Top-quality gelato is rich, creamy, and airier than ice cream. Find out where to get the best gelato near you, plus talk about tricks and recipes for replicating the frozen Italian dessert at home.

What Is the Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato?

In an ice cream vs gelato situation and we'd deem both winners, but when it comes to technicalities, what is the difference between ice cream and gelato? As summer approaches, the gradually warming...

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Massimo now has gelato

by Just Larry 19 years ago

Stopped by Massimo's today for my weekly Cocoa Dusted Truffle fix. He told me that he is now making Gelato and offered my wife and I tastes of the Mango, Tiramisu, and Chocolate. Mango and Tirami...

Toronto: best gelato? Mrs Zernike 's St Clair ice cream shop?

by kel 19 years ago

1--Is Mrs. Zernike' shop where she specialized in molded ice cream and sorbets still there? What is address, website, phone? 2--What are the top gelate places in Toronto?

Plain Yogurt Flavored Gelato?

by L 19 years ago

Yogurt flavor Gelato is something I've readily found in Gelaterias in both Italy and Spain both times I've been lucky enough to go. I've started to look for it here, with absolutely no luck whatso...

gelato and poutine in Toronto

by lissar 20 years ago

Is there anywhere that has better gelato than La Paloma? And where would one find the best poutine?

Gelato at Trader Joe's

by DavidT 19 years ago

I recently purchased a pint of Dark Chocolate "Gelato Classico" Italian Ice Cream at Trader Joe's for $1.99. It is manufactured by Caffe Classico Foods of Concord, CA and it is VERY good. In taste ...

Gelato in Santa Barbara area? Maestro's; Downey's?

by Bill 19 years ago

What are the best gelato places in Santa Barbara. I heard that Maestro's on State Steet is great.( Does anyone know about this place and it's address?) Also Downey's make their own excellent gela...

Juban and Tango Gelato, Japantown/Fillmore, SF

by Limster 19 years ago

Low End Theory and I did some table grilling at Juban tonight and were very pleased. To maximize the range of tastes, we each ordered a combo dinner with different items. Each combo dinner also ...

Tango Gelato on Fillmore/Good Humor Candy Center Crunch

by chowhoundX 19 years ago

I see that the owner of Tango Gelato posted on Chowhound once before, but I didn't see any reports on their new location on Fillmore. From my visit I highly recommend the stracciatella. The shreds ...

Gelato: best in World?

by nb 19 years ago

I love gelato. Recently was reading that in Pizo ( Southern Italy) they have the best, most, most creative natural flavor gelatos. 1--Has anyone tried? Worth the trip? 2--Any other great recomen...

fresh soy gelato

by iron frank 19 years ago

Does anyone know of any ice-cream parlors or gelaterias that make non-prepackaged soy or any other non-dairy, delicious frozen delicacies. My wife has given up dairy for health reasons. Thanks, ...

Haagen Daaz Coconut Gelato (Delicious Food Science Mystery)

by Lindsay B. 19 years ago

I'm very impressed with HD's coconut gelato. I think it's a new flavor, but maybe my corner store is behind the times. I'm not usually a big HD fan, but this stuff is great. It has a strong coco...

Grove and Tango Gelato on Fillmore

by jaweino 19 years ago

We tried the two new kids on the block this weekend. Saturday, we went into Grove for lunch. I must admit I really miss the fresh roast turkey sandwiches from Chestnut. The turkey sandwiches at g...

Tango Gelato open in SF

by Celery 19 years ago

Tango Gelato's (serving Argentine gelato) new store has opened at 2015 Fillmore in SF (in old Rory's location). Didn't get to try it yday but it looked good! Open Sun-Thu noon-10pm, Fri & Sat noo...

Tango Gelato

by foodnut 19 years ago

Tango Gelato at 3540 Fruitvale Ave in Oakland is featured in the East Bay Friday section of the SF Chronicle today. Anyone been there? Apparently they host a monthly Bay Area Tango association...

Gelato on the west side?

by ernie 19 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get some gelato? Preferably in Brentwood/Santa Monica? Thanks!

got gelato?

by Eric Gafner 20 years ago

Hi, looking for some out-of-this-world gelato? any suggestions?

il gelatone

by Mona Mess 20 years ago

I just read the NY press "best of NY" issue. The only thing that caught my eye was the claim that Il Gelatone on 3rd Ave between 28-29 served gelato comparable to a real Roman gelateria. Please s...

Real gelato near Philly

by Gene De Lisa 20 years ago

Does anyone know where one can find actual gelato in Philly or nearby? I don't mean that mutant-dairy-queen-soft-serve rubbish hawked by Rita's that they call gelati[sic]

artisanal ice cream (gelato)

by sc 20 years ago

has anyone been to The Penguin up on Lawrence? It's on the south side of the street, between Rockwell and the river (more specifically, between Washtenaw and Virginia). It's billed as "Agentine A...

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