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Best value Kyoto kaiseki for lunch

by arturchik 10 hours ago

I've read through the board, but having a hard time finding a lot of discussions about kaiseki lunch. I am hoping co...


teriyakichi commented 10 hours ago

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Change in Senior Discount at Russo's

by SuzieCK 1 month ago

An update on Russo's Senior Discount Policy. They used to offer a 20% discount to seniors one day a week. Now they've...

Good Lunch Value with Vegetarian Options?

by JBG89 5 months ago

Hello All, I wanted to see if there are any recommendations for a good value lunch meal for a family of 5, with on...

Robb S commented 5 months ago

The Best Value Tasting Menu in Toronto is in Scarborough

by jjmellon 6 months ago

I've been lucky enough to try several of the well known tasting menus in Toronto over the past few years -- Colborne ...

estufarian commented 6 months ago

Patrician lunches at plebian prices - list

by polishjeweatswonderbread 11 months ago

or, The highest level of Chowfinds. These places are much better than just good grub at a good price. I would take s...


pourboi commented 10 months ago

Recommend Place for Brunch in Tacoma

by CarlysMom1996 1 year ago

Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to ChowHound and hoping to get some help. This coming weekend, I'm visiting my daughter....


CarlysMom1996 commented 1 year ago

Good Value Chicago Restaurants of the day

by shark bait 3 years ago

We will be in Chicago for 3 days on Labour Day weekend. We are looking for good value, fun, interesting food spots. W...

nsxtasy commented 1 year ago

Restaurants near Rue Montorgueil?

by rschwim 1 year ago

I'll be staying on Rue Montorgueil just south of Rue Etienne Marcel for a few days at the beginning of April! Any rec...

John Talbott commented 1 year ago

Best deals in Boston for 2016

by Torolover 1 year ago

Lots of changes coming for 2016. What are the best deals in Boston right now? TW Food has 5 courses for $49 on We...

Allstonian commented 1 year ago

Kyoto/Osaka Best Value Michelin Starred Restaurants

by JBG89 1 year ago

Hello All, I'll be visiting Kyoto / Osaka and wanted to ask the board what your thoughts are on the best value mea...


Bu Pun Su commented 1 year ago


by Apprentice 2 years ago

For a fine Japanese/French style dining experience, I highly recommend you put Yunaghi on your to-dine list. $80 for...


Apprentice commented 1 year ago

Best value at a high-end sushi spot in Tokyo?

by stark_knight_rises 1 year ago

I've been saving up all my life for this and I'm finally making my first trip to Japan at the end of October! While ...


CaLBeaR1227 commented 1 year ago

Barcelona - Good lunch spot near CaixaForum/MNAC?

by Rumbaba 1 year ago

Recommendations for a good value lunch near Caixa Forum/MNAC appreciated. I know that Nectari is nearby, but Trip...


Rumbaba commented 1 year ago

Modan Artisanal Ramen

by oniontears 2 years ago

This South Pasadena eatery soft opened in the Bristol Farms plaza a few weeks back, but had their official grand open...

barryc commented 1 year ago

Interesting or fun or can't miss or just a good value?

by TerminalGlutenAllergy 1 year ago

First, a thanks to the board. Everyone's contributions over the years have greatly improved many Vegas trips for me....


Dave Feldman commented 1 year ago

Xi'An Cuisine (Deptford, London)

by usualsuspect 3 years ago

A new Chinese restaurant has opened a week or so ago next to Deptford bridge DLR station: Xi’an Cuisine Restaurant. ...


JimGrinsfelder commented 1 year ago

Chicken and Rice Guys

by Carty 2 years ago

OK I did a search and did come up with much recent except references in more general food truck threads. I like th...

Boston_Otter commented 2 years ago

Best Breakfast in LA?

by kerbear04 10 years ago

Hello. I'm looking for great breakfast spots anywhere in the LA area. Good food, atmosphere, and value. What would...

paranoidgarliclover commented 2 years ago

Big Bend Area- Terlingua, Marfa... best food on the cheap.

by seedroller 2 years ago

Probably should post on the TX list, but it seems inactive. Trip from KC to visit cousin in Austin starting 7/8 and ...


Khotso98 commented 2 years ago

Need dining ideas in Oslo

by bechamelmacho 6 years ago

Good evening hounds...I will be in Oslo for one week (piggybacking with the wife who is attending a conference), and ...


gabandgobble commented 2 years ago