A Slice of Tradition: Wedding Cakes Around the World

There’s all the reason in the world to round out your reception with a wedding cake. It’s delicious, photogenic, traditional, and lucky, since it’s a fertility symbol (wheat, the basis of most flour...

Berlin in October

by PotterinOttawa 4 days ago

Where can I find health store variety peanut butter?

Return to Munich

jen kalb
by jen kalb 4 months ago

We are about to head off for a return week visiting Munich having really enjoyed our last stay there. https://www.chowhound.com/post/munich-approach-eating-761804 Since it’s been 7 years wonder...

Recommend Restaurants for Berlin Trip for Adventurous Foodies willing to splurge

by Kalenden 3 months ago

My companion and I are major foodies and enjoy active city trips with a big gastronomic part. Commonly, we actively walk around the city the whole day and go for a nice (fine-)dining experience in...

Learning about my new copper pan

by manolotraveler 3 months ago

I'd been wanting a larger copper saute pan for a while since my 10" was getting kind of crowded for some meals, so I finally took the plunge and got this new one on ebay. Now i'm trying to learn m...

Celebratory dinner at a destination restaurant

by veddeshpande 4 months ago

Hello fellow CHers, My better half and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary later on this year. What I wanted to do was to fly out to somewhere in Europe and have a dining experience at...

Updated: Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Berlin

by SueFH 4 months ago

CH specifically directed me to start a new discussion since most are older than 4 years. So. Traveling with my 25 year old daughter. And I’m paying. This, I’m mostly interested in moderately pr...

Hamburg foodie trip

by chieffoodie 6 months ago

Hi all, going to Hamburg for three days only for eating / drinking good wine. Would really want recommendations for dinner experiences in Hamburg. Overall we want laidback restaurants, but with gre...

Atelier München, the latest German 3-star dining place delivering seasonal and creative cuisine

by Bu Pun Su 7 months ago

It was ‘only’ nearly 3 years ago that I went to Germany and I did not really expect to return to the country famous for its bratwurst & pretzel so soon, but I did. Early this year, I happened to be...

Restaurant Uberfahrt, a boutique gastronomy overlooking lake Tegernsee

by Bu Pun Su 6 months ago

Restaurant Uberfahrt is one of German’s 3-star restaurants. Given its stature, it’s relatively “quiet” – generally not on the people’s top recommendation lists when asked about the country’s ‘must ...

Traditional German or Bavarian Soups in Munich

by prima 9 months ago

Which restaurants do you recommend most? I know I like the Gulaschsuppe and other soups at Spatenhaus an der Oper. Thanks for all your recommendations.

Recommendations for vegetarian friendly restaurants please

by indiefoodie 6 months ago

Hello, 5 of us will be visiting Berlin in about a couple of weeks. We'll be staying near Checkpoint Charlie. This is our first visit to Berlin and I would have loved to try the much talked about pl...

Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Bern, Zurich, Munich

by frostingfriends 10 months ago

Hi, I'm traveling around Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Bern, Zurich, and Munich with a friend who is vegetarian. I love food and will eat anything but want to find places that will also satisfy a vegeta...

Factory leak

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

" . . . After hitting the chilly pavement, the milk chocolate quickly hardened. About 25 firefighters worked to pry the chocolate off with shovels. They also used hot water and torches to remove re...

Help with restaurants in Berlin

by nezzie 1 year ago

We are going to be in Berlin for the first time in September. We are staying by the Brandenburg Gate but we can try different neighborhoods for dinner. We are there for one week and have one rest...

3 days in Frankfurt - Please kindly review and provide feedback to my eating itinerary.

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

Hello local hounds, After spending a 9 days culinary tour, in and around Paris, my foodie brother-in-law and I will be taking the high-speed train to Frankfurt for a 3 nights stay. Totally unfam...

Hamburg, Germany, seeking advice

by chairbc 1 year ago

we will be in Hamburg over this weekend--starting, actually, on Wednesday, tomorrow--just wondering if Hounders have any thoughts or rec's on dining in the city these days--especially for German fo...

Berlin recommendations, esp. in the west

abby d
by abby d 1 year ago

I'm in Berlin for a long weekend early August and starting to think about food plans. I have two nights just with my husband and two nights when we'll be catching up with friends and their c7yo. We...

Berlin Food Recommendations

by RickBehl 1 year ago

Hi Foodies, I will be heading to Berlin for a 10 day business trip in around 2 weeks and being a passionate foodie am excited to try the best that the city has to offer. I will be staying near t...

Restaurant recs in Frankfort, Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich

by LunasMom 1 year ago

My mom and a friend (both in late 60's but active) are doing a 10 day tour of Germany, and most of their dinners are open time for them. She is not a planner so I offered to put out a post looking ...