Pungent, sure, but garlic is an essential flavor. If you're craving it, Chowhounds know where to find the best garlic-centric eats, plus we've got discussions on cooking with garlic, storing it, and more.

Can You Cook with Sprouted Garlic?

As a species, we’ve been handling garlic for more than 7,000 years: Ancient Egyptians left it as an offering in tombs, Indians hung it from doors to ward off evil spirits, and as late...

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Marcella's garlic scented tomato salad

by AJ 18 years ago

I just tried Marcella Hazan's recipe for garlic scented tomato salad, and I have to recommend it to everyone here. All you do is throw about 4-5 crushed garlic cloves into about 2 tablespoons of r...

Garlic Scapes

by Julia 18 years ago

I have garlic scapes from our field, do you have any idea how to use them? I chopped them into 1/2 inch lengths and cooked over medium high heat with some fairly finely chopped up broccoli di cicco...

Armenian recipes for Garlic Sauce & one for Mushrooms

by CAthy2 18 years ago

Hi! I'm going to a dinner where sandwiches from basturma (Armenian air-cured meat), from Sahag's in Los Angeles, will be prepared. There is supposed to be a garlic sauce on the side. While resea...

Garlic Chive recipes

by Pat Goldberg 18 years ago

I have a bumper crop of garlic chives this year, and am overwhelmed. Does anyone have any simple, favorite recipes that use them? Thanks, Pat G.

Pickled jalapeno garlic

by Sarah C 18 years ago

Someone gave me a jar of this and I can't think what to do with it. Eating the cloves whole or dropping them in a martini doesn't appeal to me. Any ideas?

More Garlic Questions- including Pink Garlic

by cocoagirl 18 years ago

Does the green stem in garlic need to be removed. Should that clove of garlic even be used if it has the same. Lots of Garlic on the woody stem, is it good to by this way- I bought one at Christm...

stonewall kitchens garlic & onion jam

by Dbird 18 years ago

I must eat half a jar a day. Where can I more economically support my habit? or does anyone have a comparable recipe? On average I pay 6/jar.

recipe quest: garlic eggplant, northern chinese style

by jenn 18 years ago

A couple of weeks ago, in a great northern style Chinese restaurant in Monterey Park, CA we had this wonderful appetiser of cold eggplant with garlic. It was your standard Chinese or Japanese egg...

Saute garlic w/o burning

by jambalaya 18 years ago

I just had the most fantastic shrimp dish, which falls into the "simple is best" category. It was 6 whole jumbo shrimps that were just sauteed in olive oil and loads of garlic chunks until everyth...

garlic and botulism question

by aimee 18 years ago

I read a recipie for a "bottomless" salad dressing. It's a standard olive oil/ lemon juice dressing, but it calls for a couple of peeled garlic cloves. You are supposed to keep refilling it as yo...

Seeking recipe for "Peruvian pickled garlic"

by Howard-2 18 years ago

I just tried some "Peruvian Pickled Garlic" that I'd made around 1997, and it was great, but I can't find the recipe I used. I have a vague recollection that it was originally in one of the garlic...

mussels in garlic cream cheese sauce

by LisaLou 19 years ago

My favorite tapas restaurant in Chicago makes a dish called mussels in garlic cream cheese sauce that is one of my favorites that always resulted in people using bread to mop up the leftover sauce ...

Help! I have garlic breath!

by christina z 19 years ago

I made some killer skordalia yesterday and today I sauteed some fresh cod and slathered it with the sauce and ate it for dinner. (Sure was delicious.) Now - hours later and after chewing on parsl...

Garlic Oil Safety

by CliffA 19 years ago

Following a recipe from Rombauer, i let sliced garlic soak in olive oil "for 24 hours". Is this a risk for botulism? The garlic is organic (no pesticides). Could this actually be *worse*? Thanks

GarlicOil Thanks

by CliffA 19 years ago

Many thanks to all (especially Paulette) for replies about garlic oil. For what it's worth, i just made the Ceasar salad with garlic that soaked in oil for about 15 minutes--as opposed to overnight...

What's "bear garlic"?

by christina z 19 years ago

How is it different from orginary garlic? I think I read about it in a "Gourmet" article about German cuisine.

garlic powder vs. minced garlic?

by camille 19 years ago

my boyfriend is a big fan of using garlic powder in recipes when we are too lazy (which is often) to mince garlic ourselves or when we run out of the pre-minced in a jar. of course you can't fry i...

Garlic Is Now Available

by Nancy Ives 19 years ago

If anyone is interested, The Garlic Store made their garlic available to place orders today. TheGarlicStore.com

Garlic Peanuts

by WLA 19 years ago

Back in the early 1980's I worked for a few years in Saudi Arabia. One of the projects required living on so called off-shore barges which are towed to a remote location then anchored to shore. I...

Garlic tops and flowers ?

by the rogue 19 years ago

I picked up some garlic tops with flowers yesterday at the Union Square Market. So how do I use them? I have some nice sweet fat sea scallops and want to do something with them.

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