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Good Value

Good Place for a San Diego Group Dinner around $25 per person

by pvanhalsema 5 days ago

I'm from the Bay Area but will be leading a group 2- day training meeting downtown San Diego in February. We are on a...


wanker commented 4 days ago

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Feb 2, 2019 Annual Slavonic Festival at St. Thomas Church Rahway NJ

by maryann2150 6 days ago

The parish family of St. Thomas the Apostle Byzantine Catholic Church invites all to attend their 32nd Annual Slavoni...

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Aunt Momo's catering | Sonoma

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Aunt Momo's Wine Country Ranch Cooking launched a catering service last month. Chef Mara Roche named her business Aun...

Guahan Grill in Oceanside

by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

Last week my friends in Oceanside joined me for a first visit for all of us to the original location of Guahan Grill....

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 7 months ago

Eating healthy @ mohegan sun

by Joeflo416 1 year ago

Hey fellow foodies, I visit mohegan sun alot, I usually stay a couple nights when I visit, I usually eat at the summe...


BiscuitBoy commented 1 year ago

Where to Eat? Ocean City, MD

by vacationer 1 year ago

Hi friends. I have been vacationing in OCMD for the past 3 or 4 years and sadly we always have the worst food. I li...


RaeJ commented 1 year ago

$20 pp: Cheap Eats in Vegas!

by 8Gr8N8 1 year ago

Unless I'm mistaken, it's been the better part of a decade since there's been an update on this board for cheap eats ...


LVI commented 1 year ago

Best value Kyoto kaiseki for lunch

by arturchik 1 year ago

I've read through the board, but having a hard time finding a lot of discussions about kaiseki lunch. I am hoping co...


tanseaway commented 1 year ago

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Change in Senior Discount at Russo's

by SuzieCK 2 years ago

An update on Russo's Senior Discount Policy. They used to offer a 20% discount to seniors one day a week. Now they've...

Good Lunch Value with Vegetarian Options?

by JBG89 2 years ago

Hello All, I wanted to see if there are any recommendations for a good value lunch meal for a family of 5, with on...

Robb S

Robb S commented 2 years ago

The Best Value Tasting Menu in Toronto is in Scarborough

by jjmellon 2 years ago

I've been lucky enough to try several of the well known tasting menus in Toronto over the past few years -- Colborne ...


estufarian commented 2 years ago

Patrician lunches at plebian prices - list

by polishjeweatswonderbread 2 years ago

or, The highest level of Chowfinds. These places are much better than just good grub at a good price. I would take s...


pourboi commented 2 years ago

Recommend Place for Brunch in Tacoma

by CarlysMom1996 3 years ago

Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to ChowHound and hoping to get some help. This coming weekend, I'm visiting my daughter....


CarlysMom1996 commented 3 years ago

Good Value Chicago Restaurants of the day

by shark bait 5 years ago

We will be in Chicago for 3 days on Labour Day weekend. We are looking for good value, fun, interesting food spots. W...


nsxtasy commented 3 years ago

Restaurants near Rue Montorgueil?

by rschwim 3 years ago

I'll be staying on Rue Montorgueil just south of Rue Etienne Marcel for a few days at the beginning of April! Any rec...

John Talbott

John Talbott commented 3 years ago

Best deals in Boston for 2016

by Torolover 3 years ago

Lots of changes coming for 2016. What are the best deals in Boston right now? TW Food has 5 courses for $49 on We...


Allstonian commented 3 years ago

Kyoto/Osaka Best Value Michelin Starred Restaurants

by JBG89 3 years ago

Hello All, I'll be visiting Kyoto / Osaka and wanted to ask the board what your thoughts are on the best value mea...


Bu Pun Su commented 3 years ago


by Apprentice 4 years ago

For a fine Japanese/French style dining experience, I highly recommend you put Yunaghi on your to-dine list. $80 for...


Apprentice commented 3 years ago

Best value at a high-end sushi spot in Tokyo?

by stark_knight_rises 3 years ago

I've been saving up all my life for this and I'm finally making my first trip to Japan at the end of October! While ...


CaLBeaR1227 commented 3 years ago

Barcelona - Good lunch spot near CaixaForum/MNAC?

by Rumbaba 3 years ago

Recommendations for a good value lunch near Caixa Forum/MNAC appreciated. I know that Nectari is nearby, but Trip...


Rumbaba commented 3 years ago