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Need the perfect gift for a food lover? Ask like-minded Chowhounds for suggestions and share the best gifts you've gotten.

Stocking Stuffers for the Food-Obsessed

Sometimes a stocking stuffer is so on point, you like it better than any of the larger presents under the tree. Give that kind of gift. The present for the gourmand in your life doesn't have to be expensive...

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Gift Ideas for someone who has now "gone organic"?

by zook 11 years ago

A friend has now decided to eat an organic diet (if that's the right phrase). Any suggestions for a good holiday gift for her; such as a particular cookbook or two, a health/diet book re: organic ...

Help , I need Christmas gift ideas!

by learnitliveitloveitLisa 11 years ago

I moved from out of state this past year and have absolutely loved eating here in NYC! I am wanting to spread the "joy" and give the wonderful gift of NYC.... I want to give something uniquely New ...

Homemade holiday food gift ideas - please help!

by kermit 11 years ago

I've been thinking about making holiday gifts for a number of people on my gift list, but I haven't done a thing to begin. I feel like I should get the ball rolling soon, otherwise what would be a ...

Chicago hound seeking gift ideas

by elc515 11 years ago

Hello! I live in Chicago and my best friend, who lives in Boston, just got engaged yesterday. I would love to send her an engagement gift, but need some help from everyone. They love food and wi...

Christmas Gift Ideas

by vonger44 11 years ago

Hello. For the past few years, we usually gave "snacks" as Christmas gifts to our friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc We have given Parisian bread, dessert wines, nice chocolate chip cookies, etc...

Restaurant gift certificate ideas in/around Exeter, NH

by jordanbee 12 years ago

We'd like to get my sister & brother-in-law a gift certificate for xmas to a nice restaurant around Exeter, NH (where they live). They're not *true* foodies (they frequently go to The Loaf & Ladle)...

Restaurant Gift Certificate ideas please!

by umami 12 years ago

I would like to spend about $100 on a gift certificate (dinner for 2) for a food lover currently residing in NYC. I am pretty clueless about what's hot out there right now so I was hoping some of y...

Favorite Chocolate & Gift Ideas

by SweetPea914 12 years ago

Let's just say that to call my sister-in-law a chocoholic would be a vast understatement. Each year we get her a box of chocolate and do a chocolate themed gift for x-mas. Over the years I have got...

Let the Holiday gift ideas begin!!!

by dklipscomb 12 years ago

Please share all ideas from mail order favorites, homemade goodies to creative food related gifts. Who's giving out what??

Friend opening Italian Restaurant....gift ideas?

by Pawsinhand 12 years ago

A good friend is opening a new restaurant in the next week or so and we're at a loss as to what to give him for a gift. No plants please, as many have already arrived at the new place. Thanks for...

Need AZ produced food gifts ideas

by smokechop 12 years ago

I am looking for products that are grown/produced in Arizona which can be mailordered. On numerous occasions I have sent salsas, marinades and chipotle flakes from Tuxedo Chilis (www.tuxedoch...

Special Diet gift ideas in Philly

by lbmsw 12 years ago

Hi, all! I am searching for a birthday gift for a friend. I thought I would create a basket of both foods and gift certs from local restaurants and/or stores. My friend is a vegetarian (but does...

thank-you gift ideas - Nashville

by Raffi 12 years ago

I have a friend who recently hosted me for a wonderful weekend at her home in Nashville. I live in California, and would really like to send a nice thank-you gift to her. Can anyone recommend somet...

Food Gift Ideas

by yumcha 12 years ago

Later this summer I plan on visiting one of my friends in a southern state. I would like to bring her some gifts that you'd only be able to get from NY, specifically, the Capital Region(where I cur...

Need non-wine, local chowish gift ideas

by vliang 12 years ago

I'm going to visit my family in Taipei this month. Would like to bring them some gifts that exemplify the epicurian culture here in the Bay Area. I can only bring one bottle of wine under exempti...

Mail order food gift ideas?

by rebategirl 12 years ago

I would like to buy my parents a nice gift of some type of food. Maybe crab, bacon or something else. Any ideas?

Help! Gift ideas to Jewish parents in law

by Monica 12 years ago

I am invited to my future parents in law's Hanukah dinner this Friday. I am not Jewish so I have no idea what I should bring to the dinner plus this is my very first Hanukah dinner. I already ask...

Need locally-themed gift ideas to go with Niman Ranch Cookbook

by coolbean98 12 years ago

The subject says it all! Short of just giving my aunt a nice roast, can you think of something (ideally meat related) with local "flavor" to accompany the Niman Ranch Cookbook I am giving her for C...

Restaurant Gift Certificate Ideas

by gossamered 12 years ago

We want to give my cousin and her partner a restaurant gift certificate for Xmas and I'm looking for some ideas. They live in Burbank so I'm thinking something not too far from there. Neither ...

Food gift basket as gift-Any ideas?

by jdf 12 years ago

I'm looking to give a food basket as a gift, but instead of the ones that you order already assembled and have mailed, I want to put it together myself. So, 1) what items would you include and 2)wh...

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