Our 15 Favorite International Potato Recipes

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

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What to serve with gnocchi?

by ladooShoppe 10 years ago

I am hosting a girls night for 8 in a couple weeks. All the girls want to try my homemade gnocchi. So I am making gnocchi in sage and brown butter sauce but am stumped as to what I can serve it wit...

Can I make this gnocchi verde recipe in advance?

by tcamp 7 years ago

I'd like to make them through the boiling step, then cover and broil a few hours later. Any problems that you see? https://food52.com/recipes/33091-gnocchi-verde-spinach-and-ricotta-dumplings

Missing the Angeli Gnocchi

by Clyde 7 years ago

So my SO tried making it at home and it was close but not quite right. Is there anywhere in LA that serves a ricotta gnocchi similar to Angeli? I miss it so much.

Homemade Gnocchi at Restaurants

by littlecmad 7 years ago

I'm really craving a nice homemade gnocchi dinner in Philadelphia or the suburbs but not the traditional kind, that are just served with sauce. Anybody have any recommendations?

Best gnocchi and veal chop in Manhattan

by adams728 7 years ago

This is kind of a two parter. My dad loves both gnocchi and a nice veal chop. I was wondering which restaurants excel at either or both of these.

Best Gnocchi recipe?

by beggsy 13 years ago

I am going to make gnocchi today - I have a great basic recipe for the dough but would love to know your favourite sauces to serve with it.. thanks!

Lombardy's ultrasimple pumpkin gnocchi

by eatzalot 8 years ago

In searching past pumpkin-gnocchi mentions here, I didn't see mention of this type of recipe, so I'll ask here if anyone has experience with it. Even if you don't, you might share my interest in t...

Gnocchi in Oakland area?

by MaryCath 8 years ago

Any really good gnocchi close to Oakland? Just had the best ever at Bella Roma Ristorante in Capitola and would like to find something closer. Also any gnocchi making classes in the Bay Area?

Homemade gnocchi…egg or no egg?

by skippy66 8 years ago

I want to make gnocchi at home. Some recipes I've read call for eggs and some are egg free. Is one way better than the other or are they just different?

pan fried gnocchi - anyone tried it?

by lettuce 15 years ago

I had an idea (although I'm sure I saw it somewhere) to take gnocchi, cook it, then pan fry it to get it a little crispy. Anyone ever done this before? Results?

What should I serve with sweet potato gnocchi in sage butter?

by daislander 8 years ago

I want to try making a sweet potato gnocchi with sage butter tomorrow for my moms bday. What would go with it as a protein? I thought a deconstructed turkey dinner would be fun. But am thinking abo...

HELP! Troubleshooting Gnocchi...

by Juniper 10 years ago

So I tried to make gnocchi tonight... I had about 1 kg of potatoes cooked and mashed. Added a 1/2 cup of flour and one egg. Mixed it all together. It failed to really resemble a doughy mass, ...

PLEASE I need frozen ravioli and gnocchi!!

by DianaIL 8 years ago

Heading to the All Italian Market and Deli in Orlando today. I live in Melbourne, but I have to go to see if they sell frozen ravioli, gnocchi, fresh pepperoni, etc. I moved down here 6 months ag...

Spinach Gnocchi at Casanova

by JENNYBEEAY 8 years ago

Has anyone ever replicated the spinach gnocchi dish from Casanova in Carmel? It is a lick-your-plate-clean dish. I would love to get a recipe is anyone has one...

Pumpkin Gnocchi for Thanksgiving - Recipe I can freeze

by Fiona 8 years ago

I have a beautiful pumpkin that is reported to be the preferred type for making gnocchi. I would like to make pumpkin gnocchi for Thanksgiving but I want to make it ahead of time and freeze it. Wil...

Quality gnocchi in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens

by DanteAl 8 years ago

I would like to enjoy a plate of homemade gnocchi for dinner (possibly al ragu', but I'm flexible). I like nice, fluffy light gnocchi as opposed to the heavy/dense variety. Any suggestions?

In Rome will you only find gnocchi on a menu on Thursdays?

by dwctravels 8 years ago

We have a dinner reservation at Roscioli on a Tuesday and Armando al Pantheon on a Wednesday, will we find gnocchi on the menu or should we change either to a Thursday? Thanks!

Where to find Bartenura (or other kosher) Gnocchi?

by PotatoPuff 8 years ago

I'm looking for Bartenura Gnocchi on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. I know it is available online but only in cases of 12. I'm open to trying other brands of shelf stable gnocchi as well (not ...

Gnocchi in Rome

by alpolow 8 years ago

I've read all about Thursdays at L'Arcangelo being the best for gnocchoi. Unfortunately I won't be the city on a Thursday. What's another option for delicious and memorable gnocchi?

Best gnocchi in Chicago?

by dag16 14 years ago

Hi all, so, I'm curious as to everyone's favorite gnocchi here in Chicago. I've been here almost three years now, and I still haven't found anything to write home about. Thoughts? Thanks! David