Our 15 Favorite International Potato Recipes

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

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Gnocchi Question

by kjhart 19 years ago

I'm planning to make potato gnocchi for the first time this weekend (as I am convinced that I can make them better than the little leaden blobs my local italian place serves). I looked at several ...

Good place to buy homemade gnocchi

by Paulette 19 years ago

I want to make gnocchi this weekend, but don't want to buy tough, heavy lumps. Who in Seattle makes good, light gnocchi? Does DeLaurenti's make their own? Thanks in advance.

Best gnocchi we've ever had...

by Jeff Pillet-Shore 19 years ago

As russkar raves about pastina, so shall I rave about Caffe Pinguini in Playa del Rey. Following up on our stunning dinner there a couple months ago, my wife and I returned for her birthday last n...


by amills 19 years ago

Desperate to find good gnocchi on the Westside. Really miss the 3-cheese gnocchi at Spumoni on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. Can anyone help?

looking for a good gnocchi

by elise h 20 years ago

Last weekend, I enjoyed a wonderfully textured gnocchi at a local restaurant. Now I want to prepare it at home, but not from scratch. What do Chowhounds recommend? fresh or dried? any special brand...

Best Pasta and Gnocchi in the Bay Area?

by shants 20 years ago

I have a yen for fresh pasta smothered in sauce of any description. I really want the fresh hand made pasta that just melts in the mouth. Gnocchi and my day would be made. Anyone know of any? ...

OBSESSED with West Side Lounge, gnocchi and homemade doughnut holes

by tommy 20 years ago

Hi all- Made multiple trips to West Side Lounge in Cambridge this past weekend, to sheer delight. had a late dinner on saturday night there, with roommates, and we were reminded about how quality ...

Advice on making gnocchi from scratch

by Andrew 20 years ago

Hey 'Hounds, So I'm making gnocchi from scratch for a date. Thing is, I've never attempted it before. It seems so straightforward, but everyone tells me that it's pretty tricky to get all the v...

Looking for Houndworthy gnocchi in the City

by Andrew 20 years ago

So my latest thing has been making my own gnocchi from scratch...a process far more gordian than I anticipated. Seems like one of those things that requires a great deal of practice and/or an Itali...

Gnocchi With Garlic-Honey-Rosemary Sauce

by blandina 20 years ago

My boyfriend and I used to get this amazing gnocchi dish at a small bistro in the Boston area that was unbelievable. It had this complex honey sauce with fresh rosemary, parmesan and butter. Try ...

Dreamy gnocchi at Gnoccho Cafe

by Cathy Elton 21 years ago

I went to Gnoccho Cafe, on E. 10th Street near Avenue B, over the weekend. It was GREAT. The restaurant is named after a special appetizer, which is sort of a fried dough with proscuitto and ...

Awesome Gnocchi in Santa Monica

by JB Leibovitch 21 years ago

I'm a SoCal native living in SF Bay Area. I did not discover gnocchi (little pillows of potato pasta) until I started touring North Beach on my stomach. Recently, friends took us to Spumoni on Mo...

Holy gnocchi!

by Mr Grub 21 years ago

As I sit here chained to my desk eating the rest of last nite's veal parmagiana (even chowhounds need comfort food every now & then), I am moved to pass along La Grubbe's praise for, in her opinion...


by efdee 21 years ago

Molly O'Neill's article in the Times mag got me interested in trying gnocchi for the first time. Can anyone recommend Brooklyn or Manhattan restaurants that make terrific gnocchi? Many thanks.

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