Six Places to Travel for Healthy Getaways

Have you ever finished a trip, only to find yourself needing a vacation from that vacation? Between endless hours of sightseeing and indulging in extravagant meals (not to mention the cocktails!), traveling...

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Hamburg hotspots, please!

by willowan 5 years ago

Hello folks. 4 nights ( Mo-Thr ) in Hamburg in September for my friends 50th birthday. Needing recs for lunches on the go - probbaly in art gallery areas - and for great beers ( esp local, small ...

BERLIN restaurant rec needed asap!

by redgirl 5 years ago

We are 5 people - we need to stay relatively close (within 10 min walking?) to the Maratim hotel. Need a lovely dinner - good food most important. Not too fancy but definitely not too casual. great...

Hamburg bans single-use coffee pods from its government buildings

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

"...While state governments making laws to 'save cities from themselves' can be a terrible idea, in Hamburg’s case, the decision seems really wise. The law only applies to staff in government-owned...

Dinner options around Messe Berlin?

by vanderb 6 years ago

I have to be in Berlin for a convention next week and want to get a group of colleagues together who would typically not get such an opportunity due to our geographic diversity. No restriction...

Offal/Innereien in Munich

by quads32 6 years ago

Three years ago when I went to Vienna, I posted asking for suggestions as to where I might eat offal in Vienna. Sturmi sent me to Zum Reznicek where I ate every lunch for 2 weeks. Herbert Prokl w...

German food

by rithann 6 years ago

While in Germany we stopped by the roadside and bought a bratwurst looking covered in sweet brown sauce, it came in a white paper container like what we get our french fries in in a take out. Could...

best restaurants in berlin for winter?

by yaa133 6 years ago

Hey People, I am planning to visit berlin this winter and was wondering if anyone here have tried these restaurants? Vedi's Indian Restaurant (www.vedis.berlin) Amrit Indian Restaurant (www....

Week in Berlin

by alienor 6 years ago

we will be spending 6 days in berlin, beginning sept 29. would love to get names of mid-priced restaurants serving good german food or for that matter using local ingredients thanks for all you...

Dinners in Hanover, Germany?

by Hypnotic23 6 years ago

I'm heading to Hanover, Germany for a business trip in 3 weeks. Would love some suggestions for German restaurants, Austrian Food, Fish/Seafood, Italian. Average prices, not to expensive. I care mo...

Eating in Berlin this May

by PBSF 6 years ago

I finally got around to write about our eating experiences during our two-week stay in an apartment in Prenslauerberg this May. We have visited Berlin numerous times and this neighborhood remained ...

Kosher in Frankfurt

by jbaltz 6 years ago

Hi all, I may be flying out to Frankfurt the second RH ends this year. (Business travel. Yay!) When I land, of course, it will still be tzom gedalia, but at some point that evening and over the co...

Germany (Aying, Munich) and Austria (Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck) dining report

by bsprout 6 years ago

We arrived to Aying,Germany, after spending a few days in Markdorf, a pretty resort town on Lake Constance, also in Germany. In Aying we stayed at the Brauereigasthof Hotel Aying, which is 25 minu...

Berlin and Leipzig - need help on locating food reviews, plus some recommendations, for 4 night itinerary

by johung 6 years ago

Hi all, I will be in Germany at the end of September and early October on holiday. My trip starts in Berlin staying 3 nights and then Leipzig for one night. After that I will head to Frankfurt, ...

restaurants in Heidelberg, Germany?

by Jessie B 12 years ago

We will be in Heidelberg, Germany, for one week. Do you have any suggestions on good places to eat?

Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg Recommendations

by gblcsw 6 years ago

Fort Lauderdale Florida USA Foodies will be traveling in early July. Looking for recommendations for great restaurants, especially German. Thanks!

Kroepoek... or why is "Chinese" food different in various countries?

by linguafood 14 years ago

So here's a question perhaps some Chinese-Americans may (or may not) be able to answer. Having grown up in Germany, every single Chinese resto I have ever been to offers kroepoek (deep fried shr...

Vanilla extract in Bremen

by yummers 14 years ago

No kidding. I am hoping to make something that calls for vanilla extract, which is completely unavailable in the rural region of Germany I'm staying in. Folks here just don't use the stuff. But ...

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