Let's spice it up. Ginger goes sweet and savory, so get inspired with creative cooking ideas from Chowhounds, plus ask your ginger-related questions.

Jamaican-Style Rice and Peas Are the Perfect Side Dish

Ayesha Curry, cookbook author, TV personality, and entrepreneur, certainly can wear a lot of hats. She launched the quarterly lifestyle magazine “Sweet July” this summer, founded the nonprofit Eat Learn...

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Use for lots of Ginger

by kellyc96 17 years ago

I received a rather large piece of ginger from my grocery delivery service. I don't want it to go to waste. Any one have a suggestion or recipe to use up this ginger? Most dinner recipes call fo...

Grating fresh ginger--why?

by creepygirl 17 years ago

I'm looking at a stir-fry recipe from How to Cook Everything. It calls for 2 tablespoons garlic and 1 tablespoon ginger, peeled and grated. The garlic and the ginger go into the wok at the beginn...

Candied Ginger Brand?

by Sarnie 18 years ago

My grocery store recently rearranged stuff (sigh) and I can't find the cheap candied ginger I used to buy, and I can't remember the brand name so I can ask about it, nor can I remember if it was pr...

Ginger Altoids

by Middydd 18 years ago

They're now available at the Altoid website. Link: http://www.altoids.com/index.aspx?area=members

HELP...gingersnap cheesecake crust came out wrong twice

by Elle 18 years ago

I posted a couple of months ago regarding a gingersnap cheesecake crust that came out gummy. I tried again and it did the same thing. I used the typical recipe but added a little flour this time b...

Grating ginger

by Tracy L. 18 years ago

I have several ginger plants in my yard and plan to use the root for gingersnaps, crystalized ginger and in squash soup. I am anxious to make these however I am always daunted by the fibers. I've h...

Ginger Plants...Edible Roots

by Cristina 18 years ago

While we're on the subject of ginger, I'm puzzled. Which plants have edible roots? In my garden, I have a plot of *mariposa* ginger, which has lovely white gloriously fragrant butterfly-shaped...

Lost Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe

by WC 18 years ago

All this talk of soup turned my thoughts to my favorite - carrot ginger soup published in the Boston Globe a few years ago. To my horror, the clipping is nowhere to be found. Does anyone have it ...

where can I find chocolate covered crystalized ginger?

by DanM 18 years ago

The subject line says it all. Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, MI used to carry it, but no longer does. I need a mail order or internet source. Dark chocolate preferred! Many thanks in advance for any...

fresh ginger gelato at TJ's

by Ruth Lafler 18 years ago

My most recent browse through Trader Joe's turned up something new to me: fresh ginger gelato from Gelato Classico. Can I just say YUM!? Creamy plain gelato with thick slices of ginger root. Gr...

Need recipes with fresh ginger

by Jess 18 years ago

I just started receiving a produce basket every week. I love getting it, but I don't know what I am getting each week. This is week, amoung all kinds of fruits and veggies, I recevied some fresh gi...

Help, my gingersnap cheesecake crust came out gummy

by Elle 18 years ago

I made a lemon ginger cheesecake and I pretty much used the same technique that I use for a graham cracker crust, but I noticed that the crust was gummy and kind of greasy. What can I do differen...

Ginger Altoid sighting--NJ

by Jill Rovitzky Black 18 years ago

Ginger Altoids are back. I spotted some yesterday at the Trader Joe's in Westwood, NJ.

Ginger Iced Tea

by bryan 18 years ago

Made a pitcher of sun tea yesterday and was tierd of the regular tea taste so I boiled about a cup of water and added a handful of crystalized ginger pieces and a few tablespoons full of sugar and ...

Ginger Altoids -- Yuck!

by nja 18 years ago

I finally got around to buying a tin of Ginger Altoids from Trader Joes. Blech! They're nothing more than sugary, hot, fake-cinnamon-with-a-hint-of-what-might-be-ginger candies A much better ...

Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Ginger Altoids

by Marty L. 18 years ago

As you may recall, not long ago Altoids stopped production of the single best mint product in the known universe, Ginger Altoids. Chowhounds, and other ginger lovers everywhere, despaired. See li...

pickled ginger

by Betty 18 years ago

For my birthday a dear friend near a Trader Joe's mailed me an entire box of various ginger products - candided ginger puree, triple ginger snaps, carrs ginger and lemon cremes, crystalized ginger,...

Young Ginger--how to use?

by James G 18 years ago

I bought some "fresh" ginger at Super H in Fairfax, VA (the store's name for what I consider to be "young" ginger, the stuff without a dry-looking brown skin) and wonder what I can use it for--some...

crisp ginger cookie recipe

by susan 19 years ago

Hi, does anybody have a really good recipe for crisp ginger cookies? I used to have one that I loved - unfortunately I can't find it. It called for dark molasses, eggs, butter, ground and candied g...

crystallised ginger for the final time

by Yvonne Lai 19 years ago

Thanks to Caitlin M. for pointing me to James Beard's crystallised ginger recipe. I tried it out and it is *wonderful*. One of the recipients just emailed me to tell me how absolutely yummy the s...

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