Pungent, sure, but garlic is an essential flavor. If you're craving it, Chowhounds know where to find the best garlic-centric eats, plus we've got discussions on cooking with garlic, storing it, and more.

Can You Cook with Sprouted Garlic?

As a species, we’ve been handling garlic for more than 7,000 years: Ancient Egyptians left it as an offering in tombs, Indians hung it from doors to ward off evil spirits, and as late...

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Seeking Korean pickled garlic recipe

by Howard-2 19 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for *Korean* pickled garlic that does not use soy sauce? I've been looking for such a recipe for a while. Most recipes I've seen use soy sauce. But when I get pickled...

anything special to do with fresh garlic?

by Ruth Lafler 19 years ago

I got ambushed by a bunch of fresh garlic (greens still attached) at the Farmers' market today. Is there anything in particular I should use it for? Any special handling? The farmer said I shou...

Does anyone know how to make the Garlic Salad Dressing common in Breton Creperies?

by Richard 19 years ago

It is creamy, but not cheesy. Its taste is subtle, except for garlic, and it coats every leaf of romaine lettuce that piles way off of its wooden bowl. SOme french resteraunts do it as well, but ev...

Question about (burned?) garlic RE: Ping's Mott Street

by erica 19 years ago

Had dinner last night at Ping's. One of the dishes I ordered was the Chinese vegetables with shallot sauce. Aside from the price.... $9.95 for the vegetables I had just purchased for $1.50 a pound...

Pickled garlic

by Howard-2 19 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for Korean pickled garlic? Flushing, NY, in Queens, is a wonderful area for food--a kind of South East Asia melting pot. One very large supermarket there features Kor...

seeking pickled garlic recipe

by Howard 19 years ago

Flushing, NY, has become the home of lots of Oriental (and Indian) restaurants, shops, and people. If you live in or near the NYC area and have not spent time in Flushing, by all means, do so, sin...

Garlic Soup Recipe

by Marty L. 20 years ago

A memorable Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn 16 or so years ago began with a garlic soup that was one of the most delicious, sustaining things I've ever had the pleasure of eating. (I remember thin...

origins of garlic

by jed 20 years ago

So..I'm sitting in this bar frequented by a Thai friend and I'm told the origin of garlic is Siberia . Any one have any information to contradict this ?? Small wager involving a North African or ...

Gnocchi With Garlic-Honey-Rosemary Sauce

by blandina 20 years ago

My boyfriend and I used to get this amazing gnocchi dish at a small bistro in the Boston area that was unbelievable. It had this complex honey sauce with fresh rosemary, parmesan and butter. Try ...

Garlic lovers take notice!

by Heidi Claire 20 years ago

This info recently culled from from the food/wine forum sponsored by the Cleveland Plain Dealer (which despite the valiant eforts by moderator Linda Griffith is a den of vipers):Bobba-Mike's Gar...

pickled garlic

by Jennifer 20 years ago

Hello. I was at the Vermont Country Store in Weston a while ago, and found the most exciting thing - pickled garlic. The ingredients were water, vinegar, salt, basil and sun-dried tomato. I woul...

Garlic Chcolate Chip Cookies

by Michael 20 years ago

In the “Food that Makes you go Huh?” thread I mentioned Garlic Chocolate Chip Cookies and someone requested that I post the recipe here. A variation of this recipe appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer ...

Yakiniku JUJU-Garlic Sake?

by kate 20 years ago

I've been this place for a while, enjoying mostly BBQ and Shabu-shabu. Recently it started offering a "garlic Sake" , "Yuzu Sake" and "Rose Hip Sake". I tryed them all. Is it true that garlic sake ...

Garlic flowers

by Cliff Abrams 20 years ago

I recently scored some whole, fresh garlic plants at our local farmer's market (Evanston, IL) the clerk (farmer?) recommended that i cut off the garlic flower bulbs growing at the tip of the (very ...

green garlic

by kelly 20 years ago

The last couple of times I made a recipe using garlic and lemon, my garlic turned blue-green! Does anyone know why? I'm using a stainless steel pan or roasting pan. It happened first with turkey...

Garlic Chablis

by Heidi 22 years ago

Okay, I'm sure that got your attention, it sure got mine today at an upscale,(read expensive), "farmers market". I saw two new products, Garlic Chablis Cooking Wine and its' mate, Garlic Burgund...

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