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Cheese in China has a long history – made with buffalo, yak, goat’s, cow’s and sheep’s milk, and everywhere from Taiwan to Tibet and 16th century Shan

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Cheesemaking is not something I've associated with China's culinary or medicine traditions. So this article was fascinating to me.

Alternative Feta for Yotam Ottolenghi's Baked Minty Rice with Feta, Olive and Pomegranate

by MSK 7 months ago

BA’s editor’s blog rates this as her Go-to potluck dish! From his Simple cookbook, I agree that it is easy to prepare, interesting to taste, lovely to look at and not difficult to produce consisten...

Raw milk in Lisbon

by hlegaux 8 years ago

Hi I live in the Cascais area. I am looking for organic raw cow or goat milk. I am from California so I am used to finding it. Does anyone know if it is even allowed to be sold here?

12/3 Cheese Chat with Reggie Jones of Central Coast Creamery (Zoom)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" Join us for a fun and informative discussion with Reggie Jones of Central Coast Creamery. We will discuss their award-winning products, seasonal offerings, and more! Bring any questions you may h...

Fromagerie Sophie, San Luis Obispo

by kelvin_of_ranard 1 year ago

Several years back, on a lark, we met Sophie at a Paso Robles wine tasting event and sampled several of her cheeses. I was not a “cheese fan” at the time and was nervous due to the powerful smells...

Liquidy Homemade yogurt - "incubation" issue?

by lisaleira 3 years ago

I recently got a ton of delicious raw goat milk and as I'll be going away for a few weeks, I thought I'd make some yogurt and kefir. The kefir is still plugging away (grains from "Kefir Lady") and ...

Do I have a problem with my goat's milk?

by DEmmich 3 years ago

If I leave my goat's milk in the mason jars (in the refrigerator) for a day or two, when pouring the milk out, I notice at the bottom of the jars, a cream like film. Should I be concerned? It doe...

Adding a “kick” to Kunik

by DonShirer 3 years ago

Five years ago in a thread here about Triple Cream cheeses, I mentioned Kunik, a delicious award-winning soft cheese that is soft blend of goat milk and cow cream by Nettle Meadow Farm in the Adir...

Briar Rose Creamery @ Portland Farmers Market at PSU

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Having tasted the velvet-textured, grassy Classic Chevre by Briar Rose Creamery of Dundee, OR at Whole Foods https://www.chowhound.com/post/cascadia-creamery-organic-raw-milk-cheeses-washington-107...

What to do with hard aged goat cheese

by j123jam 4 years ago

I was recently in Paris and I wanted to bring home cheese, but soft cheeses were a no-go in part because I was going to be traveling without consistent refrigeration for another week. A French frie...

Where can I find goat milk besides Meyenberg brand?

by FoodieFan123 3 years ago

The only goat milk I've been able to find at health food stores in the River North/Loop area is Meyenberg brand which is ultra-pasteurized. I want to make homemade goat milk kefir and apparently ul...

Where to buy goat's milk?

by alil 4 years ago

Does anyone know where you can buy goat's milk near Nashville? The closest farm I could find was in Georgia, and that's just a bit too far. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!

I present my cheese maker!

by TJFRANCE 5 years ago

Are you interested for me to present you from time to time a cheese sheet of my cheese maker? It would be a small translation of his presentation with a photo as in this example: cheese name : ...

Stores with goat milk products

by FoodieFan123 5 years ago

Are there any stores that specialize in goat milk products? I saw that Whole Foods only has goat yogurt. Trader Joe's has goat yogurt, goat milk, and a few goat cheese products. But are they are an...

ISO Portugese fresh goats' milk cheese (queijo de cabra)

by dmarg 5 years ago

Hi folks, I have become addicted to the Portugese fresh cheese (Santa Maria brand) you find at Segal's or Marché SA et fils. Although I am happy to go out of my way to buy some, I would like to ...

Name the Chèvre, please

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

My friend returned from a week near Bergerac last night. His hosts heard that he favors chèvre au lait cru and surprised him by scouring the countryside to find every variation in on hand. He gifte...

Goat milk...with chunks?

by bluemoon4515 11 years ago

So I purchased a quart of goat milk at the farmer's market today. It is pasteurized but not homogenized. Tonight I went into the kitchen to drink some. I shook the bottle (even though it's not r...

Raw Goat Milk Ideas

by Mars10 6 years ago

We recently found ourselves in the wonderful position of milking our own Nigerian goats - What an experience! The milk is sweet and incredibly rich - reminiscent of cream or at least half and half....

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