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asian market in Glendale vicinity?

by Layla 18 years ago

Just moved to Glendale from New York City and I'm looking for an asian market...is there anything out here, or do I need to venture into LA proper? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm looki...

mexican - glendale/eagle rock/highland park/la crescenta??

by lcchow 18 years ago

looking for home-made tortillas with awesome food / family style to diarehea-truck. would appreciate recs. already been to villa corona (no fresh tortillas) TIA.

sushi in Burbank or glendale, asking way too late

by MartaH 18 years ago

I'm a longtime appreciative diner from the east coast, and have given a suggestion now and then, from my neck of the woods. Now, due to the brain being somewhat jet lagged, I failed to ask these qu...

sushi in Burbank or glendale, asking way too late

by MartaH 18 years ago

Longtime reader from the east coast, and have given a suggestion now and then from my neck of the woods. Now, due to the brain being somewhat jet lagged, I failed to ask these questions in advance....

La Cabanita in Glendale

by levbarg 18 years ago

Hi all-- per the suggestion of a few people in my La Super Rica posting below, I'm going to try La Cabanita for dinner tonight. My question is this-- if La Super Rica is the standard by which I j...

good restaurant near NBC or WB studio (glendale)

by Amanda 18 years ago

hi all, i am entertaining family next week, and am planning on spending tuesday touring a studio lot (havent decided yet, but both in burbank). i am looking for a restaurant in the area that isn'...

Restaurant in Glendale? - Fresco Ristorante

by LesThePress 18 years ago

We're meeting some friends for dinner on the 29th, we are in the Valley and they are in Pasadena. Looking for someplace (sort of) in the middle. Has anyone been to Fresco Ristorante on Brand? T...

Accessible restaurant in Glendale/Montrose area?

by Nanook 18 years ago

Greetings, We are trying to locate wheelchair accessible restaurants serving better than average quality and interesting cuisine in the Glendale/Montrose area. Of special interest is something ba...

Glendale recs anyone?

by BTraub 18 years ago

Going to see the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra in Glendale this Saturday, and don't know of any good places to eat in that town. Anyone have any good recommendations? We'll be dressed up a bit, s...

ISO: Japanese market and Greek honey and yogurt in Glendale

by nana 18 years ago

Does anyone know of a japanese market in glendale and also where to buy good greek yogurt and greek honey like the total greek yogurt with honey you could buy in trader joe's? thanks

delivery in Glendale

by ellink 19 years ago

We just moved to Glendale (from Silverlake) and are looking for places that deliver food -- ethnic or otherwise, as long as it's good. Any suggestions?

Best Mexican Food..Glendale or Burbank

by Dan 19 years ago

I love La Cabinita in Glendale..Any other Mexican food ideas for Glendale?

Gaucho Village in Glendale?

by sn 19 years ago

My husband is planning a bachelor party and he's tired of the steak and stripper thing (ok, well, maybe he's not exactly tired of the stripppers) Anyway, I suggested that he take the guys to Gaucho...

Blue Pyramid, Glendale -- experiences?

by wumanchild 19 years ago

There was a piece about the Blue Pyramid on TV showing them sautéing clams. I'm a sucker for sexy scenes. They have pan-Mediterranean style dishes that sound fabulous. Before I plunge in, any clu...

Speaking of Glendale

by Newby 19 years ago

Has anybody tried Shiraz Restaurant on Glendale Ave? I've heard their kabobs are the best around.

Congee and Boba in.....Glendale?!

by Chandavkl 19 years ago

Adhering to my policy of trying any Chinese restaurant I encounter at least once no matter how improbable the chances of it being really good, imagine my surprise when walking into Chang Woo BBQ at...

Cuban in Glendale

by badseed 19 years ago

Had very good roast pork and garlic chicken at Cuba-Cali Cafe on San Fernando Rd. at Western. The pork was succulent,very garlicy,and extremely tender. (The waitress said it's roasted for 9 hours) ...

Butcher/Meat Market in LA/Glendale/Pasadena?

by Gidg 19 years ago

I am looking for a butcher or meat market - preferably not deli - in LA (East Hollywood/Silver Lake/Los Feliz) or Glendale or Pasadena. Of course, at this point I'll drive anywhere. This place do...

Far Niente in Glendale

by kc girl 19 years ago

I'd like to hear other's opinions about this Italian restaurant (next to the Alex Theatre on Brand Blvd.) in Glendale, Far Niente. People raved, and the prices hinted at great quality, but it seem...

Armenian in Glendale: the best kebab I've yet experienced

by Thi N. 20 years ago

So I have this friend Ara, who is Armenian-American. Of course, normally, the first thing that comes to mind whenever I meet anybody of any particular cultural or ethnic group is not, "What is your...

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