St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, Georgia Is Kind of a Big Deal

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, look no further than Savannah, Georgia. It’s one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the nation, and features a huge parade...

Nabisco Strike Ends After Union Members Approve New Contract

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 16 days ago

Nabisco workers went back to work on September 19 ending a 40-day strike. Rallying slogans were #NoContractNoCookies and #NoContractNoSnacks. Guess one can return to buying Oreos, Ritz crackers and...

Seafood Sausage

by mrcandoit 4 months ago

Anyone have a suggestion of where to buy seafood sausage? That is, places you personally have seen it sold? Thanks!

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Best Meat and Seafood Market

by honeybrook_99 1 year ago

I am wanting to make seafood and andouille sausage gumbo and am looking for quality ingredients - fresh oysters, shrimp, crab, and andouille. Willing to drive just about anywhere in the state of Ge...

BBQ in NC and Georgia near I-95??

by erica 11 months ago

Every year I begin one of these thread and this year is it more complicated due to the virus when many places have cut house or even closed. No more of my favor route, via Ches Bridge Tunnel. Thi...

Kingsland, Georgia

by erica 9 months ago

I think we will stay here one night before the long haul to south Florida. There seem to be two spots that look good: WILLIE JEWELS and MALSON'S. On the off chance, is anyone here familiar wit...

Lowcountry boil - sausage type?

by biggreenmatt 1 year ago

Hi all, By way of background, I’m a Canadian home cook living in Toronto who traveled to Georgia and South Carolina a few years back and I couldn’t get enough of lowcountry boil. Perfection on ...

Buying Lobster in Savannah?

by Amishchow 1 year ago

Any suggestions on where to buy Maine cold water Lobster around Savannah?

Where do you get Lobster in Savannah?

by Amishchow 1 year ago

Hi Savannah Chowhounds. Does anyone know where to get live cold water (Maine) lobster's in the Savannah area? In the past I've been able to source them from restaurant seafood suppliers. But I'm...

Back In The Day Bakery-- Savannah GA

by bbqme 1 year ago

Did some fine eating and drinking while visiting Savannah-- The Grey, Cotton & Rye-- but what stood out was the biscuit at Back In the Day Bakery. I had the ham & gruyere, basically a biscuit versi...

Charleston and Savanah, no Pork or Shellfish

by Mauve 2 years ago

We have never been to these cities, traveling with two other couples, Looking for good fresh food and fun experiences.

One night in Savannah for Dinner!

by shariberri 2 years ago

Hi CHs... one night in Savannah and 4 adults looking to have a nice southern meal. Looking for really nice atmosphere and food... having trouble as there aren't many recent posts! So far, consideri...

Low-Pasteurized Heavy cream?

by NateHevens 2 years ago

So I live in Atlanta, GA, now, north-east of Midtown. I like to make my own butter, and I'd like to try my hand at cultured butter. I used to be able to get pasteurized cream from Whole Foods, b...

Sugarbear or Honeybear in Macon or Albany, GA

by chipbrantley 15 years ago

When I was in college in the early 1990s, a couple of friends from Georgia used to talk about a place called either Sugarbear or Honeybear, in either Macon or Albany. It was a meat-and-three that s...

Food stops along I-95

by tdg 5 years ago

I'm driving from Miami to NY, mostly straight up 95. Looking for recs of places to stop along the way. Criterion A: I don't want to go too far off 95. Criterion B: I'd like to find places that ...

Diamond Crystal Salt Sense

by MamaHow 2 years ago

I'm trying to find out whether all the supermarkets have stopped selling the diamond crystal salt sense. I have been using it since I had to cut back on my salt intake and now I can't find it. I lo...

Savannah dinner

Ed in Needham
by Ed in Needham 2 years ago

Spending one evening next week in Savannah. Boars Tavern or Garibaldi Cafe? Or other?

Trip to Savannah, GA

by Cosmula 3 years ago

Looking for restaurant suggestions for a weekend trip to Savannah. I'll eat anything, my husband is a "flexible" vegetarian. Looking for small restaurants, not completely southern in cooking style.

Savannah something different?

by cajungwailo 3 years ago

Return trip. Have previously done the tourist and novelty places. Not interest in "new cuisine" or celebrity chefs. What I'm looking for is someplace on a back road - 10-15-20 miles from the city,...

Savannah: Looking for Good Family Spot for Friday Dinner

by Guilty Gourmand 3 years ago

Passing through Savannah this Friday with family. Will be staying around the historic district. Looking for good casual quality place--nothing fancy or iconic Savannah or even necessarily Southe...