Looking for food in Glendale? Ask LA-area Chowhounds for their best recommendations, from dinner spots to favorite local restaurants.

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Need restaurant recommendation in Glendale/Pasadena area

by kpeavy 7 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in the Glendale/Pasadena area? Looking for something in the $$ price range and someplace that serves traditional food (prime rib, steak, burgers, fish, etc.).

best sangak near glendale

by tannazie 7 years ago

Anyone know where you can get great fresh sangak to go from a bakery, market, whatever, around Glendale? Thanks!

Fish King (Glendale) - What do you buy there v2012

by ns1 9 years ago

Whenever there's a post asking for a fishmonger in the Burbank/SFV area, Fish King is a name that commonly comes up. I've frequently recommended that place, because the selection is pretty good ...

Billy's Deli - Glendale - Is it any good?

by rockhead 16 years ago

Have heard about a deli in Glendale for years called Billy's. What's the scoop on it? Is it a true, authentic Jewish deli? I mean in terms of a New York Jewish-style deli, not a strictly kosher del...

Lunch places in Glendale

by engorgedbuddha 13 years ago

Looking for some suggestions from Das Ubergeek or others familiar with the Glendale area. I am in a training class all week on Brand right off the 134 and wanted 3-4 suggestions for lunch..... I ...

Billy's Deli in Glendale -- fine catering

by ozhead 11 years ago

The sad task fell on me to procure food for the reception at my in-laws' house after my father-in-law's funeral yesterday. The funeral was at Mt. Sinai (next to Forest Lawn, near the L.A. Zoo), an...

American/New American for group of 14 in Silverlake/Hollywood/Glendale

by vanillagrrl 7 years ago

I'm planning a gathering and looking for a place with good food that is not too spendy. Our group is meeting on Sunday around 5 pm (so happy hour prices would be a plus), and we'd like a place that...

Mini Food Crawl of Glendale - Elena's, Taron Bakery, Porto's

Dave MP
by Dave MP 7 years ago

Yesterday I had the chance to visit Glendale. I had never been there before. We started out with lunch at Elena's Greek Armenian Restaurant, which I read about on Chowhound. Two of us shared a ...

Why no discussion on Adana Persian/Armenian in Glendale?

Mr Taster
by Mr Taster 7 years ago

First I've heard of this place. Sounds awfully promising. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/28/magazine/this-armenian-life.html?_r=0 Mr Taster

Semla @ Berolina Bakery (Glendale)

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

What's a Semla? I would describe it as the Arnold Schwarzenegger of cream puffs. It's what would happen if Beard Pappa started on an HGH regime and hired a P90X trainer. A cardamom bun, holl...

Best tacos/burritos in Glendale, 2014 edition.

by ns1 7 years ago

So there's a TON of mexican in glendale. What's good what's not? <$8 bucks for lunch been to El Sauz so far, pretty good. Really like the peppers they give with the food.

Any Mexican restaurants that serve Goat? (Glendale/Burbank)

by chow_rk 7 years ago

I remember eating some nice goat roast in Mexico... so wondering if there are any mexican restaurants that make goat dishes...near Glendale / Burbank Thanks :)

Din Tai Fung, Glendale.

by PeterL 7 years ago

Read something about opening in Sept., but no, it's open now. Went there last Friday for an early dinner. It's a very nice space. But for me, it's lacking. First, the menu is truncated (to put ...

Moroccan Grocery in Los Angeles/ Glendale??

by adamstephen 7 years ago

Does anybody have any idea where to buy Moroccan groceries in Los Angeles? I have looked for Moroccan groceries in Persian/Armenian markets here like Super King, Golden Farms, Jon's Marketplace, et...

Any chow worthy eats near Glendale galleria?

by Xan7hos 7 years ago

Any thing besides Din Tai Fung and Portos? Doesn't have to be fancy pref ~$20/head.

old school Italian -- Eagle Rock, Glendale, etc.?

by Chowpatty 15 years ago

My daughter wanted to go to Carmine's in South Pasadena for her birthday, but since we're in Silver Lake, I'd rather find something closer. I can't seem to recall those Italian places in Eagle Rock...

Thanksgiving pick up in La Canada/ Pasadena/ Glendale?

by FatsB 8 years ago

Hey All - Kitchen is being remodeled and no cooking this Thanksgiving... Looking to pick up a full meal from somewhere preferably in the La Canada/ Pasadena / Glendale area, any suggestions on the ...

Carousel Glendale or Byblos Westwood

by FallingLeaves 8 years ago

I plan to take two out-of-town guests to late night dinner + entertainment next Friday or Saturday. Which of the above restaurant is more preferable? Comparing food, service, ambiance and show.

Glendale Armenian bakery?

by lindsaypinkham 10 years ago

I'm taking my daughter to lunch in Glendale tomorrow. There's Porto's, but it is so crowded at lunchtime! I remember reading a while back about a Middle Eastern bakery somewhere in Glendale that ...