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The Hottest and Tastiest Paste Evva

by DoctorChow 2 years ago

I'm a chili person who loves good, genuine hot sauces. As opposed to concentrates like "Dave's" stuff. Here's a...


DoctorChow commented 2 years ago

Ghost Chili in Los Angeles?

by Jennalynn 8 years ago

I've got a friend who has a major hot pepper jones. She's now obsessed with trying the infamous Ghost Chili. An...


Exposited commented 3 years ago

Deaadly Reapers and Ghosts ( peppers, of course)

by BAppleman 3 years ago

Hi, I here, am new! but my father used to come here regularly. I have always loved spicy food and have, in the pas...


BAppleman commented 3 years ago

Ghost Peppers - what to do with them?

by estone888 10 years ago

I recently got some dried ghost peppers - the hottest chile in the world. I haven't been able to find them fresh - wh...


andisews2 commented 3 years ago

Ghost Pepper Wings at Popeyes

by michele cindy 4 years ago

Wondering if anyone has tried the Ghost Pepper Wings at Popeye's. I'm planning to, but would like some comments on t...


whoeverdroid commented 4 years ago

Ghost pepper in Montreal

by manu117 7 years ago

Hey all, My dad is a huge pepper and chili lover so I wanted to get him some ghost pepper for christmas, does a...


happychomper commented 4 years ago

Ghost peppers: what to do with the plant when it gets cold?

by LisaThara 4 years ago

Do we protect the plant after the harvest for next year? I just got my first two peppers and am not sure what to do ...


tcamp commented 4 years ago

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is this the only good store brand ghost pepper salsa

by Jack2 4 years ago also how is carolina reaper salsa http://www.carolinasa...

Jolokia/Ghost peppers.

by terrycar 5 years ago

A family member just got back from a culinary vacation in India & was unable to find any dried or powdered jolokia/gh...


Indianguy commented 5 years ago

Wanting to buy fresh ghost peppers.

by charge 5 years ago

Hello. I am passing through Toronto tomorrow and I am wanting to buy in bulk fresh ghost peppers? I know they were at...


Ted Richards commented 5 years ago

Buying ghost peppers (fresh, dried, sauce made with, anything) in DC?

by overthinkit 6 years ago

Hey there, Does anyone know where I can get ghost peppers in dc? I found some dried ones once at harris teeter, but...


overthinkit commented 6 years ago

Anyone Tried the New Ghost Pepper Burritos at Mucho Burrito?

by BJC01 6 years ago

I was in the new Mucho Burrito on Laird and noticed they have 2 (one hotter than the other) new ghost pepper (and fig...


Davwud commented 6 years ago

ghost pepper burgers at red robin

by arjunsr 6 years ago "The Fiery Ghost style con...


jujuthomas commented 6 years ago

What to do with ghost pepper mustard?

by TrishUntrapped 6 years ago

After touring the National Mustard Museum in Madison, WI (yep there really is one), I bought some Jolokia mustard mad...


TrishUntrapped commented 6 years ago

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We've moved a post about ghost pepper chicken wings in Sterling, Mass to the Southern New England board.

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 6 years ago

You'll find it here: .

Ghost Pepper Chicken Wings... [Sterling, MA, moved from Boston board]

by hargau 6 years ago

For all you real hot food lovers.. Today i tried a new sauce they made up at the Black Sheep Tavern in Sterling MA. T...


hargau commented 6 years ago

Are Ghost Peppers Actually Used in Indian Cooking?

by Perilagu Khan 7 years ago

I'm wondering if the people of Assam--the native region of the bhut jolokia--actually use these peppers in their cuis...


StringerBell commented 7 years ago

Enormous Ghost Pepper Harvest

by whs 7 years ago

My ghost pepper plant yielded 5 peppers. Since I live in New Hampshire I was happy. Question is, now what do I do w...


pine time commented 7 years ago

Where to find ghost peppers?

by kevin47 8 years ago

Looking for some for a Superbowl chili recipe. Does anyone sell them around here?

Bill Roehl

Bill Roehl commented 8 years ago