Glass Cookware


My Pyrex Pan just exploded!

by flourgirl 11 years ago

Well, it happened. I had meatballs baking in the oven in a pyrex pan and I heard the sound of glass smashing. It was a pretty loud explosion and really startled me. I opened the oven and sure enoug...

Stovetop Cookware - Pyroceram or Visions

by pkmeeta 8 years ago

Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a stovetop cookware and I'm little confused between Pyroceram and Visions. Both seem to be old brands which was reintroduced recently. They bot...

Glass lid for Pyrex measure cups?

by Teaotic 2 years ago

This might be a longshot, but does anyone have a good source for a glass lid to place on top of those standard US-market 1 and 2 cup Pyrex glass measure cups? The manufacturer makes only those red ...

Cheap Casserole dish suggestions

by DormStudent 9 months ago

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for fairly cheap casserole dishes? So far I have only been using the aluminum tins every time I make a casserole (once or twice a week) and im starting...

Exploding glassware?

by v2da2dl 12 years ago

Has anybody here had a glass cooking/baking dish shatter or "explode" (through no fault of your own!)? I'm researching possible defects in glass cookware -- there seems to be a huge increase in ...

Moser Old Fashioned Bar Glassware

by starzzz 1 year ago

Has anyone had experience or purchased any of the Moser Crystal Old Fashioned Glassware? I am looking at the following glasses https://bit.ly/2KdsT83 https://bit.ly/2HN2UWF https://bit.ly/2HMA...

Mauviel Tea Kettle - bad idea? (rust)

by virtualdestructor2 1 year ago

Anybody knows what is up with quality of Mauviel tea kettles? Looked inside one at Williams-Sonoma store today - bottom half-inch was hard-core rust belt (real flaking rust, not yellow/reddish spo...

Pyrex Safety (Freezer/Fridge to oven)

by who_me 12 years ago

I'm trying to save dinner preparation time by assembling a casserole the night before and then baking it when I get home. After reading stories of Pyrex explosions with rapid temperature changes, ...

How to clean pyrex baking dishes?

by JuliaG 8 years ago

All my pyrex dishes have hard-core baked on food stains that I cannot get off. I have tried scrubbing with baking soda and also with bar keepers friend - to no avail. Does anyone have a suggestion ...

Tokyo Modern Ceramics

by gfmozart 1 year ago

Hi, I have noticed that there are more modern ceramics that fuse modern stylistic influences that are used to serve dishes from the newer japanese restaurants in my city Singapore. Asking some of t...

2017 Fall Cookware Deals

by Libranflight 2 years ago

Okay, seeing if I can start a new post for Fall now.... Not a deal, but kim chi lovers take note, I made kimchi for the first time and it was heavenly, and I am happy to report that this contain...

Highball glass brand identification

by katherinewh 1 year ago

Hi all, hoping someone may be able to help me identify the brand of these highball glasses. I want to get more of them, but I got them from an estate sale a few years ago and they have no identifyi...

Is there a difference between Arcuisine Borosilicate and Ocuisine Borosilicate glass baking dishes?

by landon92 2 years ago

I am looking to invest in borosilicate baking dishes. I have read a number of positive reviews about Arcuisine baking dishes and have decided to give them a try. However I have noticed some places ...

Steel or glass electric kettle?

by maxmillan 7 years ago

After reading through a couple of threads about electric kettles, I am still unsure as to which brand to buy. I have an aversion to plastic touching my food. I notice that some of the ones I've s...

Lids that fit Falk

by Libranflight 2 years ago

I have gotten a few pieces of Falk copper cookware, but not lids, as they are expensive and not included on any sales I have seen. Since I do not cook on lids, I have decided to look for heat insu...

Has Anyone Tried Marinex?

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 10 years ago

Not realizing when I purchased my latest set, that Pyrex is no longer borosilicate glass but rather lime-soda glass and having read the 'explosion' stories scattered around the 'net I'm a little wa...

Microwave safe glass getting too hot

by rancher 6 years ago

I've been making hot tea in microwave safe glass measuring/pour cups for many years. Usually Pyrex brand. I put in about 3 cups of water, a tea bag, and set it for 4 minutes, finish, take it out,...

Fish baking vessel

by harrism 3 years ago

We're hoping to eat fish more often, and to learn more ways of preparing it. I want to start with baking, braising, or other oven methods. I can't find any sort of consensus on what material is bes...

Glass cookware?

by Effex 4 years ago

Anybody uses glass cookware? Do they make glass frying pans? Looking for a healthier option than ceramic. Thanks