Gluten Free

I Made Gluten-Free Pasta From Scratch and It Wasn’t a Complete Disaster

Though I was diagnosed with a wheat intolerance two years ago, I have never entertained the idea of making gluten-free pasta from scratch. As far as I was concerned, making fresh pasta with all-purpose...

Pizza place with gluten free options?

by diesel 2 months ago

Hello hounds, I'm traveling to Chicago in July with my kids and my partner who has celiac disease. I am wondering if there's any place my kids and I can enjoy good Chicago-style pizza, where my pa...

5 days in Rome (then Bologna and Tuscany). Need recs. Gluten free friendly

by Moll91 1 month ago

Hi! My girlfriend and I have 5 nights in Rome in Sant'Angelo/Regola near the fontana della tartarughe. For our days in Rome I'm looking to do primarily casual restaurants where we will be e...

Ballast Coffee | West Portal - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

In need of a place to meet in the neighborhood, a couple friends and I picked Ballast Coffee to try. It's a modern cafe with some outdoor seating. Ballast roasts its own beans and has a special bea...

Gluten Free able to eat wheat in Italy. Better wheat there?

by pdxgastro 5 years ago

Hi Special Diet Hounds! I have a friend (friend #1) who is Gluten free and Dairy free. She in turn has a friend (friend #2) who is also GF and recently traveled to Italy. While in Italy, friend #2...

I need some serious help!!!

by jritz 6 months ago

My girlfriend was born with many food allergies, and I’m trying to find some recipes that cater to her needs. Her allergies include: Peanuts Nuts Eggs Wheat Seeds Sesame seeds Edamame Fish...

Gluten free falafel NYC?

by lisaleira 3 months ago

In Israel there’s some yummy GF falafel places with gluten free pita. Anyone know if that exists in NYC? I could buy the falafels and assemble at home w GF pita but there’s something fun about a f...

Gluten free and dairy free Myrtle Beach

by rachelstuckey 4 months ago

I will be attending a conference next week 03/20-03/24 in Myrtle Beach. I have recently been advised that I must be gluten and dairy free for health reasons. Any recommendations in the area that ...

Where to find 100% buckwheat Japanese noodles?

by Lis7 10 months ago

Am looking for a source for 100% buckwheat noodles, grown/made in Japan or the US (NOT China). Organic is a plus. Available at a store in Denver is a plus, or online.

Gluten Free AND Dairy Free brunch dish?

by kristen3 4 months ago

My sister-in-law is both GF and DF. She's coming over for brunch soon, along with a larger group of extended family who do not have any food restrictions. I'll serve buffet style, so everyone can t...

Folios Cheese Wraps

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

These look interesting . . . Folios Cheese Wraps are lightly baked sheets of cheese marketed as a keto diet substitute for tortillas. Any first mouth reports? The article says they're available at...

ISO Caputo Fiore Glut Gluten Free Flour in Toronto (Canada)

by missdoji 11 months ago

Any leads on Caputo’s gluten free flour in Toronto / GTA? Or even online with fast shipping (need for next weekend). Hoping to make some Neapolitan style pizza in an Ooni pizza oven and have a GF ...

Gluten free Ramen @ Ramen Bar SF

by craeg 4 months ago

Does anyone know where Ramen Bar SF sources its gluten free ramen noodles? They're amazing, and would like to get some to make ramen at home

Gluten-free Chinese dumpling wrappers

by tetraneutron 5 months ago

I'm having a Lunar NewYears party and one of my guests has a wheat allergy. Most Asian dumpling and wonton wrappers are made with wheat. Rice paper (like what you use in summer rolls) aren't the sa...

CHEAP Gluten Free Ideas for Snacks and Lunch!

by TheProG 6 months ago

Hey everyone! I was hoping to get some ideas on some cheap food ideas to bring to school or work. Normally people bring wraps, sandwiches and crackers .etc since it's cheap but these are not ch...

Bake-ahead question: how to store to keep cake moist, sugar top crisp?

by hippopotame 7 months ago

I've made this almond flour cake a few times; it calls for a layer of sugar in the bottom of the pan so when turned out, the cake has a nice, crisp sugar top. Previously I've been able to serve ...

Franchettis' Wood Fire Kitchen | Santa Rosa

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Some may recognize Chef/owner John Franchetti's name as the co-founder of Rosso Pizzeria in Santa Rosa and Petaluma. That partnership broke up a couple years ago. Franchetti claimed this catering/e...

Low carb hacks for a Chowhound in Montreal

by zerodosage 9 months ago

After various health complications, I had to eliminate most starches and sugars from my diet. It was a success: I feel million times better (and my tests are the proof). But my chow-heart is empty ...

Flour substitutes for MTHFR (no folic acid)?

by heykatieben 10 months ago

Does anyone know of a guide (or what you do?) for white flour substitutes for an MTHFR diet (avoiding folic acid)? For some things, oats or almond flours will work - what flour do you use for bakin...

Gluten-free replacement for bread crumbs?

by allieinbklyn 12 years ago

Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions for replacing bread crumbs as a binding agent in things like meatballs for someone who is gluten-free? I'm sure there is something... All suggestions wel...

Looking for Rice Syrup

by justamtlguy 10 months ago

Went to several places today, bulk stores and Rachelle Bery, and had no luck finding rice syrup. Does anyone know if it's still available in the city?