Looking for food in Glendale? Ask LA-area Chowhounds for their best recommendations, from dinner spots to favorite local restaurants.

India Sweets & Spices in Glendale NEVER AGAIN

by fromberkeleytolosangeles 10 years ago

I just returned home from my fourth and final attempt to understand why people like India Sweets and Spices. I love s...


Anandamayi commented 5 months ago

Looking for cooking classes in the Pasadena or Glendale/Burbank area.

by DougKopf 10 years ago

Hi everyone. My wife and I are looking for cooking classes in the Pasadena or Glendale/Burbank area. We live in Sunl...


angelenie29 commented 8 months ago

Bridal Shower in LA

by eleague 10 months ago

Hi there! I am an out of town maid of honor and needing to find a cafe or restaurant that could accommodate my s...


BrianShaw commented 10 months ago

Billy's Jewish Deli - Glendale RIP

by SilverlakeGirl 2 years ago

I didn't see anyone mention this, But I'm sad to say, without my noticing, Billy's Jewish Deli in Glendale has clos...


Briggs commented 2 years ago

Armenian in Glendale

by Pan 2 years ago

Hi, everyone. New York Chowhound here. I'll be in LA with my girlfriend for about a week soon. One of the things we'd...


Mento commented 2 years ago

looking for fresh sardines

by trolley 6 years ago

where can i find fresh sardines preferably on the east side LA? ok, i'll be more specific, Pasadena, Glendale etc. an...

trolley commented 2 years ago

russian(?) soup dumplings in glendale

by barryc 2 years ago h...


happybaker commented 2 years ago

Quality Indian Restaurant in Burbank/ Glendale/ Pasadena

by fiche 2 years ago

Looking for suggestions for a Indian (Punjabi/north Indian or south Indian - though I doubt there are a lot of south ...


revets2 commented 2 years ago

Taramasalata Source?

by Slow Foodie 15 years ago

Bezjian's used to carry it but didn't stock it last time I looked. Any recommendations (preferably east of La Brea, ...


sternlight commented 2 years ago

Knife Sharpening Where Should I Go?

by tatertotsrock 8 years ago

Does anyone know of a great place to get my knives sharpened/edged and all that good stuff? I'm in Glendale and woul...


AAQjr commented 2 years ago

Quiet place for vegetarian Sat early eve

by Clyde 2 years ago

Hi, I need a recommendation for dinner for saturday, but it has to be a place where we can hear each other speak... I...


happycat commented 2 years ago

Need a great Sunday lunch place in Pasadena/Glendale/ Monrovia

by 1cat1 3 years ago

Celebrating my daughter's 18th Birthday, about 20-24 people, NOT BUFFET! Any ideas? Been to Santorini's, Il Fornaio,...

ipsedixit commented 3 years ago

Two highly rated Burbank/Glendale restaurants...

by manku 3 years ago

Was in the neighborhood twice last week, so I decided to give these places a try, both at lunchtime: 1. Adana Res...


cfylong commented 3 years ago

Rincon Argentino (Glendale) ... go for the empanadas, stay for the Argentinian Pizza

by ipsedixit 3 years ago

Yeah, it's that good. Soft, pillowy crust, lots of garlic, simple toppings reminiscent of a Margherita-ish accoute...

raytamsgv commented 3 years ago

Bobs Big Boy

by Marc 15 years ago

Last night I had dinner with a friend at the Glendale Bob's Big Boy. We both had Big Boy Burgers with a entree salad,...


acgold7 commented 3 years ago

Glendale/Pasadena celebratory dinner

by paranoidgarliclover 3 years ago

Hello. I'm asking the question for a friend. She wants to take out 3 friends to celebrate. She herself is a vegeta...

paranoidgarliclover commented 3 years ago

Need restaurant recommendation in Glendale/Pasadena area

by kpeavy 3 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in the Glendale/Pasadena area? Looking for something in the $$ price range and...

Will Owen commented 3 years ago

best sangak near glendale

by tannazie 3 years ago

Anyone know where you can get great fresh sangak to go from a bakery, market, whatever, around Glendale? Thanks!


tannazie commented 3 years ago