Ghost Pepper

'Umami' and 'Ghost Pepper' Among Food Words Added to Dictionary

Every year, the logophiles over at Merriam-Webster add to their ever-growing list of English language words, including a slew of food terms and phrases. And every year, we find ourselves utterly shocked...

The Hottest and Tastiest Paste Evva

by DoctorChow 5 years ago

I'm a chili person who loves good, genuine hot sauces. As opposed to concentrates like "Dave's" stuff. Here's a real paste that I think is the hottest and at the same time most flavorful that...

Ghost Chili in Los Angeles?

by Jennalynn 11 years ago

I've got a friend who has a major hot pepper jones. She's now obsessed with trying the infamous Ghost Chili. Anyone know where I can buy them in Los Angeles?

Deaadly Reapers and Ghosts ( peppers, of course)

by BAppleman 6 years ago

Hi, I here, am new! but my father used to come here regularly. I have always loved spicy food and have, in the past, had a very high heat tolerance. This year I decided to grow a variety of e...

Ghost Peppers - what to do with them?

by estone888 13 years ago

I recently got some dried ghost peppers - the hottest chile in the world. I haven't been able to find them fresh - which I would prefer. They are, apparently, three to five times as hot as habanero...

Ghost Pepper Wings at Popeyes

michele cindy
by michele cindy 7 years ago

Wondering if anyone has tried the Ghost Pepper Wings at Popeye's. I'm planning to, but would like some comments on the spicing.

Ghost pepper in Montreal

by manu117 10 years ago

Hey all, My dad is a huge pepper and chili lover so I wanted to get him some ghost pepper for christmas, does anyone know where I could get some in Montreal?

Ghost peppers: what to do with the plant when it gets cold?

by LisaThara 7 years ago

Do we protect the plant after the harvest for next year? I just got my first two peppers and am not sure what to do with the plant when it gets cold. It's not terribly cold in Las Vegas but we do...

is this the only good store brand ghost pepper salsa

by Jack2 7 years ago

http://shop.renfrofoods.com/products/ghost-pepper-salsa also how is carolina reaper salsa http://www.carolinasauces.com/Cajohn_s_Reaper_Super_Hot_Salsa_p/2301.htm

Jolokia/Ghost peppers.

by terrycar 8 years ago

A family member just got back from a culinary vacation in India & was unable to find any dried or powdered jolokia/ghost pepper. Apparently it all gets exported. So with that in mind, does anyone k...

Wanting to buy fresh ghost peppers.

by charge 8 years ago

Hello. I am passing through Toronto tomorrow and I am wanting to buy in bulk fresh ghost peppers? I know they were at the loblaws on college for awhile but I haven't seen them there in a few months...

Buying ghost peppers (fresh, dried, sauce made with, anything) in DC?

by overthinkit 8 years ago

Hey there, Does anyone know where I can get ghost peppers in dc? I found some dried ones once at harris teeter, but I've never seen them again. Some already made into a hot sauce would be ideal....

Anyone Tried the New Ghost Pepper Burritos at Mucho Burrito?

by BJC01 9 years ago

I was in the new Mucho Burrito on Laird and noticed they have 2 (one hotter than the other) new ghost pepper (and fig I believe) burritos. Anyone tried them yet and can comment on the heat level a...

ghost pepper burgers at red robin

by arjunsr 9 years ago

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/25/worlds-hottest-pepper-red-robin_n_1624936.html "The Fiery Ghost style contains a ghost pepper sauce, fried jalapenos and pepper jack cheese. The Cry Baby...

What to do with ghost pepper mustard?

by TrishUntrapped 9 years ago

After touring the National Mustard Museum in Madison, WI (yep there really is one), I bought some Jolokia mustard made with ghost peppers (Cajohns Fiery Foods, OH) to give to my son who loves all t...

We've moved a post about ghost pepper chicken wings in Sterling, Mass to the Southern New England board.

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 9 years ago

You'll find it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/855582#7422092 .

Ghost Pepper Chicken Wings... [Sterling, MA, moved from Boston board]

by hargau 9 years ago

For all you real hot food lovers.. Today i tried a new sauce they made up at the Black Sheep Tavern in Sterling MA. They used ghost peppers in it.. I usually get the wings but today ordered the bon...

Are Ghost Peppers Actually Used in Indian Cooking?

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 10 years ago

I'm wondering if the people of Assam--the native region of the bhut jolokia--actually use these peppers in their cuisine. I know they are used as elephant repellent (seriously), but have not heard ...

Enormous Ghost Pepper Harvest

by whs 10 years ago

My ghost pepper plant yielded 5 peppers. Since I live in New Hampshire I was happy. Question is, now what do I do with them? Thanks in advance!

Where to find ghost peppers?

by kevin47 11 years ago

Looking for some for a Superbowl chili recipe. Does anyone sell them around here?