, South Holland. Does anyone know why it's so blue or what makes it blue? I'm hoping...

Cheesemonger in Sherman Oaks

by paranoidgarliclover 4 years ago

On Monday, I was foiled. I would NOT be defeated today (and I wasn't, despite some a$$hole drivers on the 101, as usual). What a lovely place. The owners are super-friendly and (not surprisin...

Which Dutch cheese is best for melting in my baked penne?

by JDAWG 4 years ago

Hello Chowhounders, In a few days I will be making a baked pasta dish with roasted eggplant, peppers, and sausage, in a light tomato sauce, plus an internal layer, and a topping of melted cheese...

Interesting thing I heard about super-aged Gouda

by nooodles 13 years ago

So my friend remembers a cheese from when she went to Wellesley. Maybe other hounds can help me out... It was an aged Gouda. She says it was aged for something like three years. The most distinct...

What kinds of cheeses do not require refrigeration?

by zainab13 9 years ago

On a layover in Amsterdam a few years ago, I toured a Gouda cheese factory. The cheesemaker told us authentic Gouda should not be refrigerated. I bought some to take home with me and never refrig...

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